Photo: Hello G+! Her is another update of my series "Triptychs of Strangers" where the goal is to “meet strangers - get to know them - take three personality-matching shots - make them one"

About this shot
Again, Soho in Hong Kong. I was looking for a specific place I wanted to return to. As I couldn't find the place I decided to ask locals to lead me the way. Our stranger was on a shipping spree with a friend and they really looked like they knew where they were going. The whole but short conversation was amazing and fun. "Anything else you like to know - We don't mind - Ask us anything" … But in this very moment I was quite satisfied with the directions so I moved on.

After a few minutes I realized that this was a quite stupid thing to do. Talking to them was cool and they sort offered me their lives. Damn, I really wasn't in this let's call it "stranger-on" mode. I described this feeling as a metamorphosis from being a nun to a whore (no offense) at a very early stage of this project. And after so many encounters of a triptic kind - I still feel a sense of insecurity whenever I start again. I often lose it after letting one or two interesting strangers passing by :-(

I was glad to have met them again one hour later.

About this stranger
Welcome Vinchee, everyone. 20 years old and a student of radio production (really don't know what that is). Vinchee lives in corner called Shueng shui, New Territories.

I would describe her as a very open, funny and willing person ... Especially because I practically shoot her twice. The first place was too busy and I didn't like the traffic in the background. After checking the pictures I asked her whether it would be possible to do it again somewhere else. You might recognize the small alley in the background we found - way better.

She likes fashion and loves to mix western fashion with rare to find cute individual elements. But she would never refer herself to Kawaii - a japanese term I learned about last year in Tokyo

Some more trivia: She is a fan of cosplay - at the last convention she wore a costume of Catwoman.

She also likes oil painting and reading novels. Novels like westside's Harry Potter or eastside's traditional Hong Kong novels.

Hong Kong speaking of which. She told me she is a girl from Hong Kong, but she is not a Hong Kong Girl ……………???……………. Yeah, that's exactly what I thought. But she explained it somehow like this: Imagine you met a girl. You both fall in love but after a while you feel being treated like a chinese dumpling … I mean you get dumped by her.

Well that's that a typical behavior for a Hong Kong Girl as soon as she knows you are as poor as a church mouse (german phrase) - she will leave you. Vinchee is not that kind of girl. But I really wonder why her relationship status is still complicated. Maybe this hints to that there are not enough guys in china who understand the obvious.

Or is china just smaller than we think?

So what's the thing in the middle. All I know is - I could never … Not even if they were fresh. Yes they are not .... "Century Egg is a Chinese cuisine ingredient made by preserving duck, chicken or quail eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, lime, and rice hulls for several weeks to several months, depending on the method of processing." > Yes, and she just bought those, also looking to forward to eat them soon. I was told she is totally in love with these sweet eggs how she described them.

A wonderful and long encounter. Thanks to Vinchee for her patience and a special thanks to her best friend Holman helping out with answers and questions.

Who else could our strangers #28 be than "The Century Egg loving Girl from Hong Kong"
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