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Greek Restaurant210 E Main St, Los Gatos, CA(408) 354-7700$$$
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Eric Cattell reviewed a year ago
Food Excellent Decor Excellent Service Excellent - When I was trying to convince my finance (who is a professional chef) to move to leave the city and move to the south bay, this was the hotel and restaurant that did it. We've now moved to Los Gatos and since moving here we've already been back several times. Each time with similar experiences. We ordered the Spanakotiropita, Moussakas, Pork Riblets and several other dishes, all were well prepared and presented. The ambiance is great. And the service is exceptional.
Motorcycle Repair Shop162 Clara St, San Francisco, CA(415) 777-3845
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Eric Cattell reviewed 6 years ago
- My FI light came on after reading pretty aggressively for a few months on my 06 ZX6R. I took it to two shops who couldn't figure out what was wrong. They reset the light, charged me a fortune, and it came back on a few days later. Ohanlon realized it was an actuator in the exhaust system - a part that none of the diagnostic codes pointed to. Turns out the part was only 90 bucks (a fraction of what I had been previously charged), and he was really good about labor charges. The guy helping me also went out of his way to research a good set of track tires for the bike and sent me a bunch of reviews. Way above and beyond what I was expecting when I said "I'm not really sure what set I want - what do you recommend". And last, but not least, I had stopped by a few months earlier because I lost a bolt off my gas tank (I have no idea how), the guys totally helped me out and refused to take any money. In the motorcycle world I'm used to spending 20 bucks for a fricken bolt...nice to have some generous and helpful people still.
Hair Salon531 S Ann St, Baltimore, MD(410) 675-1622
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Eric Cattell reviewed 2 years ago
- They handed me a beer when I walked in, used a razor on my neck, did a perfect job with my haircut and chrged 1/3 of what I'm use to spending.
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