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Il Stritch reviewed 2 years ago
- This review is for the banquet hall buffet for Thankgsiving dinner - it's not the Vista Grill restaurant. The food is DELICIOUS - ham, turkey, roast beef, chicken cordon bleu and lots of sides and desserts. The service is just OK. The glasses they give you aren't real big so you go thru your drink (tea or soda) pretty quick, and our waitress didn't come by often. They didn't have straws. How do you not have straws? Had to use a stirrer.
Spa Resort315 Bridge St, Hot Springs, NC(828) 622-7676
Il Stritch reviewed 3 years ago
- I don't know what people are expecting, but this is indeed an oasis in the mountains. We did not stay overnight, just went in the mineral water jacuzzi and then got a massage. Trip, the masseuse, was incredible and knew how to deal with my shoulder impingement. I was afraid the jacuzzi would be too hot but it was perfect. The prices are very reasonable. Great way to spend a day....go to Iron Horse for lunch or dinner!
Il Stritch reviewed 2 years ago
- We enjoyed our meals but it may depend on what you order. I had a grilled cheese and ham sandwich and hubby had southern buttermilk chicken dinner. The fries are delicious. Sodas come in Mason jars. They give you 2 HUGE biscuits as an appetizer with an interesting apple butter. Only issue was my sandwich was $1 more on the bill than what it said on the menu. Don't know why, the menu said it came with everything I got.
Steak House950 Volunteer Landing Ln, Knoxville, TN(865) 546-4696$$$
Il Stritch reviewed 4 years ago
- This was our first visit to a Ruth's Chris, and it was our anniversary. We did get a bit of special treatment, sometime we'll have to go back as "regulars." Everything we ate was SOOOOOO delicious. Steak that melts in your mouth; soup that I would have been happy to have as my meal, it was so good (tomato & crab). This was the first time our server thanked us more than we thanked her! (I guess they are told to do that).
Corporate Campus150 W Church Ave, Maryville, TN(865) 379-5700$$
Il Stritch reviewed 4 years ago
- this is the corporate office
Movie Theater510 S Gay St, Knoxville, TN(865) 522-5160
Il Stritch reviewed 2 years ago
- WAY TO GO MANAGEMENT. ONE HOUR BEFORE OUR MOVIE WAS GOING TO START, THEY CANCELLED IT. People make f**king plans around movies you know. Oh, the Twilight movie is much more popular, so we're going to cancel this other movie and show Twilight instead. GREAT PLANNING AHEAD. I AM NOT GOING BACK HERE.
Dessert Restaurant78 N Market St, Charleston, SC(843) 853-8270$
Il Stritch reviewed 2 years ago
- My husband got a mocha raspberry hot coffee and I got a specialty milkshake - chocolate, coffee and Baileys. Both were SOOOOOOOOOOOO good, I wished I could have 2 more. The desserts were very good, however mine was much too rich. I got a piece of cookie dough pie but it didn't taste like cookie dough, just chocolate. That was a bummer so I would have to try something else next time. Our waiter Damon was delightful. A wonderful person. Only other issue is that there is no printed dessert menu, so you have to stand at the counter looking at the unlabeled cakes/pies and it can be hard to ask questions about items when you're fighting for attention amongst the walk-ins buying something to go. Not very organized.
Hospital2018 Western Ave, Knoxville, TN(865) 544-0406
Il Stritch reviewed 5 years ago
- Gee, let's see, they make you wait an hour for a half-hour appt, don't even apologize for it, keep you on hold on the phone for 15 minutes every time you call. I cancelled my appt and found another therapist's office that actually honors the appts they make.
Pizza Restaurant3132 E Magnolia Ave, Knoxville, TN(865) 524-4388$$
Il Stritch reviewed 3 years ago
Mexican Restaurant29 S Marietta Pky Se, Marietta, GA 30064(770) 427-0055$
Il Stritch reviewed a year ago
Food Good Decor Excellent Service Very good - I wish I'd ordered something else, I got the chicken de todo burrito which was stuffed with chicken, rice and beans. That combination just tasted like bland mush. The description made it sound better. It said it came with salsa (I thought mixed inside, or on top) but it didn't. My husband had 3 enchiladas and it wasn't as good as the place we go to at home. The service was very good, our waiter was great for a Mexican place (usually they don't even smile). Drinks are normal size, not "huge." You want a huge drink, go to the Marietta diner. Everyone says how loud this place is, it is loud but not so bad you can't hear the person next to you. Really depends how close you sit to the bar. What I find odd is they have 2 salsas, mild and hot, and when they seat you they give you hot. They should ask first cause many people can't handle hot. It was just right for me though!
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