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Comic Book Store2901 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO(303) 333-8616
Cliff Jackson reviewed 2 years ago
Quality Excellent Appeal Excellent Service Excellent - I started going to All in a Dream shortly after Highlander closed. I've been to a lot of shops over the years, and even worked in one for five years, but All in a Dream is my hands down favorite. I've read the negative reviews, and find them amusing, since I've been in the store for some of them. Ray, the owner, does not suffer fools gladly. His shop is located on Colfax, so he see's more than his fare share of undesirable customers. If you go in and are respectful of the man and his shop, he is amazing. If you go in acting like your patronage is a blessing, then prepare to be reminded that business reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. That being said, the selection of trades is truly overwhelming, and dangerous to my wallet. Ray is one of the most knowledgeable shop owners I've ever met, and also a delight to talk to about things besides comics. The shop is also welcoming to women, according to the numerous female friends of mine who have become customers over the years, as well as my wife's fondness of the store and Ray. All in a Dream is the kind of shop I always dreamed of finding, and I am so glad that I did.
Apartment Building1325 Garfield St, Denver, CO(303) 331-8303
Cliff Jackson reviewed 2 years ago
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