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Northern Italian Restaurant75 Arlington St, Boston, MA(617) 357-4810$$$
Jean Kim reviewed a year ago
Food Poor to fair Decor Good Service Poor to fair - Not worth it when there are a zillion other places nearby that are better! If you thought Durgin Park was known for having bad service and rude wait staff - you are sadly mistaken as Davios is on that list. Maybe with enough drinks bald old waiters (who work the bar area) can come across funny with their SURLY attitudes but not this night. With no room at the bar, we sat at the lounge tables and waited over 20 mins for someone to drop a drink menu or at least say hi but nothing. No bald old waiter in site - so we ordered drinks at the bar and waited for the bar menu. Finally he shows up and says 'really no need to get a drink at the bar' in a SURLY tone. I actually apologized and figured we would have at least another drink/food and leave him a nice tip. He comes back with menus and says nothing - never comes back to take our order so we order food at the bar. We wait and wait while another 30 mins pass and bald old waiter comes with plates/napkins and still no word from him. I wish this experience was better as I work in the neighborhood and have had many dinner functions there but NEVER EVER AGAIN!
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