42 Photos - Jul 1, 2011
Photo: Adler Hotel, NY.Photo: Photo: Self-portrait inside the abandoned Hudson State HospitalPhoto: Mothball Fleet AdventuresPhoto: Mothball Fleet AdventuresPhoto: U.S.S. Iowa of the Mothball FleetPhoto: Dawn at the Mont Alto Sanatorium.Photo: Mothball FleetPhoto: Forensics Building at Weston State HospitalPhoto: Cranes at Pinole SteelPhoto: Fairfield HillsPhoto: Norwalk Building (Nurses Housing) at the semi-abandoned Fairfield Hills State Hospital in Newtown, CT.Photo: The Racetrack, Death Valley.The Racetrack, Death Valley. (Photo by Dave Cohen - https://plus.google.com/116040565882702717981)Photo: The Racetrack, Death Valley. (Photo by Dave Cohen - https://plus.google.com/116040565882702717981)Photo: Naval Air Warfare Center, New JerseyPhoto: Christmas in an asylum!Photo: Testing the COAST HP7 at night. (Read the review: http://www.amyheiden.com/blog/coast-flashlight-hp7-review.html)Photo: Coast HP7 (Read the review: http://www.amyheiden.com/blog/coast-flashlight-hp7-review.html)Photo: Light painting with the Coast HP7 on the U.S.S. Hornet. (Photo by John Getchel)Photo: Mayview State Hospital, PAPhoto: Not exactly into dentists. (Mayview State Hospital, PA)Photo: 3 Arches. Yosemite National Park, California.Photo: Taken inside the museum at Bodie State Historic Park, CA.Photo: Self-portrait, Mare Island Naval Shipyard. Photo: We Own The Sky

Life has been really hectic the last few days, but in this moment, I was at peace, enjoying a beautiful sunset overlooking the bay and old ammunition bunkers with a good friend.

Today, this is for  #lyricallyinspired , because this is the song I hear in my head when I see a fantastic sky.

"We Own The Sky" by M83

Each shade of blue
Is kept in our eyes
Keep blowing and lightning
Because we own the sky

Secrets from the winds
Burnt stars crying

Soft soft or cruel
Can't we change our minds?
We kill what we build
Because we own the sky

Secrets from the winds
Burnt stars crying

So many moons here
Lost wings floating

It's coming, it's coming now!
It's coming, it's coming now!
What's coming? What's coming now?
What's coming? What's coming now?

It's coming from the sky
It's coming like the windPhoto: Boar's Head
Abandoned Commune, CaliforniaPhoto: A Solitary Pain

"Idly, up comes the sphere
vibrant daggers pierce, scorching the shadow
ashes on marble, frozen in time
and there, like just before dawn
lies a pile,
quiescent, friable, bend-able form
Hands creep round the mask
and stop."Photo: Breathing in the crimson sky
Collecting leaves landing on the lips
I feel when I touch the night.Photo: Kicking it inside an asylum in the South with Ian Ference.Photo: Standing inside a cooling tower of a (never completed) nuclear power plant.Photo: An upper floor inside the reactor building of an un-finished nuclear power plant.Photo: Mare Island Naval ShipyardPhoto: Jumping for BadwaterPhoto: Nicasio Reservoir. Marin County, California.Photo: "Catch stardust,
in your floating world,
to say it with hearts,
for the first time."

(Submitted for "Sadness" in Chrysta Rae's May 2012 Scavenger Hunt.)Photo: South Carolina Lunatic AsylumPhoto: Smuggie on Treasure Island

I see your Iceland waterfall +SmugMug hoodie shot +Michael Bonocore...

...and raise you a shot of me, standing at the edge of the bay with the city I call home in the background. Photo: Standing with Ed Roppo at the opening of one of two reactor buildings at an unfinished nuclear power plant in Tennessee.Photo: Unfinished Nuclear Power Plant, TennesseePhoto: I'm friends with the voices inside of my head...Photo: For those of you who love flashlights, I just finished a full review of the Dorcy Metal Gear XL-M 618 lumen flashlight (http://amyheiden.com/blog/dorcy-metal-gear-xlm-flashlight) shown in this photo at Battery Godfrey in San Francisco.Photo: Self portrait inside Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital in New Jersey