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Apartment Building10963 Richards Ct, Shawnee Mission, KS(913) 469-5449
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Jo Rutherford reviewed a year ago
Quality Excellent - I have lived in the townhouses for almost 2 years now and I have never lived anywhere nicer. Friendly staff that basically leave you alone, attentive maintenance. They give you plenty of warning when they need to enter your home. It is pretty cheap for the area and as a 27 year old woman living alone I really feel safe here. You will not find another townhouse at this price with this much space in this area. They keep the property looking very classy, even blow leaves away after they pile up on the grass. There is so much space in the townhouses, even a basement and I never hear the neighbors who have been very friendly. I am shocked to see so many angry reviews when I have had such a pleasant time living here. I imagine as long as you are respectful of your neighbors and the property and its owners and pay your rent on time you shouldn't have any problems living here. It doesn't feel like an apartment, but it still feels like a community with people out on their porches on nice days and others walking their dogs. My neighbor and I decorated this year for Halloween and sat on our porch together and passed out candy. Obviously not everyone has the same experience, but if you are a nice respectful person looking for a nice quiet community, this is the place.
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