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Apartment Building9950 Pointe S Dr, Sappington, MO(314) 843-7336
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James Scaggs reviewed 3 years ago
- Ok, I've read all of the negative reviews and I am actually very mindful of online reviews as a consumer. That's why I'm taking the time to write this positive review. The property managers at South Pointe, Abigail and Cindy, have been very easy to deal with and flexible/reasonable in handling my requests in a timely manner. I had issues with my application approval and they went above and beyond to work with me to make sure I got approved. Even when there was a misunderstanding about a payment I had made they didn't blame shift and sided favorably with me. I feel like they appreciate me and that's why I'm writing. I'm happy here and it's an incredibly convenient location for me. Hope this helps someone!
Attorney335 Centennial Way, Tustin, CA(800) 738-3353
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James Scaggs reviewed a year ago
Quality Excellent - I called for the free consultation and Heather was extremely helpful. If you are looking for some sound counsel on employment issues give these people a call. Nothing high pressure and the advice was clear and detailed so I felt confident in my decision. Thanks!
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