Electronics Store1275 Powers Ferry Rd SE #50, Marietta, GA(770) 859-1540
Gelisa Longmire reviewed 2 months ago
- I have never been treated so poorly ANYWHERE! I've had to use this store once before in a bind and refrained from saying anything about the poor service then. Again, I am in a bind and have been trying to get someone on the phone for 3 hours. Anytime I DO reach someone, the phone conveniently disconnects. SOMEONE should be able to answer the phone there. The store is unorganized and the employees are BEYOND rude!
Musical Instrument Store2999 Cobb Pkwy, Atlanta, GA(770) 818-0042
Gelisa Longmire reviewed 3 months ago
- The store is actually great. It's got a great assortment of quality instruments, they offer classes, and the actual electronic music equipment selection is great. Probably better than any music store in the area. The staff, however, needs some lessons in good customer service.They are knowledgeable, yet incredibly rude and have a demeaning attitude. God forbid you ask a question about something. They seem frustrated answering questions and have a very "snobbish-you-should-know-this-already" attitude. I'd rather shop online than deal with the store's employees. I love this store if there is something that I need to pick up quickly and don't have time for it to ship, but I would SO much rather shop online. It seems as though I ALWAYS leave there in a bad mood if I have to deal with anyone.
Apartments1557 Terrell Mill Rd, Marietta, GA(770) 952-3885
Gelisa Longmire reviewed 2 years ago
- Never had any major problems living here. The staff is very friendly and maintainence is very prompt, thorough, and polite.
Gelisa Longmire reviewed 8 months ago
- Absolutely ridiculous service! I understand that things happen. Orders may get confused, drinks may spill, whatever, but the service here is horrific! The workers are RUDE and disrespectful to customers. Someone needs to retrain all the workers here... and teach them to smile while you're at it!
Gelisa Longmire reviewed 8 months ago
- I'm surprised at the 5 stars that this place keeps getting. I would assume staff or managers or family of them, but realistically... Excluding the fact that the wings typically come in different sizes, the food is ok. Nothing special, but good. The delivery is tolerable. My food has been cold a few times and they don't stick with the given time frame, and items have been forgotten a good number of times. The staff is HORRIFIC! They are extremely rude and have zero politeness in their customer service. I stopped eating here for this reason. All in all, they are *okay* The food is good, but between the late delivery and GOD AWFUL customer service, I'd rather pay more for timely hot food and great customer service than bad customer service and ok food that takes too long to deliver and I have to reheat.
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