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Barber Shop21000 Southbank St, Sterling, VA(703) 430-3434
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Kevin Ford reviewed 4 years ago
- As the other reviewers have said. great haircut, great price at only 15 bucks, clean comfortable environment. etc. be aware however, they only take cash.
Tire Shop23035 Douglas Ct, Sterling, VA(571) 323-8114
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Kevin Ford reviewed a year ago
Quality Good Appeal Good Service Good - This is a small shop, cash only, USED TIRES. This is not where you take your high end car for high end service. this is where you go to save money on some tires that will pass inspection. You might get mismatched tires, you might get tires that have been plugged. It is cheap for a reason, but if you're tight on cash, and need some safe tires on your car in a hurry, this place is worthwhile. 50 bucks per tire, installed. Not the best balance job AT ALL, however, that said the tires i bought are notorious for going out of balance. You get what you pay for, as I like to say to my own customers at my job: "You buy it nice, or you buy it twice."
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