124 Photos - Jan 2, 2012
Photo: 107-366 I believe...that courage and perseverance have a magical talisman ~ John Quincy AdamsPhoto: 105-366 "My Day Today"

I hope everyone had a very nice weekend!! 
About My Day:
I had breakfast.
I got ready for church.
(went walking to church)
I took pics after church on the way back home.
I went shopping for a few things at the grocery store.
My brothers, nieces, and my sister-in-law came over.
The guys grilled hamburgers.
We had "hawaiian hamburgers." They were delicious!
I photographed my nieces.
We also made a cake to celebrate my niece's birthday.
Then, everyone left and I cleaned up with my daughter!
p.s. This is the firs photo collage I use for this Self Portrait project. (all images in the collage were taken with my iPhone)Photo: 101-366 iPhone SP

I hope you guys are having a nice week!
Time goes by sooooo fast!! Today was one of those days when my iPhone camera was the best option to take today's SP. Thank you for stopping by :)
Have A Wonderful time!Photo: 100-366 "Clicking away"

I hope you had a nice day! 
I had a fun & busy day with my kids. Pretty soon you'll see what happened today :)
This image was taking during the evening, I used bounce flash from walls and ceiling using 2 of my SB800's and my pocket wizards plus my auto focus wireless remote control. I added a texture on PS .
Thank you for reading this :)Photo: 97-366 iPhone Self Portrait
Time went by super fast! grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc all that good stuff kept me busy! I wish EVERYONE a Happy Easter!Photo: 106-366 "Windy Day"

Thank you to those of you who helped me choose today's sp! :) How is everyone? 
Chicagoland Weather: Today has been a very windy day. I wanted to record the wind  in today's sp! 
For those that don't live in the area. Let me share with you that it gets very windy around here!!
Thank you for stopping by to check out this project! I'm wishing everyone a super, awesome & pleasant day!! :)

p.s. I'm "wishy washy" today I'm sorry I couldn't decide which sp will go to the project. I'm keeping this one! Thank you FB friends :)Photo: 104-366 On The Web

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend! 
Image: it was taken and edited with my phone.
I like to create some dramatic, movie like SP's . I like the effect on this one. If the resolution was higher that would be so awesome. 
Thank you for reading :) have a Super day!Photo: 103-366 Silhouette SPPhoto: 102-66 "Emotions"

Good afternoon from Chicagoland to everyone! :)
About image: I used available day light as many times before. 
As a photographer I love to photograph emotions, here I got inspired by a song, I leave it up to you to guess the emotion :)
Thank you as always for reading this short update!Photo: 99-366 A Nap Would Be Nice

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!!
I had an awesome time with family, had lots of food to eat, everyone came together at sister-in-law's house. Everyone made something. I made lasagna :)
About Me: I'm a little tired today. A nap would be nice right now. But there is to much to do! Maybe I con go to sleep earlier! (actually that doesn't happen to often) oh well.....
Thank you for reading this... zzzzz  :)Photo: 98-366 Me+A camera=4ever

Happy Easter Day to everyone! 
About the day: Today was a busy day! cooking, cleaning up, catching up with family and of course photographing! I'll post some photos from our Easter Day later on!
About image: the title says it all ;)
Thank you for stopping by! :)Photo: 96-366 "Visiting My Sister-in-Law"

Good evening to you!!  or morning... or afternoon!! :) what ever it is, I  hope is going great for you!!
About my day: Today we spent time with my Sister-in-law and her kids. We had a nice time!! 
The story behind this image: I did a photo shoot of my niece! that was pretty cool, because normally she is not into picture taking (maybe that's changing) so right after we were done with her pics. I set up my camera for my Self portrait. My niece wanted to help me so I set up the camera's settings and the spot where she needed to be to help me and she did the clicking. She says she loves to photograph, so who knows maybe will have a new photographer in the family soon!! :)
Big hugs to her for helping me with this image and for being an awesome model!! :) I'll post some of those pics later :)
Thank you for reading this!Photo: 95-366 "Sunglasses"

