Department Store375 18th St, Atlanta, GA(678) 954-4265$$
Kayla Brookshire reviewed a year ago
Quality Poor to fair Appeal Poor to fair Service Poor to fair - I had an extremely abysmal experience shopping at this particular target location. I have used coupons for quite some time, and I am familiar with the target coupon policy, which allows 1 manufacturer coupon and 1 target coupon for each item purchased. It seems as though the employees (at least on the night shift, which is VERY understaffed) are not aware of the Target coupon policy. I was treated disrespectfully by the customer service rep, whose attitude seemed to imply that I was doing something wrong by wasting his valuable time using coupons. I was handed several back that they refused to use without even attempting to scan them, which resulted in me not purchasing that item. This is not the first time that this target location has given me problems with legitimate coupon use (I can recall at least several other recent incidents). The trip was a waste of my time, I walked away feeling embarrassed and mistreated. I would rather drive 20 minutes to a friendlier target location with more experienced employees.
Sushi Restaurant1080 Peachtree Street, Suite 8, Atlanta, GA(404) 267-0114$$
Kayla Brookshire reviewed 9 months ago
- I really used to like this place... I revisited today 10/1 and had a very unpleasant experience. Waitstaff was extremely unattentive. Sushi took 45 minutes to arrive after ordering, server never reappeared to give a refill or offer an explanation during this time. The bar area was open allowing several gnats to swarm around the sushi. Quite unappealing and now I have to find a new sushi place :(
Southern Restaurant (US)999 Peachtree St NE #140, Atlanta, GA(404) 541-1105$$
Kayla Brookshire reviewed 2 years ago
- Excellent pork belly appetizer, duck entree, and dessert. Received the wrong dish at first, but this was corrected without any fuss.
Spanish Restaurant121 Sycamore St, Decatur, GA(404) 371-8800$$
Kayla Brookshire reviewed 5 months ago
Japanese Steakhouse229 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA(404) 522-9629$$
Kayla Brookshire reviewed 2 years ago
Food Good Decor Poor to fair Service Good - The food was pretty good and you get huge portions here, but the hole-in-the-mall location isn't very nice. Also, my husband ordered one of the dinner specials that supposedly included hot green tea. We weren't offered this, and my husband had to specifically request it. The main website suggests that Benihana has a happy hour, and Yelp indicated that this particular location had happy hour Mon-Thurs 5-7pm, but when I inquired about a happy hour menu, I got a baffled response from the host/server who didn't know anything about its existence. The Buckhead area location is a bit nicer, and as far as the area goes, Doc Cheys is not hibachi, but for asian food is much better for the price!!!
Butcher Shop4969 Roswell Rd #215, Atlanta, GA(404) 303-0704
Kayla Brookshire reviewed 4 months ago
- I really love the fresh items at the New York Butcher Shoppe. They have great porterhouse steaks, bone in ribeyes, brisket, chicken wings, and kurobuta pork chops. The employees are always friendly and helpful. They will season everything you buy. We like getting the lemon pepper seasoning on the chicken wings. There is also a rewards program, which helps out when you are buying higher end meats (can be expensive, but so worth it!).
Asian Restaurant440 E Clayton St, Athens, GA(706) 227-9339$$
Kayla Brookshire reviewed a year ago
Food Good Decor Poor to fair Service Good - We had been once before and received good food, but on my last visit the bathroom had several roaches crawling around. If they're in the bathroom... Anyhow, I take special precautions when I am eating uncooked food. So I left and did not eat, and will not be back.
Bed & Breakfast9420 Georgia 52, Chatsworth, GA(706) 517-8810
Kayla Brookshire reviewed a year ago
Quality Very good Facilities Excellent Service Excellent - We enjoyed our stay in the celestial suite at the overlook inn. I recommend staying on a Saturday night to take advantage of the most Overlook Inn has to offer. They have a tasty cheese and wine selection and candlelight dessert service that we immensely enjoyed. The celestial suite is comfortable and cozy. The jacuzzi bath for two and the huge shower was well worth the upgrade in my opinion. We enjoyed an excellent Italian dinner at Charlie's in Ellijay, recommended by the staff. The breakfast room and library has stunning views, and we had a delightful breakfast of juice, fruit, eggs benedict, and diced potatoes. We would like to stay again sometime.
Cosmetic Dentist1325 Satellite Blvd NW #1304, Suwanee, GA(770) 497-9111
Kayla Brookshire reviewed 4 months ago
Beauty Salon929 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA(404) 266-8647
Kayla Brookshire reviewed a year ago
Quality Very good - I purchased a Scoutmob certificate to receive hair services at James Madison Salon. The location is extremely convenient to the downtown universities. I had been super busy for a few months and my previous vibrant red hair color had faded to a golden red. Before now, I also traveled pretty far back home to have my hair done and I have been searching for a closer place. Madison did an excellent job on my hair color! Reds in many different shades, very similar to the concept in the picture I brought in. She also did a glaze on my hair to protect the color from fading. "E" (Eric) did my cut. It was very modern and edgy. I kept getting compliments on it on the way home. Everyone was very nice, no unexpected charges, and I would be happy to recommend James Madison Salon to anyone.
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