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Extended Stay Hotel1221 5th Ave S, Naples, FL(239) 649-5800
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Shane Shirley reviewed a year ago
Quality Poor to fair Facilities Good Service Poor to fair - My daughter and I stayed at the Inn for a Lacrosse tournament and the tournament ended early. We decided to stay for the entire two nights as I booked but upon talking to my husband who was at home, I decided it would be better to go home. Apparently the hotel has a cancellation policy of 3 days or you pay for the entire stay. I was not told of the policy upon making my reservation (which was a group rate) nor when I asked if it would be a problem if I checked out early. In fact, the person at the front desk I talked with even said, "No problem." The only problem is that a week later I was charged the full price for my stay. I called three times and got no response and when I Facebooked their hotel, I got a response that basically said too bad, buyer beware. Never offered to meet me half way and never offered any word to me of learning from my bad experience and of changing their checkout procedures to insure nobody else is hit with a charge they had not been told about.They never returned any of my emails.Stay away and stay at a chain or a hotel that is nicer all the way around from facilities to customer service. This place reminds me of a really old hotel that can't quite get rid of the old look and smell even with some renovations. Like putting lipstick on a pig. Doesn't quite work.
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