I hope everyone is doing very well!
About me: I've been a little bit busy with my family plus 2 of my nephews.
I had a chance to photograph my nephews. They're so cute and I love them. 
About this image: I found this sunglasses again, so I used them as a prop. 
About me again: I'm feeling a little tired today......
that's it for now! Thank you soooo much for reading this! Have a great day/night/evening!! :)Photo: Happy Wednesday to everybody!
Funny story: 2 of my nephews are spending some time with me! The oldest one thinks that I'm doing magic when I set up for self portraits! Because he can see the images on the back of the camera and no one is pressing the button. lol (he doesn't know that I'm triggering it remotely) so he gets a turn too for his own portrait, he calls it "Magic Trick" I will post his later!
Thank you for reading this!Photo: I hope you all had a very nice day! :)
About this image: "Mama Mia" is the special phrase for today. Today was kind of a long day, and to top it off I had 8 kids in the house at the same time! Oh boy..Photo: About you: I hope you had a great day!
The story behind this image: It seems that my daughter is turning into a comedian. My head and stomach were hurting due to so much laughter!
Thank you for reading this update! :)
p.s. the main prop here was supposed to be the sunglasses, before my daughter decided to humor me! lolPhoto: 91-366 "Palm Sunday"

About You: I hope you had a very nice weekend! :)
About Me & My Family: Today we celebrated Palm Sunday. The Cross I'm holding in this image was made by my older Son, I don't know how to make them, but I wanted to have some. My son learned how to make them from Youtube. He made plenty for all of us and also for relatives & friends. 
Chicagoland Weather Today: kind of cold
Thank you for reading this update and checking the project have an awesome week! :)Photo: 90-366 "Self Portrait"

About You: I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend
About Me: this is a sad look (I took this image during the moment) BUT I'm ok :)
Also I want to share that yesterday's image made it to EXPLORE on Flickr :)
About Chicago Weather: it feels a little bit cold
Other News: I didn't win the Mega lotto! :( lol  no big deal!! 
I had a quick Photo Shoot this afternoon will post some images a little bit later. 
Thank you for reading this and checking out my work! :)Photo: 89-366 Self Portrait

About You: I hope you are doing AWESOME!
News: You have to play the lotto today!! :)
Chicagoland Weather Now: cloudy
Thank you for checking out this project! :)Photo: 88-366 "Self Portrait"

I hope you guys are doing great! 
Me: Getting some work done
Chicagoland: Feeling like Spring (Sunny day)
Thank you for reading this and checking out this project :)Photo: 87-366 "Self Portrait"

Simple close up self portrait! :) I'm waiting for my Sister and my Nephews, I have not seen them recently. I can't wait to see how much her baby has grown! Chicagoland Weather: The day is nice and sunny!
Thank you for stopping by :)Photo: 86-366 "Attitude"

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are right."
~ Henry FordPhoto: 85-366 "Happiness Comes Within"

1. Change your thinking pattern
2. Think about the journey
3. Do less, feel more
4. Listen to yourself
5. Use positive thinking
6. Attitude is key
7. Stay in the moment
8. Ease up on yourself

more about this here <a href="http://abcn.ws/Ha0M13" rel="nofollow">abcn.ws/Ha0M13</a>Photo: 84-366 "Window Light"
Another busy day with Family. We went to Church & had company over. (Thank you SIS for everything) This image was taken by  window light. I love this spot.Photo: 83-366 "Come With Me"

This image was taken yesterday. I had a busy day. I had to run some errands with my Daughter so we got to spend some Mother/Daughter quality time. (Love you MAMA)

I hope you guys had a nice day too! Thank you for checking my project and reading this :)Photo: 82-366 "Vision"

A vision is not just a picture of what could be, it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more. 
- Rosabeth Moss KanterPhoto: 81-366 "Keeping Cool"

It is the beginning of Spring, but it feels like summertime. Fans need to be on! I love the summer like activity! but you can still see that it is only spring time on the trees and flowers. 
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a SUPER AWESOME day!! :)Photo: 80-366 "Into The Light"
I love to photograph using available day light!  I also love to get the reflection of the light source in the eyes. I know when I talk to my Photographer friends that everyone has a  favorite something. What do you like the most about photography? :)Photo: 79-366 "It feels like Summertime" 

I don't remember having this kind of weather during the month of March. It really feels like summertime. I'm sure some people used their air conditioners today. A glass of water with ice felt good, oh... we had a watermelon too just like we do during summertime! I wonder if the weather will stay this way, probably not but we're enjoying everyday!

