French Restaurant3600 Las Vegas Blvd Overpass, Las Vegas, NV(702) 693-8105$$$$
Mark Abernathy reviewed a year ago
Food Excellent Decor Excellent Service Excellent - Best restaurant we hit in Vegas. Great cuisine and wine list (drank way too much.) I love it that you can still get foie gras in Vegas!!! Sit near the window to see the Bellagio fountains and go for the chefs tasting menu. It is worth it.
Medical Center3281 S Highland Dr #806, Las Vegas, NV(702) 749-3300
Mark Abernathy reviewed a year ago
Quality Excellent - After a 3 day bender in Vegas, my buddies and I crawled out of our room and made it over to Hangover Heaven. My best friend was so bad, they had to pull over for him to "relieve" himself out the side of the van. What a spectacle! We had a 9 hour trip back to NY with 2 hour layover. I really thought we were going to miss our flight because of Jeremy. Does a vomit bag count in the 4 oz of liquid that TSA lets through??? At any rate, they got the IV's in with no problem. Jeremy was tuned up and feeling way better in about an hour. If you are thinking about doing it, you definitely should. Clinic was straight, right off the Strip. I would have liked to check out the bus, but it was Monday and they only run it on the weekends. Oh well, maybe next time.
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