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Photo: Today is Window Wednesday, curated by
+Jules Hunter +Simon Kitcher +Jason Kowing and Guest Host +Ken Rathke :) .

Have a nice day @ all!

#BreakFastClubPhoto: Nozzles
at the house of culture Graz / Austria

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This is my contribution for +#Window Wednesday by +Jules Hunter +Cheryl Cooper +Jason Kowing +Martin OBER +Simon Kitcher and for
#BreakFastClub , by +Stuart Williams +Breakfast Club 

More information about this fantastic building you can get here:
http://www.museum-joanneum.at/en/kunsthaus/the_buildingPhoto: the door

I wish you all wonderful sunday evening and a fantastic start in a new, successful week!
#DoorSunday by +André Roßbach and +Dave KrugmanPhoto: rooms for rent
Breakfast - bath / shower - tv - phone
a great offer ....
Good morning G+, this is for +#Window Wednesday , curated by +Cheryl Cooper , +Jules Hunter +Jason Kowing +Martin OBER and +Simon Kitcher , and also for the
#BreakFastClub , curated by +Stuart Williams +Breakfast Club.Photo: the two
My contribution for the #Window Wednesday, curated in this week by guest staring +Elizabeth Lund and +Annie Irving and our team +Cheryl Cooper +Martin OBER +Jules Hunter ( I hope you feel better today, Jules?! big hug ) +#Window Wednesday , and for the great #BreakFastClub , curated by +Stuart Williams +Breakfast Club .Photo: Portal of the Thomas church
Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany for
#DoorSunday , by +André Roßbach and +Dave Krugman and for
#sacredartsunday #sacredsunday by +Charles Lupica +Manfred Berndtgen +Bill Wood +Robyn Morrison +Margaret Tompkins +SacredSundayPhoto: The door in b/w
for +Markus Landsmann :)

For lovers of color version: please have a look here: https://plus.google.com/100784425740559013107/posts/1f5kARWewmePhoto: the door
for the #DoorSunday by +André Roßbach and +Dave KrugmanPhoto: The Windows Wednesday is back!
#windowwednesday , by +Jules Falk Hunter , +Cheryl Cooper , +Simon Kitcher +Jason Kowing +Martin OBER +#Window Wednesday and the
#BreakfastClub by +Gemma Costa +Breakfast Club 
Have a good day @ all!Photo: I can't see the spring...
Good morning everyone, I wish you, despite the bad weather in Central Europe a nice day.
#windowwednesday , by +Cheryl Cooper +J.J. Bentley +Jason Kowing and +Jules Falk Hunter +#Window Wednesday and the
#BreakfastClub by +Gemma Costa +Andrea Martinez +Ester Negro +Breakfast ClubPhoto: the gate
for #doorsunday , by +André Roßbach +Dave KrugmanPhoto: can you see the blue sky?
Good morning , I wish a wonderful Wednesday!
This ist for the #windowwednesday this week by +Bette Kauffman +Cheryl Cooper , +Jason Kowing , +J.J. Bentley and the lovely +Jules Falk Hunter +#Window Wednesday , and also for the great
#BreakfastClub by +Gemma Costa +Andrea Martinez +Ester Negro +Breakfast ClubPhoto: no view today,
but I hope your day is going very well! Good morning , afternoon, evening everyone :)

This is for the fantastic +#Window Wednesday by +Jason Kowing , +Cheryl Cooper +J.J. Bentley +Jules Falk Hunter ,and this week special guest star +David Murphy :)
#Breakfastclub, by +Gemma Costa +Andrea Martinez +Breakfast ClubPhoto: time to ventilate this room
my contribution for the #windowwednesday  +#Window Wednesday today.
Note: all the curators of this them you find here:
https://plus.google.com/100519245975462538531/posts/d5Eu8AVGoR9 #Breakfastclub, by +Gemma Costa +Andrea Martinez +Breakfast Club  Photo: The windows
you can find near Breite Strasse in Hannover/Germany
... for the  +#Window Wednesday 's Team and in this week special guest host +Nancy Sproul Carter and for the wonderful
#Breakfastclub, by +Gemma Costa  +Andrea Martinez  +Breakfast Club 
Note: all the curators of the #windowwednesday   you find here:
#PhotoWalkHanover2012Photo: at the Marketplace in Leipzig

for the #windowwednesday  in this week, with special guest +Shantha Marie Fountain and the great +#Window Wednesday - TeamPhoto: the view outside
to Thuringia - at the castle Lohra
for the #windowwednesday  today, in this week with special guest +Don Spenner and the great +#Window Wednesday -Team.Photo: © Andreas Levi - http://www.andreas-levi.dePhoto: dormer windows
for the +#Window Wednesday , curated by Simon Kitcher , Cheryl Cooper , Catherine Furet , J.J. Bentley , Jason Kowing and Jules Falk Hunter , the great +#Window Wednesday - Team .Photo: the door