Happy News: I'm happy to hear my Nina's Mom is doing better! :)Photo: 78-366 "Working"

You: I hope everyone is doing well!
Me:Getting some work done at my computer!
Chicagoland Weather: sunny morning, cloudy afternoon, sunny & beautiful  right now!
Family & Friends: Sending hugs and prayers for my Nina's FamilyPhoto: 77-366 "iPhone Portrait"

Image: Taken this morning with the iPhone
Chicago: The weather continues to be beautiful!
Sad News: Today was the wake for my Nina's Father. 
There wasa 2nd wake that we were not able to go to! (We are keeping them in our prayers too!)
We are praying that God gives all of them strength to go through these tough moments.Photo: 76-366 "Green"

Nature: = Green :)
Van: That's Green
My Top: That's green
green, green! to celebrate St. Patricks Day!

(Thinking about Grandpa Marvin, today would have been his Birthday)Photo: 75-366 "It's All About The Light" 
I love soft light! natural light! Lately the light has been much better, it is beautiful! nice and sunny! I hope the weather is nice for you too! :)Photo: 74-366 "It Feels Like Summer"

Chicagoland: It feels like summertime around here! The Weather is perfect!
Me: Having a headache again! 
About the image: This was taken in a park, I like the fence, not sure if you notice the huge sunglasses, my daughter says they're coming back in style! lol I said ok, I trust her and I wore them for this image! :)
You: I hope you are enjoying your day!!Photo: 73-366 Self portrait
This image was taken yesterday. The day went by super fast, I didn't have a chance to posted. I wanted to get some outdoor pics but the wireless remote control stopped working. ( It Needed a  new battery) so this was it for the day!  Personal News: I finally met 2 awesome people in person, my friend Joel from Adorama and the awesome Photographer Jasmine Star who came to Chicago with her Special Event the Fix!  That was pretty awesome!Photo: 72-366 "Headache"

Me: Having a headache today.
Chicago: Weather couldn't not be better! It's beautiful! nice and sunny! 
The sad news today is that my Nina lost her Father yesterday! :(Photo: 71-366 "Peeking in"

I hope everyone is doing well. First day of the week, everyone is back to their schedules. Chicagoland: Weather is beautiful, it feels like a Spring day again! I like that. :)
(Nina and Family you are in our prayers)Photo: 70-366 "Spring Day"

The weather is beautiful today in Chicagoland! We grilled for the first time this year, love that! Good day for an outdoor SP. This image was taken in the forest, there were so many people here, walking, playing and having picnics! I hope everyone is doing well!

(Thinking about my Nina)

Thanks for stopping by!Photo: 69-366 "iPhone Portrait"

Today went by pretty fast! Sad day for my Nina and her family! She has her Father in the Hospital, he is not doing well. I pray God gives them strength to go trough this tough times! God bless you all. We went to Church had many people to pray for!  My Brother was in the hospital too but he went back home! Also 2 of my Sisters-in-law where not feeling well! I hope both are feeling better today!! Sending all good wishes! Thank you for reading this! 

(No time for D700 SP today. This image was taken and edited with my iPhone)Photo: 68-366 Let The Light ShinePhoto: 67-366 "If You Believe"
in you!Photo: 66-366 "Windy Day"

I spent part of my day visiting a loved one in the Hospital! :(  Chicago News: It was a warmer day, but very windy. I don't know if all of you know, but they call Chicago the "Windy City." This portrait was created to show some of the wind going on.
Thank you for stopping by to check this project!Photo: 65-366 "Enjoying The Weather"

It's a beautiful sunny day in Chicagoland. A little bit windy but nice. Today I wanted an outdoor Self Portrait so I went to the forest. It was nice to get some fresh air and see deer and people enjoying this nice weather.
Enjoy your day and many thanks for stopping by! :)Photo: 64-366 iPhone Portrait

I took this image with the iPhone, I created a filter at the same time by putting a transparent ribbon onfront of the iPhone camera. I'm using my Daughter's favorite earrings. I used Clarity and the square crop option from the app Camera+ that's all I used to edit. I like it! I hope you like it too :D
Thank you for checking it out! :)Photo: 63-366 Life is a challenge, meet it. ~ Mother Theresa

