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Dean Marsden reviewed a year ago
Quality Very good Facilities Very good Service Excellent - The Da Vinci hotel in Eastbourne is a great value place to stay in a great location. The staff were excellent, I enjoyed my stay there. The rooms were furnished well, they even had a DVD player so take your movies or borrow some from the hotel DVD library! The breakfast was nice too. The only couple of negatives I would say is that our room wasn't particularly 'cosy', the furniture is a bit show home and the heating was just an electric fire, but it should make a nice stay on a hot summers day. If its a windy day (as it typically is in Eastbourne) be prepared for some window rattle as the sash windows are part of the listed buildings regulation and can't be replaced. I would highly recommend this hotel to others and it's a nice break from the normal hotel styles with its Art themed rooms and public areas.
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Dean Marsden reviewed 2 years ago
Quality Excellent - The food is fantastic quality, good portions and the restaurant is clean, comfortable and relaxing. A word of warning: food is very hot and spicy - good for those who like it, for those that don't, stick to meals without a chilli rating!
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