17 Photos - Apr 2, 2012
Photo: Toothbrush holder in usePhoto: Ripping strips of purple heartwoodPhoto: Ripping strips of maple (2x purple width)Photo: Jointing the edges for gluingPhoto: Gluing up the turning blanksPhoto: Roughing the spindle from the same piece of maplePhoto: Rounding the bottom blank (I cut it out with my scrollsaw)Photo: Finished turning bottomPhoto: Finished turning topPhoto: Six evenly spaced holes marked with a compassPhoto: Six evenly spaced 7/8" holesPhoto: 5/8" holes drilled for spindlePhoto: Finished turning the spindlePhoto: Gluing the project with liquid hide gluePhoto: Toothbrush holder before applying finishPhoto: Aplpying finish to some projectsPhoto: Finished holder