I hope the weekend is going well for everyone! 
This image was taken with the  iPhone and edited with 3 different apps. I hope you like it! 
Thank you as always for checking out this project! :)Photo: 62-366 "I think about you"

This image was inspired by Thalia's song "Pienso En Ti"  Love the song and Thalia one of my favorite Singer and Actress.
The image was taken and edited with the iPhone and a little bit of PS. I hope you like it! :) Thank you for stopping by!!Photo: 61-366 Spot lights

I used an app from the iphone to edit this image. This photo was taken with my D700 camera. There are some pretty cool apps out there! 
I hope you like it! Thank you much for checking out this project!  Have an awesome weekend!! :)Photo: 60-366 "Back To My iPhone"
The day went by pretty fast! (faster then usual) I wanted to use my D700 but there was no time for it, so for today I'm back to my iPhone!

p.s.Today my friend Allan duplicated one of my images, please check it out! it made my day!! 
<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/allan_saw/6944790115/in/photostream">www.flickr.com/photos/allan_saw/6944790115/in/photostream</a>Photo: 59-366 "Thin Line"

It's amazing how there is a thin line between happiness and sadness. The day started nice. Good news from today, Auntie Olga who was in the Hospital finally went home. Bad news another loved one ended up in the Hospital. Please keep him in your prayers for a speedy recovery!!
Thank you for reading this and best wishes for you and your loved ones.Photo: 58-366 "If You Are Not Here"
Good afternoon! I hope you guys are having a nice day! Today's image was inspired by a Spanish song "Si tu no estas" I hope I interpreted the feeling of the song in this image. Thank you for checking out my work! :)Photo: 57-366 (My Version) "Enough"
This is my version of  the movie cover image  "Enough"  I have a lot of fun creating my own versions! Ok got the SP out of the way now back to do my daily work :D I hope you guys are having a great day. Thank you for checking out this project :)Photo: 56-366 "Calling Somebody"
The theme for today's Self Portrait came from my kids. Every weekend they call someone from the Family to see if they can come and visit! They love to party with the Family. I hope all of you are doing well!  Thank you for stopping by! :)Photo: 55-366 "Light"

We have all the light we need, we just need to put it in practice.
~ Albert PikePhoto: 54-366 Dibs on Parking Space

Dibs on parking space Chicago style :D
(This one is for you Fermin)
I would have taken the entire Kitchen :D but that was a little difficult :D but I took a table, chair and my cup of tea.
This should work to save the parking spot, right? Cheers!! :D
(It was fun to create this image, I wonder what people passing by were thinking! lol 
Have fun and enjoy the snow this might be the last one! :)
Thank you for stopping by to read this and have a fun day!Photo: 53-366 "Be Happy"
Have something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.  Quote ~Joseph AddisonPhoto: 52-366 "A smile"

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. ~ Quote by Phyllis DillerPhoto: 51-366 "Expressions"

Today is a "wishy-washy" day for my Self Portrait :D Do you know, what wishy washy means? lol 
I had 2 images, first I like one, then I changed my mind and like the 2nd one better then I like the first one better, then.......yeah! lol so the best thing to do is KEEP this one and that's it! :D 
Thank you for stopping by to read this and for checking out this project! :)
Have a very nice day!Photo: 50-366 Vintage Image From My iPhone

Today was a Family day! Went to Church, to eat and had some Driving time with my Daughter, (practicing her driving) Kids grow up so fast! 
I hope you guys are having a nice weekend! :)

(The Sun was right on my face on this image, that's the reason for the squinting)

Message to TINA :D (sorry today, there was no time for a D700  Self Portrait) Thank you SOOOOO much for checking out my project!!!Photo: 51-366 "Super"

The main thing in this image is the available day light! I love this spot and I love when the day is nice and sunny.  My prop here is my Daughter's pink Super Woman's cape. I think it's cute!

Family Update: Auntie Olga is in the Hospital :( I hope she gets out soon! 

