57 Photos - Feb 29, 2012
Photo: Lichens on WoodPhoto: Bank vole
Myodes glareolusPhoto: White Wagtail
Motacilla alba

#WagtailWednesdayPhoto: Common frog
Rana temporaria

#FroggieFridayPhoto: Red squirrel
Sciurus vulgaris

#SquirrelSaturdayPhoto: Highlights and shadows on a barn wall

#TimberTuesday curated by yo momma.Photo: The Lake

#MonochromeMondayPhoto: The Tiny Fern

#FernFridayPhoto: Red Squirrel

#SquirrelSaturday curated by +SE Blackwell and +Skippy Sheeskin
+Squirrel SaturdayPhoto: Here's a baby red squirrel for #SquirrelSaturday curated by +SE Blackwell and +Skippy Sheeskin.Photo: Lil Red Squirrel

For #squirrelsaturday curated by +SE Blackwell and +Skippy SheeskinPhoto: Hepatica nobilis
(The rarish white variant)

Valkoinen sinivuokkoPhoto: Red squirrel
Slowly getting rid of the grey winter fur, but still sporting the ear tufts.

For #SquirrelSaturday curated by +SE Blackwell and +Skippy SheeskinPhoto: A young red squirrel chilling on a mossy boulder

For #SquirrelSaturday curated by +Skippy Sheeskin and +SE BlackwellPhoto: European Pied Flycatcher
Ficedula hypoleuca, female.

Nikon D200 + Nikkor 55-200mm + RawTherapee + GIMP

For #MonochromeMonday curated by +Charles Lupica +Hans Berendsen +Jerry Johnson +Manuel Votta +Steve Barge +Monochrome MondayPhoto: Rust in Peace, Minneapolis-HoneywellPhoto: In the Woods

Revisiting some of my older photos, just mucking about with RawTherapee 4.0.8 and +GIMP 2.8Photo: The WindowPhoto: Staring Contest
For the black and white edition of  #SquirrelSaturday  curated by +SE Blackwell and +Skippy Sheeskin Photo: Big Bertha is preggers
Hope we get to see the little newbs soon.

For #SquirrelSaturday  curated by +SE Blackwell and +Skippy Sheeskin Photo: Another snap of our pretty Big Bertha

For #SquirrelSaturday  curated by +SE Blackwell and +Skippy Sheeskin Photo: A young Great Spotted Woodpecker hiding from a European Pied Flycatcher defending its nest.Photo: Female European Pied Flycatcher
Ficedula hypoleucaPhoto: Tufty the Squirrel

For #SquirrelSaturday  curated by +Skippy Sheeskin and +SE Blackwell.Photo: That Time of Year Again
The geese are fixing to leave for the winter.

For #MonochromeMonday  +Monochrome Monday by +Nurcan Azaz +Steve Barge +Hans Berendsen +Jerry Johnson and +Charles Lupica  Photo: Droplets on woodPhoto: Special BranchPhoto: The Smoking sectionPhoto: The Night CranesPhoto: Mousy beneath the fernsPhoto: :oPhoto: The FogPhoto: Bracket FungusPhoto: Great tit fledgling
(Parus major)Photo: Baby squirrel on a branchPhoto: Great Spotted WoodpeckerPhoto: Mouse siblingsPhoto: A pair o' peckersPhoto: Mrs Squirrel is preggersPhoto: Chaffinch and Great Tit fledglingsPhoto: Woodpecker - baby squirrel stand-offPhoto: I finally started going through my vacation snapshots, throwing out the crappiest ones. It's a slow, slow process as I often find myself stuck on some photos, dicking around doing panoramas and HDR stuff.Photo: A colorful cloud display after the storm
Tweaked and tonemapped, but the original was just as saturated, if not more so.Photo: Red squirrel getting grey for the coming winter
For #SquirrelSaturday  curated by +Skippy Sheeskin and +Beth Blackwell Photo: Rain on the Water
For +Monochrome Monday curated by +Hans Berendsen +Jerry Johnson +Manuel Votta +Nurcan Azaz & +Steve Barge 
#MonochromeMonday  Photo: Red Squirrel
For #SquirrelSaturday  +Squirrel Saturday with +Beth Blackwell and +Skippy Sheeskin Photo: December 6th in Helsinki, Finland - Independence Day 2012
#Finland  Photo: Coal TitPhoto: A Piece of Lichen on SnowPhoto: Cabin in the Snowy Woods
Nikon D200 - Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED II - RawTherapee - GIMP
f/3.5 - 4s - ISO 1000 - 18mm - +0.7 EV Photo: More motherflipping snow
One of the very few good things about snow is that nature can get quite pretty.
#monochrome   #monochromephotography    #blackandwhitephotography  Photo: A Snowy Road through the Woods
#monochromephotography  for  #monochromemonday  +Monochrome Monday by  +Steve Barge +Nurcan Azaz  +Jerry Johnson +Charles Lupica +Hans Berendsen Photo: A Faint Whiff of Last Summer - A Red Squirrel on a Mossy Rock
For #squirrelsaturday  +Squirrel Saturday curated by +Beth Blackwell & +Skippy Sheeskin Photo: Red Squirrel with Ferns
For #SquirrelSaturday  curated by +Beth Blackwell +Skippy Sheeskin +Squirrel Saturday Photo: Cabin in the Snowy WoodsPhoto: Photo: I'm trying to wallow in the infamous HDR hole here, but the crappy display on my laptop isn't helping me. I finish tweaking a photo and lean back, and as soon as the viewing angle changes more than two degrees the colors are anything but what I intended. So, yeah, I blame the display. That's the ticket.
#HDR   #hdrphotography   #D200   #GIMP   #LuminanceHDR   #MyLaptopDisplaySucksDonkeyDinky