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Photo: Getting Cardamom for Julekake starts with opening the pods and extracting the aromatic seeds.Photo: Grinding Cardamom in a mortar releases the flavor and an exotic perfume in the air.Photo: The yeast dough is prepared, allowed to rise, butter is added, additional flower to enable kneading and finally raisins, currants and citron are kneaded into the dough.Photo: Ready for the egg wash and baking.Photo: Julekake fresh from the oven tonightPhoto: Julekake and Rosemaling BasketPhoto: The iron is warmed slowly until it is ready to make KrumkakePhoto: The Krumkake decorations on the well seasoned Jotul ironPhoto: Krumkake & Riscrem med Pomegranate Frukt SuppePhoto: After chilling overnight, roll out some of the Fattigmann dough, keeping the rest in the refrigeratorPhoto: Trim a rectangle.Photo: Make diamondsPhoto: Draw a tip through a center slit to make a bowtie.Photo: BowtiePhoto: Don't let them burn on the hot oil. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.Photo: Ready to eatPhoto: Norwegian Gaffelbiter sent by Randy, my nephew Photo: Rosemaling bowel painted by my maternal grandmother 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RosemalingPhoto: Still Life with Rosemaling
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RosemalingPhoto: This pipe belonged to my maternal great grandfather. Torger Osmundsen. The Psalm book, Julen Sanger book and worry beads were items my grandfather Oscar Osmundsen brought with him from Norway.Photo: I had my great grandfather's 19th Century Lap Pipe restored by Baard Hansen in Bergen, NORWAY. He said the pipe dates to about 1880. My grandfather was born in 1885, so he must have seen the pipe for most of his years in Norway before emigrating to New York USA.
Photo: Smoking my great grandfather's lap pipe after Baard Hansen, Bergen Norway, repaired it for me.Photo: My grandfather's bronze lighthouse. It was his retirement gift from the men of the propeller branch of the Ship Yard, where Osmund was the leader foreman.Photo: Grandparents etcPhoto: Needlework representation of the Coat of Arms of Stavanger, made before the official coat of arms was adoptedPhoto: Norwegian Silver demitasse spoons and a spoon for lingenberries with an icon of Stavanger on the handlePhoto: Rasmussen.Sand family ~1900Photo: Rannveig (Rassmussen.Sand) OsmundsenPhoto: Rasmussen.Sand family ~1950Photo: Rasmussen.Sand FamilyPhoto: 1974 Randius Rasmus Rasmussen.SandPhoto: Rannveig Rasmussen.Sand Osmund's MotherPhoto: Torger Osmundsen.OstremPhoto: Torger Osmundsen & family ~1900 maternal great grandfather.Photo: My maternal grandfather, Osmund Osmundsen, lived in this house at 15 Rosenkildegaten, Stavanger until he emigrated to the US in 1903.Photo: Bergit OsmunsenPhoto: Aerial photo of Stavanger Norway taken ~ 1950.Photo: Cubist painting of the Stavanger Torvet by Erik Haugaland. The clouds are especially cubist.Photo: Osmund, William, Mary, Hildur & Florence Osmundsen on a ferry to Far Rockaway in 1913Photo: William T., Mary & Florence Osmundsen 1920Photo: My grandfather Osmund when he was leader foreman of the Hoboken ShipyardPhoto: Osmund watching his men replace a rudderPhoto: Osmund was captain of the 102 foot auxiliary twin screw Schooner Yacht "Vision" owned by H. Francis Dyruff, NY Yacht Club. Maternal grandfather.Photo: Harriman's Yacht Sultana
Osmund was a member of the crew until WW1 broke out.Photo: Osmund (Oscar) Osmundsen's 1950 blueprint of Stavangville subdivision in Rowland PA. The land to be developed was below Lafe Road. The land where his new home and the old school house were located was above Lafe Road and below Rowland Hill Rt 590.Photo: Osmund, Hildur, Toralf and Alma Osmundsen & me in right corner. Toralf and Alma came over from Norway to visit while we were in Rowlands PA.Photo: Hildur and Osmund OsmundsenPhoto: Osmund & Hildur Osmundsen with daughter Florence and grandchildren Arthur and Karen in Woodcliff New Jersey ~1947Photo: Ann, Florence, Bill and ? with racket.Photo: William T. OsmundsenPhoto: Ann Barth OsmundsenPhoto: Ann and Bill's WeddingPhoto: Bill Osmundsen our first cousin on my mother's side.Photo: 1957 Christmas with Osmundsens and AndersonsPhoto: Ragnhild OsmundsenPhoto: Mikal Jonsen & Ragnhild (Osmundsen) Jonsen had one son, Jon JonsenPhoto: Jon Jonsen, with family at home. Jon is my mother's cousin. His mother was my maternal grandfather's sister, Ragnhild Osmundsen.Photo: Jon  Jonsen at home on the corner of Bygdøy Allé and Karl Johans gate in Oslo, Norway. 