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this.  I hope you are doing well.Photo: 49-366 "Pink Hoop Earring"

When I was a teenager, I loved to wear big hoop earrings! This one is my Daughter's. I don't wear big earrings anymore only for Self portraits. 
Thank you for stopping by! I wish you are having a great weekend!Photo: 48-366  "I Received Flowers"Photo: 46-366 "Rain"Photo: 47-366 "Thinking"Photo: 45-366 Thankful For Loved 1s AlwaysPhoto: 43-366 "Sunny Day"Photo: 44-366 "Peeking In"Photo: 42-366 "It's Cold In Chicagoland"
One of my favorite subjects to photograph is people. I especially like to photograph closeups. Today, I played with back lighting using only available light. This can be a little tricky sometimes. I love this project because I can experiment on my own and find out what would work better for other people as well as myself! I played with Photoshop too. A little bit of this and a little bit of that, that's an awesome way for me to learn something new everyday! I wanted this image to have a cold look because it describes our weather.
Thank you for stopping by and reading this! Enjoy your day. (:Photo: 41-366 "Cause Baby.."

Ok, I got attached to my D700 AGAIN! I can't help it! :) This image was inspired by a song! It is  supposed to show a little bit of attitude! I hope it does! (:
(this was created for a friend of mine, who loves this song) 
Thank you for stopping by and reading this! Have an awesome weekend! :DPhoto: 40-366 "D700 Portrait"

All images for this project up till now have been taken with my iPhone Camera, but I think my D700 was feeling left out :D and I think my iPhone needed a break too! so I made them both happy! :D

Thank you for stopping by and reading this! Have a great Thursday :)Photo: 39-366 "Today"

I hope everyone is doing well!
Just for fun, I want to share a funny story from me and my Daughter! She wanted to have a gorgeous hair do, today!! So last night we (me & her) spend a lot of time putting small rollers on her head! (I know she is picky with her hair, but any way, I still helped her. We went to sleep late and woke up very early. So we were excited to see the "Hair Do"!! and when we were done, we both knew that it was not going to work, her hair was so curly and kind of puffy, so we had to rush to brush the curls off, it was so funny!! (we needed bigger rollers, I think) we had lots of laughs! That's the story, it was better in reality! :D I'm not a good story teller  :/ 
Thanks for stopping by and reading this :) Have an awesome day!!Photo: 38-366 "Chicagoland Photographer" Hoping to hold a D800 pretty soon! :DPhoto: 37-366 "In The Closet"

 I don't have a pro- tripod at the moment for my iPhone but I make my own home made tripods to get the images with out me holding the phone. So I have a holder for my phone that has a clip, from the clip I put a string and on the string I put an S hook and  VOILA!!! I have a tripod :)  I can hang it easier from almost anywhere....I still have to practice my outdoor images with that kind of set up :)
Thank you for stopping by and reading this! Have an awesome day.Photo: 36-366 "Driving Mrs. Abigail " 
In the car going to my Sister's home to celebrate SuperBowl  XLVI, nice sunny day! I hope you are enjoying your day!! :)Photo: 34-366 "When I Look At You"Photo: 35-366 "Working on Computer"

