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Mexican Restaurant106 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA(215) 546-7100
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Matt Shanaman reviewed a year ago
Food Very good Decor Good Service Very good - I think pretentious is the best word for the place. Don't get me wrong, the food was great and the service was also very good, but all the little things they did to make themselves seem so exclusive are a turn off to me. Let's start with cash only. Even I could download an app on my phone to accept a credit card at a yard sale. Unneeded and inconvenient for the prices that they charge. Now for the $18 minimum per person. This is a straight racket and they know it. Granted that all of their entrees are over $18, but we had a group of 5 with three of us who wanted to try the place out and 2 of us who weren't entirely hungry. The non-hungry ones would have liked to settle for a cheaper appetizer, but that is illegal under Lolita law. Again, pretentious for the sake of being so. Lastly, the 20% automatic gratuity for parties of FIVE OR MORE. FIVE? Really? FIVE? Good lord, they act like 5 are hard to serve! This rule should never be instated unless the party is 8 or more and even then no more than an automatic 18%. The sense of entitlement for a tip really needs to go away. The only other gripe I have is that the seating was cramped. I'd like to reinstate the food and service were really rather good, but the things that I listed above just gave the impression of the place being snooty, and I really don't have too much of a desire to go back. To sum up: great food, great service, pretentious.
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