Jon Jonsen was my mother's cousin (his mother was her father's sister) from Norway. He was an infectious disease physician and lived with us in NYC for several months prior to Jon's starting his postdoctoral fellowship with Michael Heidelberger at Columbia University (1948 and 1951). He had a major influence on me. At 5 years of age I stopped saying, "I want to be a cowboy" or "fireman" and began saying I want to be a doctor like Jon.Photo: 1974 Ragnvald & Eva Johannssen with Rakel JohannssenPhoto: 1974 Thor Sigrun Osmundsen, Gjerd RanveigPhoto: Kari (Johannessen) Koch, far left, is a second cousin. To her right are Julane and me, Kari's grand daughter Kjersti and our daughter Phoebe.Photo: Fred and 2nd cousin Kari (Johannessen) Koch, me, their grand daughter, Kjersti, and Phoebe my daughter.Photo: Edith's wedding party in traditional Norwegian dress. Telemark and Rogaland Bunads.Photo: "Oynaa" is the Osmundsen family farm since the early 19th century. It is located in a bend of the river in Østereim, Sauda, Norway.
http://artandersonmd.com/My_Norwegian_Ancestry/page6.htmlPhoto: Julane, Phoebe and Art at "Oynaa"Photo: 1974 Rakel Johannsen in Rogaland BunadPhoto: Thea in 1974 photographed by my mother in the small house at OynaaPhoto: Thea and her son Anker at Oyna. Thea is my maternal grandfather's cousin. Anker is Terje Ostrem's fatherPhoto: Our second Cousin Terje Ostrem introduced us to some of his/our relatives on our last day in Sauda before we moved on to other parts of Norway.Photo: Terje Ostrem's family luncheon in SaudaPhoto: Johans Olsen,  maternal great grandfatherPhoto: Maria (Haila) Olsen great grandmother from Kotka, Virolahti, Viipuri, FinlandPhoto: My maternal grandmother's father, Johans (Hans) Olsen's house in (Frederikschald, now Halden, Norway)Photo: Johans (Hans) Olsen family ~1900 my great grandfatherPhoto: Rudi OlsenPhoto: 1910 H Aagot OlsenPhoto: Marie (Tante Mia) Halgren, Aagot Olsen and Hildur (Olsen) Osmundsen at Tom Olsen's Farm near Rowlands PAPhoto: Peter Halgren and Osmund Osmundsen at the Panama CanalPhoto: Tante Marie (Mia) Halgren and Peter Halgren, Rowlands PAPhoto: 1947 (Back Row) Two ? Women behind, Francis (Halgren) Dolan, Blanche Halgren, Marie (Halgren) Ratanski, Hildur (Olsen) Osmundsen, & Oscar Osmundsen. (Front Row) Richard Dolan, Lorraine Ratanski & Arthur Anderson in Rowlands PAPhoto: Binetta and Richard DolanPhoto: Richard Dolan, Karen (Anderson) Amon and Arthur Anderson
Same names below 60 years youngerPhoto: Photo: John & Ingeborg (Halversdtr) Stenersen, paternal great grandparentsPhoto: Oygarten ~1800 family of John Stenersen's wife Ingeborg Halversdtr.OygardensPhoto: 1800 family of John Stenersen's wife Ingeborg Halversdtr.OygardensPhoto: Ingvar S. Stenersen, John Stenersen's son and brother to Kristine, Emilie and Dina Stenersen who emigrated to USA.Photo: Ingvar Stefanus Stenersen's family, paternal great uncle. Behind him is John Stenersen, my cousin Ingvar's father. All three of Ingvar Stefanus Stenersen's sisters Dina and Emilie, including my grandmother Kristine emigrated together to New York in 1902.Photo: Fjebudalen, Risor Norway where my paternal grandmother, Kristin Amalie Stenersen, was born.
