Photo: "Mr. Fantastic" 6" by 6" by 2.25" acrylic skins and paper on canvas. I so love working with acrylic skins and acrylic painted paper. Can't seem to get these great textures and patterns any other way!
Photo: I am loving the deconstructive process in my new series, "What is Discarded, Remains." As part of an effort to use discarded paper, I decided to use a gel transfer method and actually reveal the image underneath the piece when the paper was removed by washing and scrubbing. "Scraps of Man" 12" by 16" collage on canvas. I am thinking Scraps of Woman might come next.
Photo: Scraps of Calm, 6" by 6" collage on canvas
Photo: Scraps of Fortune, 6" by 6" collage on canvas
Photo: Playing around with some smaller torn paper collages in preparation for our Christmas Artwalk this week. Not sure if I am quite done but decided to let this one rest in the Googlesphere a bit. Hope your day is blessed and filled with Peace today!
Ardith Goodwin
Scraps of Calm, 6" by 6" collage on canvas
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