28 Photos - Jan 17, 2012
Photo: My husband and I were heading to Walmart to pick up our groceries and items to donate to our local food shelf for Champions For Kids Simple Service Project #AbbottCFKPhoto: Loving this logo and statement, it is a great reminder.Photo: This time of the year I really appreciate the sanitized carts.Photo: I was following my husband around the automotive section to pick up some winter supplies.Photo: Champions For Kids, such an incredible cause to be a part of.Photo: I for sure was going to add some yogurts to my donation bag.Photo: I was going to be donating to a MN Food shelf and Thrift Shop.Photo: I picked up some clearance items to add to the bag as well.Photo: I usually will pick up the Great Value White bread for the birds, I grabbed some wheat as well.Photo: I always will grab the great value brand from Walmart. This is always a given to add in a donation bag. Some sort of diced tomato.Photo: Bought some snack pack puddings on the fly it looks like LOL, always seem to be moving faster than my hubby!Photo: While heading over to the nutritional section we looked at some lip stuff for the seasons chapped lips!Photo: I grabbed a couple four packs of the Sidekicks. The shelves were looking a bit picked over too.Photo: $5.97 for the SideKicks. The nutritional Proteins and Fibers is what bumps up the price a bit.Photo: The Zone Perfect Bars are very rich in nutrients.Photo: These are located around the health and fitness bars.Photo: They are pretty comparable in price to the Kashi and Balance bars.Photo: Pediasure Sidekicks have 3Grams of Protein and 25 minerals and vitamins along with 7 Grams of protein.Photo: They have a nice supply of flavors.Photo: Easy carrying case for on the go families.Photo: My kids would of loved these when they were little.Photo: We did some major shopping again today and were excited to get home and start getting our bags together for donations.Photo: I am addicted to the loading of the groceries onto the belt. Walmart is a bit different then the groceries stores. Your not hurrying to bag everything. They bag it for you right into the correct bag. I love this. I try to help her out a bit.Photo: Pedialyte has been around for years, I used this when my kids were little. My son also drank this when he was a wrestler in High School. He was so limited in what he put in his body, we made sure he had all the nutrients and was hydrated.Photo: We have been honored to be a part of such a great second Simple Service project.Photo: I am amazed at the 15grams of Protein in these bars.Photo: Our first bag was complete, we filled another and headed out the door to our local food shelf.Photo: This Shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for www.collectivebias.com #CBias