The day went by pretty fast! by the time I took this image it was pretty late and the day light was gone. The light I'm using here is from my computer screen and some light from a lamp behind me. It seems to me that time is going faster but maybe that means that I'm getting older! lol 
I hope everyone is doing well, thank you so much for stopping by! :)Photo: 33-366 “Fall seven times. Stand up eight.”  ~ Japanese Proverb QuotePhoto: 32-366 "Illusions"Photo: 31-366 "Breaking News" Today was my Day! It was so awesome my Daughter in particular made this an unforgetable day! THANK YOU! love you SOOOO much! My Sister and her kids spend the day with us too! In this image you are seeing one of my Nephews! Sorry it is so grainy but the day went by so fast and I ended up taking my SP when it was darker, but I love it because my Nephew is it! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this :) Have an awesome evening!Photo: 30-366 "Dream & Envision" Today's was a busy day, it went by super fast! I did some quick SP's and this is the one I chose for the project. I used the app "Filter mania" the effect is call "Dream". Today has been a pretty cool day, thanks to many of you!! I appreciate the time you take to stop by my stream!! MANY THANKS :)Photo: 29-366 "Waiting" I had an awesome weekend! Today I went out with my Family and my Brothers. We went out to eat to one of our favorite Restaurants. It's not my Special Day yet, but I guess the celebration started early because of the weekend! :) I"M SO GRATEFUL for Family and friends!Thank you so much to YOU for stopping by and reading this! :)Photo: 28-366 "Spot Light" The spot light was on me today in my home! Family came and made this a very special day for me! Thank you guys for everything! You guys are SO awesome!! Celebration is starting early! :) Love you guys!! Thank you for stopping by and  checking this project. I hope you guys are having an awesome weekend!Photo: 27-366 "Look Ma, no hands"Photo: 26-366 "Portrait"Photo: 25-366 "Dramatic Look" I'm still testing different apps to see, which ones, I like better! :) I like the dramatic look in this image!Which photography apps, do you guys like?Photo: 24-366 "Focus On The Positive"Thank you so much to those of you who helped me pick today's SP for my #AHP366ddays2012 project :) You guys are awesome!! I found some pretty cool photography apps for the iphone. For this image I used PhotoToaster a pretty neat/cool app. Thank you for stopping by!! :)Photo: 23-366 "Self Portrait Closeup" I used a few different apps to come up with this image > Snapseed, Camera+ and  Pixlromatic those are some of my top favorites at the moment :) Thank you for stopping by! :)Photo: 22-366 "I believe"Photo: 21-366 #SelfPortraitPhoto: 20-366 "Broken Window" Love Filter Mania, Camera+ & Snapseed photography apps that helped come up with this image! :I hope you like it! What apps do you like?Thank you so much for stopping by my photostream I'm doing my best to create something different each day whenever possible! :) Have a great day!!Photo: 19-366 "Fear Less"Photo: 18-366 "Blacked Out"Photo: 17-366 My version of "White out" Inspired by the movie "White Out" sometimes I like to create my own versions of movie cover images :) I hope you like it. I'm enjoying my iphone's camera still! Thank you SO much for checking out this project!! :)Photo: 16-366 "I Have A Dream" And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. Remembering Martin Luther King JrPhoto: 15-366 "Torn between Giants & Packers" Giants plays against Packers today. My brother likes Giants (ok LOVEs them) and my Son LOVEs the Packers. We'll see who will be the happy one today!Photo: 14-366 "We have the key for our own happiness"Photo: 13-366 "The 13th"Today is Friday the 13th, I wanted to create a thriller like image for today's sp. HIGHLIGHT from our home,we are Celebrating a very happy event! Chicagoland NEWS it feels a little cold, most people finished their shoveling this morning! Thank you for stopping by! hoping all of you are having an awesome day!!Photo: 12-366 "Happy For My Sister" My Sister just got Engaged, I'm so happy for her! Congratulations!!! :)Photo: 11-366 "Feeling Disappointed today"Everyday is different, what to do? that is life!Photo: 10-366 "Restless on the inside"Photo: 9-366 "Everything rides on faith somehow" I'm Joyful and thankful to God for good news about my Mommy.Photo: 8-366 "Getting There" Busy day today! :) I spend the day at a Cheerleaders competition. I hope you guys enjoyed your day!Photo: 7-366 "Look ahead, that is where your future lies" ~ Ann Landers I wish everyone is doing well!! As you can see, I've been loving my iPhone's camera, because it's fast and convenient, sure it doesn't have the same quality as the pro-camera but it's still fun to use and it takes pics :D today's image was edit with Snapseed and Camera+ apps. I hope you like it! :) Thank you for stopping ny my photostream!!Photo: 6-366 "Waiting" What can you do while you wait? I guess a Self Portrait for a 366 days 2012 project! :D (about today) It was a beautiful day in Chicagoland, good enough to go for a walk! I hope everyone enjoyed their day!! Thank you Allan Saw  for helping me choose today's image! :)Photo: 5-366 My version of "Eagle Eye" Inspired by the movie cover image "Eagle Eye" Once again I used my iPhone's camera plus Camera+, Luminance and Collage apps. I hope you like it! :)Photo: 4-366 "Unstoppable" Inspired by the movie "Unstoppable" image taken with an iPhone. I used the app Camera+ and used Expired effect on it! I hope you guys like it! :)Photo: Photo: 1-366 "Looking Forward to an awesome New Year"Photo: 2-366 "Trying different iPhone apps"Photo: 108-366 Self PortraitPhoto: 109-366 Congenital Diaphragmatic Awareness

