Shahana Ely's places

Extended Stay Hotel7230 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV(702) 939-9000
Shahana Ely reviewed 2 years ago
- Very nice place. Only disappointment was internet service was slower than dial-up!
Dental Clinic4408 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV(702) 731-5700
Shahana Ely reviewed a year ago
Quality Poor to fair - They won't give me my dental records and x-rays. I moved out of town to another dentist, new dentist requested my dental records and x-rays from them numerous times. They ignored all requests. I asked for my records in person before I moved and they said, "Two weeks," but they never sent them. Scam place that recommends unnecessary dental work until your insurance is maxed out. They recommended a lot of dental work just before I moved, which I believe is why they won't release the full set of x-rays they took and my records showing what they recommended be done, because it proves they are a scam place. I ultimately had to have all the x-rays taken all over again at my new dentist.
Shahana Ely reviewed a year ago
Quality Excellent - Very soothing atmosphere. Dr. Naval is highly competent and easy to talk with. I highly recommend her.
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