Today is #doorsday , curated by +André Roßbach and here is my first contribution.Photo: Window Wednesday
Guten Morgen and good morning Google World
here is my contribution for
#WindowWednesday, curated by +Simon Kitcher , +Jason Kowing and of course by the lovely +Jules Hunter !
#BreakFastClub, curated by +Stuart Williams 

Have a wonderful day, afternoon, evening, night!Photo: Doorsday

The #doorsday is curated by +André Roßbach .Photo: Today is +#Window Wednesday !
This theme is curated by +Jules Hunter , +Simon Kitcher and +Jason Kowing.
This image is also for the #BreakFastClub , curated by +Stuart Williams.

Here's just the sun shining and it's really cold - that means it is a nice day ;)
 Have a beautiful Wednesday!Photo: Thursday is Doorsday

#doorsday, curated by +André Roßbach 
#BreakFastClub, curated by +Stuart WilliamsPhoto: Good morning G+,
today is Wednesday, that means it is the day for Windows ;)
The #Window Wednesday is curated by +Jules Hunter , +Simon Kitcher and +Jason Kowing +#Window Wednesday .
This image is also for the #BreakFastClub , curated by +Stuart Williams +Breakfast Club .
Have a nice day @ all!Photo: The back door
for #doorsday , curated by +André Roßbach.

I wish you all nice evening!

Deep Purple - Knocking At Your Back DoorPhoto: The eagle on the Rothenburg

Good morning G+,
today is #windowwednesday , curated by +Jules Hunter , +Simon Kitcher and +Jason Kowing +#Window Wednesday and this is my contribution.
This image is also for the #BreakFastClub , curated by +Stuart Williams +Breakfast Club , and for #MyTownTuesday , curated by +Melanie Kintz and +Eric Leslie +My Town Tuesday .
The Rothenburg is located on the Kyffhäuser Mountains in the North of Thuringia. Sorry for the late submission, I hope it's not too late ;)
For more Information click here: http://www.kyffnet.de/Ausflugsziele/Burgen/Rothenburg/rothenburg.html

Have a nice day @ all!Photo: leave
for #DoorSunday by +André Roßbach and +Dave KrugmanPhoto: Window of the villa
Yesterday I reported about the park Hohenrode with an old mansion. Here you can already see a window of these house.
For #WindowWednesday, curated by +Jules Hunter +Simon Kitcher and +Jason Kowing . +#Window WednesdayPhoto: Window of the villa Nr.2
For #WindowWednesday , curated by +Jules Hunter +Simon Kitcher and +Jason Kowing . +#Window WednesdayPhoto: on the Brocken (Harz, Germany)
For #DoorSunday by +André Roßbach +Dave Krugman.Photo: Window in the shed

Guten Morgen and good morning G+ !
#WindowWednesday , by +Jules Hunter +Simon Kitcher and +Jason Kowing +#Window Wednesday 
#BreakFastClub , curated by +Stuart Williams +Breakfast Club.