109-366 Congenital Diaphragmatic Awareness
Today, April 19th is Congenital Diaphragmatic Awareness Day!.
Today I had the honor to photograph the Chicago CHERUBS parade. I didn't know about Congenital Diaphragmatic until I met Neil Rubenstein (organizer of the Chicago parade, who is a father of a CDH survivor)  you can learn more about it at 
www.cdhsupport.org & www.SaveTheCherubs.org I'll post some images from the parade on FB soon
Thank you so much for reading

p.s this is my Self portrait of the dayPhoto: 110-366 Watching a movie

Happy weekend to everyone! :)
I was multitasking when I took this image! I though I would watch a movie with my son, but I changed my mind as soon as I've seen what it was a scary movie. I feel that I waste my time if I don't learn something positive  from a movie or if the movie is not a happy movie. So I watched the movie for a couple of minutes literally! 
So instead, I'm getting some work done and finishing preparing my gear to photograph a wedding this weekend.
Thank you for stopping by and have an awesome weekend!!Photo: 111-366 Sleep sounds good right now

(image taken last night)Photo: 112-366 "Sunday Evening" (image taken 4/22/2012)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!
Me: I had a chance to sleep a little bit later today, more hours of zzzz will be nice, but I'll catch up tonight.
About my day today: woke up to a nice breakfast made by my son.
I cleaned my kitchen!
AND then,, I had an awesome photo shoot with a georgeous teenager! of course I will post pictures from it.
Thank you so much for taking time to read this short update. I wish you a very nice week!!
p.s I didn't have my tripod by me, so my daughter helped out with this image. (Thank you, chula)Photo: 113-366 "On The Go"
Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a nice weekend! :)Photo: 114-366 "Frustration"

Frustration that's what I feel today!
I wonder if there is an app to help with that! lol
I hope everyone is having a great day and thank you for stopping by :)

(Self portrait taken with my iPhone camera)Photo: 115-366 "Self Portrait"

I hope your day day is going well!
Mine is going good!! .......TINA ***T*H*A*N*K*****Y*O*U*** you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!Photo: 116-366 "This Hat" (4-26-12)
I hope every1 is doing great!!
Today was an errands day, I guess!
I had no ideas for today's SP
I saw this hat and decided to use it, anyway the ONLY reason I got it in the first place was for this project!
(disclaimer) I don't use hats in my daily life!
Thank you for reading! Have a great day/night!Photo: 117-366 "It's a Little Cloudy In My Heart Today" (4-27-12)

I hope everyone is doing great!
Me: Like the title says it, it's a little cloudy in my heart!
(disclaimer) My project has been going on everyday of this year so like everyone else not everyday will be great that's part of life!  
Wishing your day is going GREAT :)Photo: 118-366 Waiting For Sunshine (4-28-12)

I hope I see it tomorrow! :)
Today was not a nice day from beginning to end!!Photo: 119-366 A New Hat :D (4-29-12) I hope everyone had an awesome day!!
I had a very nice day. I went to church and my Brother and his family came over afterwards. We had quality time, nice meal and lots of "Chillexing" :D The boys watched a movie and I photographed the girls! 
I hope you guys had a nice day too!! :)Photo: 120-366 Inspired by the movie cover "Unknown" (4-30-12)

I hope everyone is doing well!
Weather News: it has been cloudy with a little bit of  rain.
News at home: My youngest one, was not feeling well today and came home early.
He was kind of sad because he has gone to school every single day and today he broke his record! lol 
About image: iPhone camera was the best choice today! I got inspired by cover image from the movie "Unknown" 
(Disclaimer) I have not seen the movie yet! 
Thank you for stopping by!! Have a nice day!!Photo: 121-366 B&W Self Portrait (5-01-12)

Good afternoon to **EVERYONE** I hope you guys are having a pretty nice day :)
I'm sooo happy! I'll see my parents tomorrow!  I haven't seen them for a long time!!
I'm anxious to see them again. I'm feeling like a kid!! My Mother-in-law will be here too!
AND I can't wait to photograph them all! OK ...I think maybe you can tell I"m excited.
Thanks for stopping by :) Have a super awesome day!!Photo: 122-366 Joy :) (5-02-12)
I love spending time with family!!Photo: 123-366 Creating Memories (5-03-12)

These days are extra special because my parents are around. In a few days, I'll look back and remember these moments with a smile! 
I hope everyone is doing well!
(image taken with my iPhone yesterday)