13 Photos - Oct 31, 2011
Photo: Here's the new Home Screen! Notice notifications are now in the top right.Photo: Same great stream, awesome new look! Tip: Press and hold down on a post to +1, share, or mute.Photo: Here's an individual post. Photos now look even better. Go hit +1Photo: The hot new posting UI. You can easily toggle on and off location using the pin button.Photo: Hangouts have fresh new controls.Photo: The new Messenger list view with much bigger photos and a cleaner design.Photo: Inside a conversation there's now larger profile photos and a cleaner look.Photo: Slick new profiles. You can can swipe or touch between the tabs.Photo: And here's the post view tab that shows that person's updates.Photo: Beautiful new album view. You can just scroll down and all your albums are there.Photo: Inside of an album we've made it so your photos are taking up as much of the space as possible.Photo: Inside the circles section you can now see a preview of who is in each circle.Photo: Swipe over to the people tab and you get a beautiful list of all of the people in your circles.