17 Photos - Aug 17, 2013
Photo: Photo: #SallyHansen Fuzzy Coat #nailpolish is perfect for tweed-style #nailart. No one does tweed better than Karl Lagerfeld for #Chanel so I used this look from the Fall 2013 Haute Couture runway as my inspirationPhoto: I checked my stash at home to see what I would need to purchase at #Walgreens and I already had the #SallyHansen Fuzzy Coat, Tweedy, so I would only need to get my base nail polish color and detail shades.Photo: On the hunt for the perfect green #nailpolish base and white and black polishes for detailing, I headed to my local #Walgreens.Photo: My first stop is always the seasonal displays. I love to see what trendy new shades are out. I spotted this #SallyHansen #IHeartMyNailArt display with an eye-catching Insta-Dri green but I wanted to check out the core colors first.Photo: Along the way I spied this #SallyHansen CSM display with some re-promoted colors.Photo: On my way to the #SallyHansen display an employee from the cosmetics department stopped me to see if I needed help and to let me know that I could check out at the cosmetics counter, when ready.Photo: I narrowed in on the Fuzzy Coat polishes. Even though I had the color I needed at home, I still wanted to look in case another color inspired me to change my design.Photo: I knew I needed black and white polishes and, sadly, the Xtreme Wear black was out of stock. But they did have the white polish I needed, White On. I swear I used to have a bottle but it must have been "borrowed" by a friend.Photo: All the greens were out in the Xtreme Wear line as well, which was pretty disappointing. I would like to see the color better stocked. Especially brights that are so popular right now.

So with no great green in sight, it was back to the #IHeartMyNailArt display to pick up the Insta-Dri I spotted earlier.Photo: It worked out for the best since In Record Lime is exactly the shade of green I wanted for my #nailart look.Photo: With my two bottles in hand, I headed to the cosmetics counter register. It's so nice not having to wait in long lines when I only have a few items to buy.Photo: Before I even had a chance to ask about the Balance Rewards program, the clerk asked me if I was a member. I'm not so she signed me up and explained how the program works.

She pointed out items in the weekly flyer that earn you reward points and told me about the kind of rewards I could earn. $5 off with 5,000 points, for example.

She offered me the option to go card-less but I'm a girl who loves my rewards fobs so I happily added one to my key ring.Photo: After that, I was off to #Walgreens #2 in search of the black polish I needed to complete my look. Thankfully #SallyHansen Xtreme Wear Black Out was in stock!Photo: My #Walgreens #SallyHansen haul plus the Fuzzy Coat Tweedy I already had at home.Photo: This is the #NailArt look I created. 

I started with a base coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri In Record Lime.

Added a coat of Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Tweedy

Applied a layer of top coat to seal in the Fuzzy Coat fibers.

Dipped a nail art brush in Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On and painted thin lines on the nails in cross patterns with a few random lines thrown in for good measure.

Repeated that process with the nail art brush dipped in Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out

#IHeartMyNailArtPhoto: The finished Tweed #NailArt look. #IHeartMyNailArt

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