130 Photos - Feb 29, 2012
Photo: #G+LeapYearDayProject
+G+ LeapYear 2012 - Day in the life of G+Photo: Photo: "Save yourself
Don't look back..."

#iPhoneographyFriday (curated by +Christianna Pierce and +Jose Vazquez)Photo: Picking Up the Pieces, Now Where to Begin?

+Poets Society of Photography (by +Claudine de Faÿ) #PoetSocietyofPhotographyPhoto: Photo: April again, huh?
Time flies...Photo: Beware of the Cat

+iPhoneography Friday (curated by +Christianna Pierce and +Jose Vazquez)
#iPhoneographyFriday #CaturdayPhoto: Dance

#MyMobileMonday (curated by +Sinead Sam McKeown)Photo: Photo: Photo: No Worries

#iPhoneographyFriday (+Christianna Pierce, +Jose Vazquez)Photo: Just delivered from Amazon.
Can't wait to start reading them!! :))
/* jumping up and down in excitement */

And I also have 2 more songwriting books, and one non-songwriting book waiting for me:) I'm so glad it's Friday already!:))Photo: Was watching a seagull eating a mussel yesterday:)
At first, he tried to break it with his beak. When that didn't work, he started flying up, and throwing the mussel on the ground. Eventually, the mussel broke open, and the seagull ate it.
Smart, huh? :)

Didn't take a picture of that, as my iPhone wouldn't do it justice.
But here's another picture from yesterday's walk.

Malahide, IrelandPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: +MUSE concert 3 Nov 2012 in Dublin.
(iPhone photo).

Great band, great music, great show!Photo: My 12-12-12 iPhone Self-Portrait :)

Why? Just because I can:)Photo: Photo: This crazy weather that we're having now (wind plus rain) is driving me...well.. crazy.

I want Spring, asap!

An old instagram photo from Spring 2011.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: From the last weekend.Photo: It's May already!
Yay! My favourite month of the year :)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Got myself a new toy!
Learned 3 chords yesterday. Feeling proud, and my fingertips are sore:-D

They actually sent me a wrong colour… Well, they picked the box with the correct sticker on it, but the guitar inside didn't match the sticker! Whoever packed the box must have been colour-blind.
But it's a cool colour too, so I decided to keep it:) If it was black or white (boring!) I'd send it back.

(Oh, that's a Fender Squier Affinity Stratocaster HSS and a Fender Mustang I (v.2) amp. I knew you wanted to know it!:-D)Photo: Sometimes I need a little reminder...

(I needed it, so I made it! ha!:) )Photo: Photo: Fluffy #Caturday!

BTW, if you missed the post where I shared my first song - it's here:
https://plus.google.com/u/0/102985033048923547232/posts/BYH4aQdouqtPhoto: SummerPhoto: Swan Lake
Well... estuary, actually. But who cares:)Photo: Photo: Drink MePhoto: If a hotel has cats - it can't be a bad place!:)

A kitty paid a visit to my hotel room.Photo: Have I ever posted "selfie-in-the-mirror" kind of photos? No? Here's a first!Photo: Photo: NIGHTWISH - ElvenpathPhoto: Cozy Morning.Photo: #SelfieSundayPhoto: Last days of 2013...Photo: Ardgillan CastlePhoto: “Even if you have changed beyond all recognition—even if you are dead!—people will still be carrying their own story about who you are, based on memory. We live in our stories of each other. Do we ever truly meet each other?”

- The Deepest Acceptance by Jeff FosterPhoto: Dublin.Photo: Luas.Photo: A cat life.Photo: #vsco #vscocamPhoto: A Red, Red Rose.Photo: Wave.Photo: Photo: #CaturdayPhoto: Photo: Not sure what caption to give, but I love the way they look at each other:)Photo: Photo: Sorry.Photo: Spring.Photo: Birthday Girl!Photo: Photo: Photo: JasminePhoto: (Wel) Come to ParisPhoto: Silly hotel bathroom selfiePhoto: #wordlessonwednesdayPhoto: #caturday  Photo: Early Christmas present.
Couldn’t resist taking a few quick iPhone photos:)

Never cared much for Pandora-style bracelets, but instantly fell in love with Trollbeads.
And I love the name!:)Photo: Photo: Photo: Oh, look who got engaged :)Photo: Photo: "All you need is love!" Hmm, not sure about that, but it sounds nice anyway:)Photo: Looks like spring is finally here! Yay!

Also, happy #InternationalWomensDay !

#WomensDayPhoto: Happy St. Patrick's Day! 🍀🍀🍀
Couldn't find anything green to wear, so I wore green eyeshadow :-DPhoto: This mouse is actually a cat toy, but my cat is afraid of it.
So I guess it's gonna be my cuddly mouse, lol 😆Photo: Can you believe it's mid April already?? 🙊🌷☀️Photo: Yet another attempt to take my life under control! 😀

#ItsGonnaWorkThisTime   #GettingThingsDone  Photo: I woke up this "morning", looked at the time - and it was 3 pm!!!
How did that happen? Still shocked! 🙀I think I fell through a time hole. 🕑
How's your Sunday going? Photo: #WaitingForFood 🍜🍝Photo: "Oh I don't know..." 😆Photo: Who loves Fridays?? 😜Photo: 😎Photo: "Save your advice 'cause I won't hear
You might be right but I don't care" 😝Photo: Why indeed? 😆

#sign #quote #whyPhoto: Have a great weekend! 😊Photo: Found a jasmine bush 😆#happy
(See how "hot" it is in July in Ireland? I'm wearing a jacket! ❄️)Photo: Happy #Caturday ! 😽Photo: Photo: Sending a signed photo to a fan in Finland. <3

#ilovemyfans   #MayEleven   #music   #musician  Photo: #tb to last year in Avignon. 🏰
#ThrowbackThursday Photo: Happy Monday! 😋Photo: "I'm not crazy. My reality is just different from yours". - Cheshire Cat 🐱Photo: Hello! 😎Photo: Gotta stay warm. 🍂🍁☕️

#coffee   #starbucks   #autumn  Photo: Who likes depressing weather? I do! Sometimes 😄

#autumn  Photo: It was a cold weekend, lol 😆❄️Photo: 💁🏻Photo: Hey! 😎Photo: Have a great week, everyone! 🌹Photo: Today the weather was pretty miserable, but a few days ago it was nice and sunny 🌞Photo: ☺️Photo: Don't forget to love 💖   #MondayMotivation  Photo: "I see Christmas on the horizon" 🎄
It's finally December! Yay! 🎉Photo: 🎄Photo: Photo: "Ugh... Monday" 😴Photo: Photo: My cat and I say hello and wish you a Merry Christmas! 🎄Photo: It was actually snowing a couple of days ago! 😲❄️Photo: Happy Valentine's Day! 💗Photo: Coffee & macaroons time! ☕️🍰Photo: 🌠Photo: Happy #LeapDay! 🌟
The photo is a #flashback to Leap Day 2012.Photo: So, how are you guys doing? ☺️Photo: Yesterday was a beautiful day! ☀️ Hope tomorrow will be just as nice! Enjoy your weekend! 😘Photo: 👋🏻Photo: Hope you're having a great week! 😙Photo: Muse concert last night! Super cool! 😍
#dronesTour #dublin #muse