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Pablo Cáceres reviewed a year ago
Food Very good Decor Very good Service Poor to fair - I was there with a some family not too long ago to order some sandwiches. It was incredibly crowded and loud so it was hard to hear anything over the commotion. So when some Filipino lookin chump behind the deli counter started quickly rambling order numbers out, he didn't see or hear me when I answered to give my order. I had to cut in front of someone to put in my order which made me look like a jackass. He then had the nerve to cop an attitude with me too. He's lucky I didn't chew him out and ask to speak to his manager. I've worked food and customer service jobs for decades and I know how frantic it can get when it's the lunch hour. Yet I managed to give my customer's patience and respect. This is Santa Monica not New York so that high strung punk attitude doesn't fly with me. And to make things even worse the sandwiches we mediocre. Needless to say my family and I won't be eating here again and I will be sure to tell my friends not to either.
Embroidery Shop244 Segler Dr, Oak Grove, KY(270) 439-1515
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Pablo Cáceres reviewed 2 months ago
- Homophobic idiots. I give you a couple years before your business closes.
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