54 Photos - Sep 3, 2011
Photo: View from my windowPhoto: Phyang monasteryPhoto: Confluence of river Zanskar and IndusPhoto: Likir monasteryPhoto: Cleaning the diya... purifying the soulPhoto: Kids will be kidsPhoto: Flying mantras...Photo: Peacefully ensconced - Rizong monasteryPhoto: All decked up for the big poojaPhoto: Innocent smilesPhoto: Did Armstrong landed here - Moonland in LadakhPhoto: Lamayaru monastery - the brown and the beautifulPhoto: Different strokesPhoto: Old lady from Indo-Aryan tribePhoto: Flowery hairdo - Indo-Aryan tribePhoto: Sharing laughter moments with Aryan kidsPhoto: Sharing a joyful ride with Baema tribal ladyPhoto: A typical landscape en route Dah Hanu to KhatsiPhoto: Maitreya - Future Budhha statue at Diskit monasteryPhoto: sharing lighter moments with a LamaPhoto: Guardian of Diskit - MaitreyaPhoto: Jewel of Nubra - view of Diskit monasteryPhoto: Prayer in the airPhoto: Soul matesPhoto: Nature's mirrorPhoto: Sharing insightful time with ex-armyman on way back from SumurPhoto: Peace and thunderPhoto: Old Leh palacePhoto: Esteemed guests at Tso KarPhoto: Road to nowhere?Photo: Paintbrush by GodPhoto: Trapped by the mountains - Lake KaigerPhoto: Blue in the brown - Kaigar Tso (lake)Photo: inroads to my heartPhoto: Morning shades - Tso MoririPhoto: Door to tranquilityPhoto: Best of Blues - Tso MoririPhoto: Nomadic like my soul - Nomadic village near Tso MoririPhoto: Just around the corner - Tso Moriri LakePhoto: which color you want? - Tso Moriri LakePhoto: exhuming life - Tso Moriri LakePhoto: God amidst nature - Tso MoririPhoto: Five elements - Tso MoririPhoto: lend me your color - Tso MoririPhoto: Hidden in the diagonal mountain stripes - Hemis monasteryPhoto: A bumpy ride to eternity - towards Pangong TsoPhoto: faith @ 17000 fts - near Changla passPhoto: Size does matter - on road to Changla passPhoto: Changla pass - world's second highest motorable road @ 17586   feets above sea levelPhoto: Keep walking....Photo: Kissing the cloudsPhoto: What's my BMI? (Marmots are found in high altitude regions only)Photo: Photo: