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Wholesale Bakery187 Main St, Ridgefield Park, NJ(201) 641-1654
Kurt Dzibela reviewed 3 years ago
- Beware of Pricing -- My fiancee and myself went to this bakery as part of a package deal similiar to one of the previously placed reviews and while the cakes on display were nice you could tell right off the bat that this place makes some money with the mohoghany displays and granite desks. It didn't take too long to realize how. Basically, my fiancee had a picture of the cake that she wanted and in discussing with the very helpful sale woman she stated this should be fine and probably would be an extra $150-200 for the design. We thought great this was a lot easier than I thought the experience would be. Well when she checked with the owner she came back and re-qouted us at $7-8 per head. For a 200 person wedding that is 1400 -1600 on a cake that we already have included with our venue! We balked at the pricing as we are paying for things ourselves with little support from our parents, she wound up going with her second choice which was still $500 extra but we didn't want to deal anymore and just paid in full. Just to note we are by no means cheap or frugal people and are having our wedding at a well known higher end place but when a bakery is asking $8 a head for a slice of cake in upgrades (not including the already paid for portion) they have lost their senses. I go to some of the best resturuants and eateries in the city for my work and they don't even have the nerve to do that. I feel that the cake boss shows and all the publicity has made the business of being a bakery a very lucrative one but once the hype is over there will be no loyal customer base to fall back on. Just beware of pricing, I hope everything works out with the cake we ordered.
Kurt Dzibela reviewed a year ago
Quality Excellent - I have been a patient of Atlantic Dental for roughly 10 years now and I can honestly say I have never been to a dental office with a more professional and genuine staff. You really walk in and know you are in good hands leaving fully satisfied which is tough to say about any business in today's world. Although my experience there has only consisted of routine cleanings and a couple of cavities, the office definitely removes the stigma of being afraid to go to the dentist. All of the procedures I have gone through have gone off without a hitch and did not even hurt. I would highly recommend Dr, Thomas Bench and Dr. Tavares along with their helpful and professional hygienists, assistants and front office. I have and without hesitation will continue to recommend this dental office to any friends and family in the area.
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