Wish you all a wonderful Wednesday!Photo: Guten Morgen and good morning G+,
I wish you all a wonderful Wednesday!
#WindowWednesday , by +Cheryl Cooper +Martin OBER +Jules Hunter +Simon Kitcher and +Jason Kowing +#Window Wednesday 
#BreakFastClub , by +Stuart Williams +Breakfast Club.Photo: from the past
for #Window Wednesday +#Window Wednesday by +Simon Kitcher +Cheryl Cooper +Jules Hunter +Simon Kitcher +Jason Kowing and +Martin OBER and
for #BreakFastClub , by +Stuart Williams +Breakfast Club .
I wish you all a wonderful day!Photo: Photo: the door
for #DoorSunday by +André Roßbach and +Dave Krugman and for the
#BreakfastClub by +Stuart Williams +Breakfast Club.
I hope, you had (or still have) a wonderful weekend and wish you a nice sunday!Photo: open...
#windowwednesday , by the +#Window Wednesday - Team,
#Breakfastclub, by +Gemma Costa +Andrea Martinez +Breakfast Club and
#hqsppromotion, by the +HQSPPromotion- TeamPhoto: a window of "Haus Seidel", Nordhausen, Germany ,
part of the"Echter Nordhäuser" - Nordbrand-traditional distillery, founded in 1857 by Joseph Seidel.
More information you can get here: http://www.traditionsbrennerei.de
#windowwednesday  by +Cheryl Cooper  +Catherine Furet +Jason Kowing , +J.J. Bentley +Simon Kitcher, +Jules Falk Hunter , the +#Window Wednesday - Team,
#mytowntuesday  , by +Melanie Kintz , +Jamie Furlong +My Town Tuesday,
#historythursday  , by +Matt Shalvatis +History Thursday ,
#Breakfastclub, by +Gemma Costa    +Andrea Martinez   +Breakfast Club 
#hqsppromotion, by the +HQSPPromotion - Team 

Good morning everyone, have a sunny Wednesday! Photo: one small and one large
for  the #windowwednesday  with the great +#Window Wednesday -TeamPhoto: Windows with bell
#Window Wednesday and the +#Window Wednesday - TeamPhoto: still intact
for #windowwednesday  by the +#Window Wednesday - Team :)Photo: the view of nature
a shot through a root
for the +#Window Wednesday , in this week with the unconventional or non traditional window theme. (More information you can get here: https://plus.google.com/100519245975462538531/posts/12u42VN6ReT )
This shot is for
#breakfastclub  , by +Gemma Costa +Andrea Martinez +Breakfast Club ,
#fotoamateur  , by +Remo Primatesta , +Karsten Meyer  +Markus Landsmann +Scotti van Palm  +Fotoamateur 
#hqsppromotion  , by the +HQSPPromotion  - Team,
#landscapephotography  , by +Landscape Photography - TeamPhoto: window in Appenzell

#alpsteinfotowalk   #windowwednesday  Photo: Reflection 
is the +#Window Wednesday - theme today with the great Windows Wednesday - team and guest staring +Tony Escobales.
Here my contribution from Paris ...

Good mornig G+, have a fantatisc day!


#breakfastclub  , by +Gemma Costa +Andrea Martinez +Breakfast Club 
#hqsppromotion   #10000photographersaroundtheworld   #bwdigitalphotographyclassicstyle   #europeanphotography   #canonusers  +Canon Users Photo: A door of the stave curch in Hahnenklee

Hello and good evening G+ - Hallo und guten Abend G+,
heute schreib ich kurz auf deutsch, da ich mit diesem Bild einen kleinen Hinweis auf einen bevorstehenden Photowalk verbinden möchte:

Ankündigung Photowalk Harz Winter 2013 (Hahnenklee)
Announcement Photowalk Harz area - Winter 2013 (Hahnenklee)

Schon gewußt? Okay, alle Informationen
in deutscher Sprache gibt es hier: http://goo.gl/uszZS 
- or in Dutch : http://goo.gl/WSQdm

#doorsunday  , by +André Roßbach  +Dave Krugman 
#harzbilder  , #fotoamateur   #scaredsunday   #hqspmonochrome  Photo: Looking Up
is the theme of the #windowwednesday  today...

Good morning / afternoon / evening everybody, this house is the "Herzogstuhl" and is located in Thuringia, Germany.

The +#Window Wednesday is curated by +Jules Falk Hunter  +Cheryl Cooper +Jason Kowing +J.J. Bentley +Catherine Furet and today by co-curator +Simon Davis-Oakley !

This is also a contribution for the
#breakfastclub  , #fotoamateur   #10000photographersaroundtheworld   #hqspnonnaturephotos   #europeanphotography   #thuringia   #mytowntuesday  Photo: 3/4

for the  Single Window - Theme  in this week.

#windowwednesday  , curated by +Jules Falk Hunter +Cheryl Cooper +Jason Kowing +J.J. Bentley and +Catherine Furet +#Window Wednesday ,

#breakfastclub   #hqspnonnaturephotos   #fotoamateur  Photo: Grungy
windows are in demand this week for the fabulous +#Window Wednesday by
+Jules Falk Hunter  +J.J. Bentley  +Cheryl Cooper +Simon Davis-Oakley +Jason Kowing and +Catherine Furet !

Good morning G+,
this is also a contribution for the new theme by +Charles Lupica and +Bill Wood , for +All Things Monochrome .

#brakfastclub   #windowwednesday   #allthingsmonochrome   #grasspoker   #hqspmonochrome   #hqspnonnaturephotos   #fotoamateur  Photo: A look to the Appenzell region
from museum of local history, Switzerland

For the +#Window Wednesday theme inside out , curated by the wonderful #windowwednesday  -team +Jules Falk Hunter , +Simon Davis-Oakley +Cheryl Cooper +Jason Kowing +J.J. Bentley and +Catherine Furet .

#breakfastclub   #landscapephotography   #europeanphotography   #fotoamateur   #10000photographersaroundtheworld   #canonusers   #alpsteinphotowalk  Photo: the roof window
in the morninglight 

Good morning G+,
let's start the day with a contribution to the #windowwednesday  . This week are  +Cheryl Cooper  +J.J. Bentley  +Simon Davis-Oakley  +Jason Kowing and +Jules Falk Hunter looking for wet, steamy or frosty windows .

#breakfastclub   #windowwednesday   #10000photographersaroundtheworld  Photo: the gate
in Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany

#doorsunday  , by  +André Roßbach  +Dave Krugman 
#hqspnonnaturephotos   #europeanphotography   #10000photographersaroundtheworld   #thuringia  Photo: Attention to detail

is in this week the theme on +#Window Wednesday .
okay,here are the details slightly further away, but maybe are the tones alright for the +TurquoiseThursday, by +Tatiana Parmeeva ? :)

#windowwednesday    #turquoisethursday   #hqspnonnaturephotos  Photo: Grand Trianon
Versailles, France

Inspired by the images of Paris by +Richard Kralicek , and the Shadow Play theme this week at the +#Window Wednesday , curated by +Jules Falk Hunter ,  +Simon Davis-Oakley  +Jason Kowing  +Cheryl Cooper  +J.J. Bentley  , here one without snow today ;)

I wish you all a sunny day, G+!

#breakfastclub   #windowwednesday   #europeanphotography   #hqspnonnaturephotos  Photo: Sanssouci

Good morning G+,

+Jules Falk Hunter and the great +#Window Wednesday -Team calls today for many windows . Okay, so many are here not, but you should know the history about this place:
Sanssouci is the name of the former summer palace of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, in Potsdam, near Berlin, Germany. 
More information you can get here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanssouci

I wish you all a sunny day!

#breakfastclub   #windowwednesday   #europeanphotography   #hqspnonnaturephotos   #hqspmonochrome   #10000photographersbwmonochromePhoto: A view into the landscape of Appenzell

Good morning G+,
this is for the last +#Window Wednesday  with +Jules Falk Hunter +Simon Davis-Oakley +Jason Kowing +J.J. Bentley and +Cheryl Cooper , and the theme today looking through you , before Spring Break (until April 17) :  a shot from the last year at the #alpsteinphotowalk  . Have all a great day!

#breakfastclub   #windowwednesday   #europeanphotography   #hqsplandscape  Photo: Flowers in the Window

...is the optional theme this week for the +#Window Wednesday, curated by +Jules Falk Hunter +Cheryl Cooper +J.J. Bentley +Simon Davis-Oakley and +Jason Kowing 

#windowwednesday   #breakfastclub   #hqspflowers   #hqspnonnaturephotos  Photo: it's definitely time for spring cleaning

Good morning from the sunny Southern Harz, Google+,
let's start in a succesful day! :)

#breakfastclub   #windowwednesday   #hqspnonnaturephotos   #canonusers   #10000photographersaroundtheworld   #nikcollection   #promotephotography  Photo: The doorhandle

Hi everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful sunday evening!

#breakfastclub   #sepiasaturday   #doorsunday    #sentimentalsunday   #dailydepthoffield   #allthingsmonochrome  Photo: © Andreas Levi - http://www.andreas-levi.dePhoto: © Andreas Levi - http://www.andreas-levi.dePhoto: © Andreas Levi - http://www.andreas-levi.dePhoto: