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Photo: Iguana Point

During my 6 days in the Galapagos, I carted my ultra heavy F-Stop bag w/ gear everywhere I went, but mostly opted to use my iphone and +Lisa Bettany's Camera+ app (which served me very, very well). There were a few reasons for this - the two most important that a. I didn't feel my experience would have been the same if I kept unloading and reloading my kit, b. there was something so special about this place that it didn't feel possible to do it justice through photography. Before I travelled I searched endlessly for Galapagos photos and found little out there that gave me the wow factor - it surprised me given the reputation of the place. So, I can only assume that my experience there, as a photographer, is not a unique one. It's one of those places you just have to see to believe.

This is taken with my DSLR on Isabella Beach (probably my favourite spot in the Islands) - this is Iguana Point Bar, named as such because the rock-bed at the end of the pier is home to a large colony of Marine Iguanas.

#breakfastartclub  by +Kate Church 
#nightphotography  Photo: Heaven Under The Sea

This is Los Túneles at Isla Isabela in the Galápagos. What can I say that this photo doesn't already say. Amazing. These underwater lava tunnels are all over the place and oh so beautiful to snorkel around (see the video I posted earlier to see sharks in these tunnels). Photo: The Last Minute

On our first day in the town of Aguas Calientes (otherwise known as Machu Picchu Pueblo) with +The Giving Lens, we were given the day off. We started with a fun lunch, a game of pool, and some delicious Pisco Sours / Mojitos. Then we went off on our own - ish). The boys (+Michael Bonocore, +Vincent McMillen, +Christopher Cox, +Joe Azure, and +Mike Chambers) stayed at the restaurant for the rest of the day and made memories that we ended up laughing at for the rest of the trip :).  +Colby Brown went off to get some hot-rock massage therapy, and I was on my way to do the same when I made a last minute decision to grab my gear and head down to the river. This was therapy enough.

The light that hit the top of the mountain was glorious as the clouds were lit-up by the fading sun. It was a "deep-breath, I'm really here, I can't believe how amazing this is" kind of moment. I climbed down onto an enormous rock that sat on the river, and just relaxed. What a perfect moment.

This image is my first ever multi-exposure blend. :)

#mountainmonday   curated by +Michael Russell 
#plusphotoextract   by +Jarek Klimek Photo: He Walks With Me Still

I sat in this spot, on top of a lava rock, while I wrote the eulogy for my Grandpa who passed away while I was on the plane to Ecuador. This was the place I wish I had spent more time in the Galapagos - Isabella Island. A spiritual paradise - a place that will always make me feel connected to the proud man I loved, Mr. Donald Marsh ♥

#breakfastclub   by +Gemma Costa 
#seatuesday   by +Julia Anna Gospodarou Photo: Colby Brown In Action - Machu Picchu

Our second day at Machu Picchu with +The Giving Lens was a dramatically clear day (i.e. no clouds), so we opted to shoot slightly differently than day one - rock faces, bridges, flowers, birds, and those white caps that were not visible to us at all on day one. Even +Michael Bonocore got in touch with his feminine side and started shooting the gorgeous wild orchids that lined the trail to this spot.

Here we have our group leader, +Colby Brown, shooting the gorgeous rock-face that towered high above the Machu Picchu Draw-Bridge.


For more information on The Giving Lens and their future trips, circle Colby and +The Giving Lens  Photo: Built on History

On our first night in Cusco, we headed out for dinner and came across this little gem on our way. Of course we had all of our gear, so imagine 7 photographers unraveling tripods and making a scene in front of this historic building :)

I had a hard time pulling up the correct name for this building but I think it is the Santo Domingo Church and Convent (not to be confused with the Cathedral of Santo Domingo, also in Cusco). This site was originally home to one of the most powerful Incan Temples, known as Temple of the Sun, which had solid gold lining the walls. The temple was destroyed by the Spanish and they built this on the foundation of the ruin (the original inca stonework can be seen on the lower portions of the structure). The most impressive part is the mortarless Incan masonry that remains, even after several earthquakes...it's quite incredible.

TGLperu was lead by +Colby Brown  with participation from +Vincent McMillen, +Christopher Cox, +Mike Chambers, +Joe Azure, and +Michael Bonocore >> +The Giving Lens     Photo: Open The Gates

The first day we arrived at the top of the Machu Picchu trail was a bit of surprise because we couldn't see ANYTHING. I could barely see the person standing next to me > that's how dense the cloud was. As the sun rose behind the mountains, I hiked down into the ruin site itself and this is what appeared as that dense sheet of cloud danced away while being lit-up from behind. I was alone at this moment, in this spot...and I did say WOW out loud several time. In fact, I'm not sure I've used the word quite so much in one day in my life. Every corner a new view and a new "oh wow' moment.

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Photo taken during a trip to Cusco, Peru with +Colby Brown's +The Giving Lens  #tglperu  and my fellow photog pals +Joe Azure, +Michael Bonocore, +Christopher Cox, +Mike Chambers, and +Vincent McMillen 

Negative or rude comments will be removed and reported - this is my work, so please keep offensive opinions to yourself. Photo: Room with A View

Although a lot of the history of Machu Picchu is unknown and relies on various theories, you can one thing about the Incan people...they really knew how to pick a spot. This is one of the huts inside the 'residential' area of the city...and what a view they had. I wouldn't mind laying in bed and sipping a cup of hot cocoa while looking at this.

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#tglperu   +The Giving Lens  Photo: Old Home

I couldn't resist taking a few photos of the inside of the Incan homes at Machu Picchu. So wonderfully constructed with mortarless stonework that is cut so perfectly that you can't even fit a piece of paper between the stones. And I loved the lines on the underside of the thatched roof too. Just image, someone used to live her a long, long time ago. Pretty neat.

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#tglperu   Photo: Lava

If you saw the photo I posted earlier in the week from Isabella Island in the Galapagos, well, this is taken from the same rock (where I wrote the eulogy for my Pa) but looking in the other direction. Here you see the detail in the black lava rock, created from a eruptions of Volcan Sierra Negra, the largest of 5 volcanoes on Isabella Island, and the most active volcano in the Galapagos islands. The most recent eruption was in October 2005 and lasted for 8 days.  Imagine lava flowing here...must have been pretty cool to see (if anyone stuck around long enough to see it :))

#breakfastclub , curated by +Gemma Costa 
#galapagos #ecuador #volcano #pacific #sunsetphotography   #longexposurephotography  Photo: Iguana Nights

If I were able to re-do my Galapagos trip (knowing what I know now), I would have done only one thing differently - I would have spent more time on Isabella Island. What a wonderful, tranquil place. I decided to "splurge" a bit and get a room on the beach for my 2 nights here, which gave me a wonderful view of the beach, the ocean, the volcano, and Iguana Point Bar (located perfectly at the end of the pier). I took this from the beach in front of my hotel... oh, and did I mention it was $140 for a glorious and spacious ocean-view room at this place?  Amazing!!!

#saturdaynightlight  curated by +Dirk Heindoerfer 

#ecuador   #galapagosislands   #nightphotography  Photo: Social Square

On Day 2 in Peru, +Colby Brown introduced us to the lovely +Annie Irving who kindly gave the #TGLperu  gang a walking tour of Cusco. This spot was probably a highlight for me - it was a really cool, artsy part of the city. I really enjoyed the energy from the people who congregated in the square and up on the terrace where I was standing for this image. Annie will need to help me out here with the name of the square :)

This image is a blending of 3 exposures. Happy Sunday everyone!! :)

#peru #cuscoPhoto: Through the Ruins

Another from my trip to the glorious and intriguing Machu Picchu. This is taken from inside the ruins, looking up at the Watchman's Hut, which sits in a thin layer of cloud. This is just a few minutes after the sun came up from behind the mountains.

#landscapephotography   #peru   #machupicchu   #tglperu  Photo: And the Train Said to the Mountain...
Ollantaytambo, Peru

En Route to Machu Picchu Pueblo (Aguas Calientes), we were bless with the most stunning train ride. Picture 6 photographers hanging from train windows (while moving) with all manner of big lenses, and that was us. I can't image what the rest of the passengers thought, and Colby sat watching us with amusement :)  Well there are advantages of hanging from train windows, and one of them is the reflection potential.

#speedysaturday   curated by +Kathryn Brown 
#tglperu  Photo: The Escape 

Definitely one of the most beautiful places I've seen in my life so far -- after a glorious train ride from Cusco alongside the Urubamba (Vilcanota) River, we arrived at Machu Picchu Pueblo train station in Aguas Calientes, Peru. The town is at the top of the hill.

This was a wonderful moment when there was some fantastic light hitting parts of the distant mountains. I was sitting on an enormous rock right on the river.

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My last day in Mindos Ecuador was spent sweating buckets in the Cloud/Rainforest on a hiking search for Waterfalls. Unfortunately I didn't have time to get to all 7 that were here because they covered such a large surface area but those I did see were just wonderful... and It was fabulous to be so far away from anything that could pollute this environment.  This was the first cascade I reached on the Nambillo River, and it is called the Nambillo Cascade. The ladder you see in the distance is for folks to climb to the top of the rock and jump into the water below. I didn't see anyone so this because I was here entirely alone. In fact, on my 4-hour hike here I passed only 2 people.

This is a single, 8 second exposure.

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#waterfallsphotography   #southamerica   #ecuador   #mindo   #nambillo   #cascades   #river   #longexposurephotography  Photo: In the Spotlight

I occupied this cliff-edge spot in Machu Picchu for quite a while as the day started to fade (and until they kicked us out...which, unfortunately is before the sun sets). The light streams that broke through the clouds were my favorite part, especially because the clouds were so thick and dramatic. This was the perfect ending to a perfect day in the city with +The Giving Lens crew.

P.S. you may notice that I no longer use a watermark on my images. I finally realized it looks pretty awful with it stuck in the corner and serves little real purpose :)

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#tglperu  Photo: Swimming At Sunset

Imagine walking along a 2-mile stretch of beautiful white sandy beach as the day slowly fades -  with a volcano in front of you, a strip of quiet homes and a couple of bars to your right, the bright blue sea, lava rocks, and Marine Iguanas to your left, only a handful of people passing you by, and complete silence except for the crashing waves. Welcome to Isla Isabella in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

I only have one "regret" about my trip to the Galapagos and that is not spending more time on Isabella Island...which really means that my entire trip to the Islands was too short. This place is pretty close to heaven on earth for me and I think it is a bit of a hidden treasure. People go here for day trips but most don't end up staying for any length of time. I stayed two nights and could/should have used 4 or 5. Sunset was a really cool time to be out here -  all of the native kids were down swimming in the water - it had a great community vibe to it. I captured these folks swimming as I was shooting the sunset. Ahhhhhhhhh...

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#seascape   #galapagosislands   #southamerica   #oceanview  Photo: When the Light Falls

I really loved tis cascade in Mindo, Ecuador because of the rocks surrounding it and that it seemed to just merge with the light from above. Descending from the heavens. Unfortunately, I didn't snag the name of this one. A huge lesson in making sure to photograph the signs when you shoot :)

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#southamerica   #ecuador   #waterfallphotography  Photo: Emerging through the cloudsPhoto: Beyond the Ancient Mist

Ahhh, sweet memories came flooding back this morning when I woke up thinking about the phenomenal feelings I had on that first morning in Machu Picchu back in June. What a place. So, of course, I just had to go back in my catalogue and look through some photos again. I loved the old stone stair cases that connected each layer of this masterful city, so I wanted to shoot it in it's best light. I hope you like it :)

#tglperu  +The Giving Lens  and +Colby Brown  lead this amazing trip for us. My fellow photographers, and friends +Michael Bonocore  +Vincent McMillen +Joe Azure   +Mike Chambers  and +Christopher Cox were also on the trip - check out there work....they each have some great shots from the trip.  Photo: Waking up in the Clouds

My first morning waking up in the Cloud Forest...well, it looked like this :)

Taken at dawn in May, 2012 - Mindo, Ecuador. Photo: Keeping Watch

I just adored the Alpaca and Llama that wandered around the grounds of Machu Picchu. They seem to have a nice life and look very well cared for. I watched this male look out over the city, and then, when he saw his woman, he marched all the way down the steps (hundred of them) to greet her in the ruins. It was adorable!!

Happy Friday everyone!! Photo: Surround Me

One of the most beautiful places I have had the pleasure of spending some alone time. This is Cascade Nambillo in the rainforest of Ecuador.

Happy Monday, folks :)Photo: Taxi anyone?

This is the port at Isabella in the glorious Galapagos Islands. I was fortunate enough to have the chance to travel here in May for a few short days. I love these water taxis and did some pretty extreme reverse-wave navigating in these (if you've been to Los Tuneles you'll know what I mean). All around, this is one of the most wonderful places I've been.


#galapagosislands   #southamericatravel   #photoplusextract  Photo: Sit with Me...

Ahh, the wonderful Machu Picchu. I can't wait to go back here someday. Taken back in May with +The Giving Lens  #tglperu 

#southamerica   #machupicchu  Photo: Layers

One of the views in Machu Picchu and some lovely light rays to make things a little more interesting. I loved the layers of mountain in this view.

#machupicchu  Photo: Sierra Negra

It's hard to believe it's almost a year since I was in this magical place. One day I'll go back and will spend more time in this specific part of the Galapagos, Isabela Island. Such a gorgeous, peaceful place that's full of natural wonder and magnificence. In the distance is the Sierra Negra Volcano. In the foreground is lava rock. Pretty sweet!

#galapagos   #ecuador   #southamerica   #sunsetphotography   #volcano   #islandphotography  +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS by +Robert SKREINER  #plusphotoextract  by +Jarek Klimek Photo: Machu Picchu, PeruPhoto: Isla Isabela, GalapagosPhoto: Machu Picchu, Peru