113 Photos - Nov 17, 2006
Photo: Photo: Interviewing Roger Moore for Radio Hong Kong at Dragon Garden, Castle Peak, Hong Kong on the set of The Man With the Golden Gun, 1974Photo: Interviewing Roger Moore for Radio Hong Kong at Dragon Garden, Castle Peak, Hong Kong on the set of The Man With the Golden Gun, 1974 - love the white silk cravat!Photo: Photo: With trusty 'Uher' tape machine interviewing David Cassidy for RAdio Hong Kong 1974.Photo: With Chris Malig and Sally's friend June @ the old Carlton Hotel, Kowloon - 6th November 1986  @ 'Raging Bull' my 30th birthday party.Photo: Mister C @ Darling Harbour, Sydney - how did this photo get in here??Photo: Sally and a very young Jimmy 'the face' Lee @ Canton 1987 - with waiter 'Rocky'Photo: wow - Joseph Parry [where is he now!!??] Sally, and a sweaty Big Joe Chen from Shanghai's G-Spot @ the Repulse Bay Lido, sometime in the 80's.Photo: During 1980's 'Amish'  period. @ Six Flags Magic Mountain during 1984 LAX Olympic Games. Whatever happened to that Gumby & Pokey t-shrt?Photo: A 'Sopranos' moment with Mr C. Not too long ago.Photo: With Victor Stapleberg, Frances & Sally @ my 40th - Stanley Fort, Hong Kong, 6th November 1996.Photo: With Sidney and Mary Kantor @ the Carlton Hotel. Mary missed the Shanghai party by two days!!Photo: Maria, Ann & Nichole @ Stanley Fort Forty 6th Nov 1996Photo: 'MC' S. Beaver @ Taipan Club, Furama Hotel Hong Kong, 1979Photo: DC takes solid food! Sally coaxes DC the Mullet Boy out of the 1980's with a snack @ the Renaissance Harbour View, HK 1990Photo: Hmm, was it a good idea to let Sam the Tailor sponsor my DJ'ing shirts??  Taipan Club, Hotel Miramar, Kowloon 1978Photo: DJ Ashton Farley [prior to Islamic conversion] looks on at a Carlton Hotel snogging moment 1986.Photo: Gopal is polite, but Frederique has heard all this blah before!! Carlton Hotel 1986Photo: Publicity Shot. Photo by Michael Legge. Taken in his studio on La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles 1980Photo: Susan Ateyo and Bobby Kantor @ Stanley Fort Forty 1996 [what an excellent blue suit!]Photo: DJ's Louis Kee, Andrew Bull and Steve Beaver. PR shot for Taipan Club Furama Hotel, Hong Kong 1979. [Note SOUNDSWEEP installed!]Photo: This guy is obviously the HEADLINER! Furama Hotel, Hong Kong 1979Photo: Cognacs & bow-tie stylin' with Tony Kung, Eddie Lau, Paulona Chai and June Noot @ The Scene, Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong 1976.Photo: Fast forward to current century. The youngest guy of the lot. Imagine Hong Kong music without this crowd? With Danny Diaz, Ray Cordeiro MBE & Anders Nelsson.Photo: Still a tad unsure of the 'black tie' concept studley Seth Langer escorts Doris to dinner with the amazing Stuart Ong. Carlton Hotel, 1986.Photo: With Robert Gallup, Steve Beaver & Avry Ben Zeev. Which one is wearing the wig? HINT: It's not me!Photo: Playing an 11-minute track @ 9.30 pm on a Tuesday. This was going to be a long night @ the Taipan Club @ the Miramar Hotel. Early 1978.Photo: Which one of these is the real drag queen?? Donny Tse & Marie Cordero @ Canton 1987.Photo: What to do with this Norman? Discussing fruity matters with Norman Scott, California Bar & Grill, HK 1984.Photo: Absorbing another original C. Rhomberg conceptual idea with keen interest @ Ridley House. Sian Coakley, Liam Fitzpatrick and Sally snooze quietly through their respective evenings whilst <whatshisname> makes a frantic pre-cellphone call.Photo: 1980 turns 1981. Mr Richard accesses my staff account for our first Moet of the year, Disco Disco, Hong Kong.  Jan 1 1981Photo: With Sally & Dave Gilhooly @ my legendary 42 Wood Road Kenneth Ko apartment , Casale V  - 1982.Photo: Not yet permanently affected by being Andrew Bull's sister George contmplates a Bangkok British Club dip. VERY early 80's!Photo: Two very young members of the Bull family. Reading, Berks late 70's.Photo: First date or so with Sally..and Bob came too!!  Bar City @ New World Centre, Kowloon 1980.Photo: With Allan & Charmaine @ Stanley Fort 1996.Photo: Man & Earth. Des Voeux Road West. Home of DEPOT 1989.Photo: Sal with Kaufman, Clynes, Ong & Mister Camaclang. Congo Blue @ Canton. 1986.Photo: With Lo Fook Chuen. Canton Private Bar 1989.Photo: Spot the brain cell! Grace Jones & Sally wowed by Steve Beaver's stunning repartee. UNITY - The Great Hong Kong Handover Party - welcome dinner @ the Peninsula Hotel. June 30th 1997.Photo: Hangin' on the steps of the Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo with Gordon Huthart. Sometime in 1982.Photo: Testing Thomas' cocktails with Seth @ Cyrano, Island Shangri-la, HK. Whenever it was we built it?Photo: Hangin' wif ma boyz. With Russell & Graham of Air Supply, Island Shangri-la, Hong Kong - many tours ago.Photo: With the fabulous Richard Da Silva, Stanley Fort 1996.Photo: Neil Allsop VJ's @ Canton 1988Photo: Hooraying with the Hacketts @ Stanley Fort. Seth gets the tie thing right, too!Photo: Chillin' @ Saxophone with Estefania Fu & Dr. Winkie from San Francisco's DV8 CLUB 1988.Photo: Esty & Dr.Winkie again, this time with Jay & Ika Bouton!Photo: Backstage @ QE Stadium, Hong Kong after being told we 'may' have made a profit tonight!Photo: At least two of these people still have hair! Allan James Jewell with Esther & Vin Narain. Stanley Fort 1996Photo: Throwing some dancefloor shapes with Grace Jones @ Felix, Peninsula Hotel 1997.Photo: Acutal 1970's dancefloor trousers shot! Taken from the DJ booth @ The Scene, Peninsula Hotel, HK 1977.Photo: Nil By Nose - well, that was the 80's for ya... an that's Victor Ozeri, Teresa Oram, Philip Chan and Lancy Nelsson!Photo: Mr. C x 2Photo: Happy Chappies 1996Photo: Publicity Shot for Disco Disco, Hong Kong 1981. Photo By Alain Yip of Modern Classic. Looks like I had just finished playing 'Boogie Oogie Dancin' Shoes' by Claudja Barry!Photo: Late Night Disco Disco, Hong Kong 1983Photo: With Jon Benn, Dave Gilhholy and Brian Turner exhibiting a wide range of 1980's styles. Jon came to the Shanghai party and was the only person there who was also @ my 21st birthday in 1977!Photo: Mister Piro! Still the best lighting partner a DJ could ever have... Disco Disco, Hong Kong 1982Photo: Michelle Garnaut book-ended by two guys in matching specs. Not sure where or when ????Photo: Elegance epitomized! Marina & DK @ the Carlton 1986.Photo: Godfrey Malig & Carline K partying @ Congo Blue 1987.Photo: Mary Kantor, Philip Chan, the mysterious Nancy Lee with Sally and Tony Law.Photo: Phil Hicks attempts a champagne-inspired disco-lunge in Sally's direction. @ the afterparty for my 30th @ Congo Blue. 1986. Seth & Doris zone out nonetheless.Photo: The two Allans w/ Charmaine @ Stanley Fort 1996. The incredible salsa master 'Kakusan' is spotted in the background.Photo: Backstage @ Buena VIsta Social Club's HK event 2003. A happy moment with a very serious Mrs. Ibrahim Ferrer.Photo: A packed Saturday in 1978 Hong Kong. The well-dressed crowd gets down to the DJ du Jour @ the Hotel Miramar.Photo: Amy Hazlehurst-Howles and Phil Hicks are glimpsed at the back as I hang with Stuart and Mel.Photo: 'This one's for all the ladies in the house' Getting verbal @ The Scene, 1975Photo: Hanging @ Saxophone 1987: Debbie Gardner, Frederique Deleage, Richard Da Silva & Gopal LalchandaniPhoto: Maxed out @ Moss Bros! With my brother Simon and Grandfather Harold 'Pop' Bull @ Simon's wedding to Jo, Yorkshire 1977!Photo: Liam encourages me in some ingestible experimentation! This chap was always a bad influence!!Photo: With Tenny Cheung, Melody Chan and Philip Kwok @ the Carlton. Where are those incredible guys?Photo: A pause for the cause on Allan Hoo's boat, Hong Kong harbour.Photo: Portenteous neon sign hangs above our post-Chems gig on the roof of HKCEC.Photo: With George. Me in Ecuadorean Panama HatPhoto: With Eddie Lau and LISA! @ SaxPhoto: Name one CC Catch tune now!! I am sure I can not!Photo: One of these guys is not with the band !!Photo: WIth Sally, Ibrahim and Jody backstage @ HKCEC 2003. David Tang had just given Ibrahim his new jacket!Photo: With the future Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Wilson. VJ booth @ CantonPhoto: 2 PlayazPhoto: Sian, Manfred, Wai-yin & Nils @ Stanley Fort 1996Photo: Richard & Charmaine 1996Photo: With Teresa Carpio, Sandra Lang, Anders Nelsson and the guys from Jade at a contract signing PR event for my first ever concert production [age 19!] @ The Pink Giraffe, Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel July 1975 [ The gig got rained-off by the way!!]Photo: Schmoozing with Pepsi & Shirlie backstage @ Canton 1988Photo: A Very Serious collection of 80's people! AJJ, Rick O'Shea, DJ Amber & Steve Walker.Photo: With Roland & Annie Marcz - Carlton Hotel 1986Photo: Tony Law gets his weekly racing insights @ Saxopone 1989Photo: Me and JJ try to point Anita Sarko in the right direction in the DJ booth @ CantonPhoto: l-r Stuart, Mr. C, Betty Lewis-Shamis, Chris Malig, Marina Bullivant, Gopal Lalchandani, Slaphead + unknown friend, Mrs & mrs Matthew Oram, DJ Ashton Farley, Brenda Yang, Philip Rosenberg,  Tini Rosenberg,& Victor Ozeri.Photo: Me between a rock and a very hard place!Photo: Our neices @ Chai Kek, Tai Po, Hong Kong : Maizie & Cammy!Photo: Gone to meet Marczs'. Carlton Hotel 1986Photo: Daryl Reis and friend with Chris Malig @ Congo Blue, Canton Disco 1987Photo: Mr. C  larging @ Darling Harbour, again....!Photo: With Jimmy Lee, planning the future of China! We agreed to save the country via disco music.Photo: DJ Edwin FaiPhoto: The original Canton Disco DJ booth headed by DJ SAM LEUNG. Kendy is  in there too!Photo: Norman Ng with Keith Kwan & Deborah Moore  [ dai-bor-lei-more-ha!]Photo: Annie Camaclang and associates!Photo: Dudes don't get no dodgier! Anders Nelsson & Peter Mak!Photo: CJ & Gloria Wysocki dining with Sal, Peninsula Hotel, Kowloon, 1997Photo: ROCKY !  Canton Disco 1986Photo: When Kylie met Sally, backstage Canton Disco 1987Photo: Esther & Vin Narain Stanley Fort 1996Photo: Noel & Eve Patton, Stanley Fort 1996Photo: The guy Mr. & Mrs. C stole 10 years later to play @ their wedding party in HK - hint: not the wino-dude!Photo: Glam 80's peeps! Godfrey Malig, Irene Cheung with Sal @ Sax.Photo: Seth, Doris & Anders - Carlton 1986Photo: with Eric Tsang @ Canton Disco '88Photo: The Weaver Girl & The Cowherd -  TVB Jade Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Special 1975. Teresa Carpio [The Weaver Gal] Andrew Bull [The Cowherd] !