http://artandersonmd.com/My_Norwegian_Ancestry/page7.htmlPhoto: Ingeborg Stenersen with her four children Kristine Amalie, Dina Marie, Emilie Lovise and Ingvar Stefanus. On right is Karsten Hagbart a son from John Stenersen's late wife, Kristine Halversdtr.Oygardens, who was Ingeborg's sister.Photo: Fjebudalen aerial photoPhoto: Fjebudalen recently with my cousin Ingvar and his wife Anlaug StenersenPhoto: Ingvar and Anlaug in their Aust Agder bunads at the Wooden Boat Festival in Risor.Photo: Photo: Photo: Me, Julane and Phoebe at FjebudalenPhoto: Photo: Looking at Risor from the Midsummer Bonfire site.Photo: Sitting on the White StonePhoto: FjebuPhoto: At Fjebu, Art is looking at the place where John Stenersen's ships were built and launched into the tributary of Risor Harbor.Photo: Fjebu, where John Stenersen built 400 ton ships, is now used as rental property.Photo: My great grandfather, John Stenersen's, slipway where he built 400 ton wooden ships.Photo: Talking about great grandfather's ship building operation at FjebuPhoto: The cove looking southeastward where the new ships would be floatedPhoto: One of John Stenersen's ships. The painting was given by a relative of the Ship owner. Three Masted Barque, "Svea". Captain Jonas Q. Halvorsen, B.T. Marcussen, K. TaraldsenPhoto: My paternal grandmother's family built 400 ton square rigged ships, like this Three Masted Barque, on their property in Risor. Risor is in the background of this photo. The large "White Stone" that is used as a navigational beacon is on the hill to the right.Photo: Hanging out with cousin Ingvar and Anlaug at FjebudalenPhoto: With Berit, Torunn, Ingvar and Anlaug at Berit's housePhoto: My paternal grandmother, Kristin Amalie (Stenersen) Anderson, & my maternal grandmother, Hildur Osmundsen, with my mother, Florence Anderson, cousins Robert Gifford & Richard Holz and sister Karen Anderson at a Parade on Staten Island in 1944. I was not born yet.Photo: Me and sister Karen with Tante Dina StenersenPhoto: Carl and Emilie Lovise (Stenersen) ChristiansenPhoto: Ingrid Christiansen, Dagney Holz, Walter Holz, Franklin Anderson, Tecla (Babiak) Anderson, Emilie (Stenersen) Christiansen and Florence (Osmundsen) Anderson (my mother)Photo: Stenersen Reunion at Eikeland (Torunn Urfjell's home). A gathering of cousins from my paternal grandmother's side.Photo: Dancing with DinaPhoto: In 2000 Julane, Phoebe and I traveled to Norway to visit my relatives and tour around. We attended a "Stenersen family reunion" during our stay in Risor with Ingvar and Anlaug Stenersen. Ingvar and I share a paternal great grandfather. His grandfather was brother to my paternal grandmother and two sisters who emigrated to NY in the early 20th century. All the folks in this photo are my cousins.Photo: Cousins Ingvar Stenersen, Tor and Marit Vik with family.Photo: At Tor Vik's home with familyPhoto: Photo: Berit Stenersen Aga, docent at historical sites in NorwayPhoto: Berit as docentPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Samfrid and Kristine Amalie (Stenersen) AndersonPhoto: Baby Ingeborg Anderson with Kristine and SamfridPhoto: Kristine Amalie (Stenersen) Anderson & Samfrid Anderson with adult children Franklin, Ingeborg, Dagney and Arthur E. AndersonPhoto: Franklin Anderson, my father's younger brother served in the US Army as an Artillery Sergeant. He fought in North Africa, Sicily, The Normandy Invasion and Germany during WWII. This is an AP photo taken in Sicily. The lower right corner is missing where shrapnel tore through his pack.Photo: Photo: Florence R. Osmundsen & Arthur E. AndersonPhoto: Christmas at my house 1976 with (L-R) Randy (nephew), Laurel (niece), Julane (wife), Florence (mother), Robert (nephew), Karen (sister) & Me carving the roast.
Pork Crown Roast, Red Cabbage, Potatoes, Glazed Onions, green beans, lingenberries and wine. The Christmas Tree Candelabra is also Norwegian.Photo: Phoebe and Me in 1984Photo: My daughter wore her bunad on Christmas morning when she was 3 years old.Photo: She wore her bunad whenever she felt like wearing it.Photo: The bunad I purchased at Husflid in Oslo had pleats enabling my daughter to wear it from age 3 to 6 years of age.Photo: Photo: Phoebe's Graduation at Hood College, May 18, 2007Photo: We are proud of our daughter at her graduation with a Master's degree in Social Work from U. MarylandPhoto: Photo: Photo: I wore my Norwegian Cycling Jersey on Syttende Mai 2013. The ride was our annual Bike to Work day event where we ride en mass to promote bicycle safety and share the road principles.Photo: copper bowl and tray on viking teppe. These are antique serving items that were brought from Norway by one of my grandmothers.Photo: TeppePhoto: This Bargello Danish Bell Pull Design is made entirely with upright flat stitches laid in a mathematical pattern.Photo: Medieval Counted Cross Stitch Flowers and Unicorn on Hardanger clothPhoto: Norwegian crocheted doilyPhoto: Rosemaling Bowl
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RosemalingPhoto: Back of hand carved rosemaling bowlPhoto: Smoking my great grandfather's lap pipe out in my yard on a special occasion. Smoking is not permitted inside.Photo: Our Osmundsen/Torgersson farm, Oynaa, is up the Storelva river from Sauda. Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Oynaa (Recent Satellite View after farm buildings were demolished)Photo: My mother's mother's mother was born in a part of Finland located not far from St. Petersburg Russia. 

Hildur was born on October 20 1881, in Kotka, Virolahti, Viipuri, Finland.Photo: My father's father Sanfrid Andersson was born near Skara Sweden. He was living in Risor, Norway when he met my paternal grandmother Kristine Amalie Stenersen.Photo: My Mother was a Flapper ( I got my love of dancing from her). She didn't finish high school before going to work for Prentice Hall Publishing company in NYC. She got her High School Equivalency Diploma in time for my graduation from Medical School. She was a tough and highly complex lady....I only fully understood her while participating in rearing a daughter from Birth to her earning a Masters in Social Work degree.Photo: I borrowed another officer's dress mess to see if I should buy it when he retired. I did not but took this photo anyway :-)Photo: Krumkake, Gaffelbiter and Nokkelost for Christmas 2016Photo: Krumkake, Gaffelbiter and Nokkelost for Christmas 2016Photo: Photo: Aunt Ann Osmundsen and her brotherPhoto: Krumkake batter.Photo: Add a spoonful of batter and close the iron, turn frequently.Photo: After several turns, check to see if the krumkake is becoming tan. When it is ready flip it out onto the board so it can be rolled onto a conical formPhoto: Rolling the krumkake.Photo: Eikeland Norway.  Eikeland is a village in southeastern part of the municipality of Gjerstad in Aust-Agder, Norway. It is located about 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) southeast of the municipal center of Gjerstad and about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) north of the village of Søndeled. The Norwegian County Road 418 runs through the village. The village area was originally centered on the old Eikeland ironworks factory along the river, but has since spread out to the east and the urban area of Eikeland now includes the neighboring village of FianePhoto: Urfjell's Eikeland is the house with the two chimneys in lower right side of the image.Photo: Photo: Fjebu and FjebudalenPhoto: As a Veteran, I have honored the history of my uncles and cousins who fought in WW2 as Norwegians and Norwegian-Americans.Photo: