19 Photos - Oct 26, 2011
Photo: Atari TT connected to Eizo 6500M (before correcting horizontal phase)Photo: ASV boot process: boot loaderPhoto: ASV boot process: hardware summary (note that the SCSI ID is wrong at this point and the system didn't boot afterwards - boot device needs to be at ID 0)Photo: ASV boot process: copyright banner and fsckPhoto: ASV boot process: device summaryPhoto: Atari System V login screenPhoto: X on Atari System V running xterm and WiSh2Photo: Atari System V kernel configurationPhoto: Atari System V system configuration toolPhoto: improvised ECL adapter cablePhoto: Eizo 6500M product labelPhoto: Atari TT mainboard with power supply, 2MB ST RAM card, and Catch Computer TT RAM card.Photo: Atari TT mainboard, stripped downPhoto: Curses version of aclock (http://www.tenox.tc/out/#aclock) running on Atari System V. Not the best time to take a screenshot, I know...Photo: Photo: ASV disc utility splash screenPhoto: Photo: Photo: ASV newd splash screen on Cygwin/X. It's blue instead of grey :)
Unfortunately, the tool segfaults before loading its main screen. Guess Cygwin is way too modern, or maybe I'm missing some X toolkit libraries...

pterm0# /usr/local/sbin/X11/newd
Segmentation fault