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Enter the dragons!

"The dragonfly has been a subject of intrigue in every single continent it is found in, and with each civilization, has developed a unique meaning to it, its behavior and its lifestyle.

The word Dragonfly and the family it belongs to, Odonata, have evolved from the many myths associated with Dragonflies and their taxonomic cousins, the Damselflies. The word Dragonfly has its source in the myth that Dragonflies were once Dragons.

The family name Odonata comes from the Greek word for tooth as Odonates were believed to have teeth, it is a verified fact now that while they don’t have ‘teeth’ per say, they have strong mandibles that they use to crush their prey."

- See more at:

#dragonfly #insects #insectphotography #naturephotography #nature #canon #macrophotography #macro #macroaddict #hqspmacro #btpmacropro #canonphotography #macroinsingapore #singapore 
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Natasha R

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Here is a recipe for Gai Lan (Chinese Broccoli) with Toasted Garlic
Darker, leafier, and more slender-stemmed than Western broccoli, gai lan is nonetheless a cousin in the Brassica family, which also includes most cabbages, cauliflower, mustard greens, and bok choy. It’s worth seeking out in Asian grocery markets, but if you can’t find it, this recipe will work just as well with regular broccoli or broccoli raab.

Recipe link >>>

For Recipes with a great #Taste
#BestRecipes #Healthy #Yummy #Cooking
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+gaz zelle
Could you leave a comment/review on the recipe pages afterwards - it helps others determine if they would like to try the recipes also - good luck, this is a lovely sidedish
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Thomas Dyer.

Steam Trains  - 
Moorland Departure,Black 5 No 45157 Glasgow Highlander departs Goathland station on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. The Black 5 steams between some of the unique North Eastern Railway signals which the staff and volunteers have restored to full working order.
Much of the signalling dates back to the old North Eastern Railway days, that is around 1923 and many of the  visitors to the railway often come to see the signalling as well as the preserved steam locomotives.
Black 5 locomotives are a mixed traffic locomotive ranging from fast passenger, fitted freight and even shunting a yard, many of them made it into preservation as they are reliable and with them being two cylinder easy to maintain.
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That's perfect with the train and the signals!
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Akansha Gautam

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Amazing Waterfall

Is among the 20 most beautiful lakes in the world to 17th place. The park covers an area of 33,000 hectares and includes 16 lakes in succession, connected by waterfalls.Plitvice is the oldest national park in Southeast Europa.All'interno the park there are also many caves of which only a small part is agibile.I lakes are formed by two rivers: the White River and the Black River, which flow in the river Korana. The waters of these rivers are rich in calcareous salts (mostly calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate), from the dissolution of carbonate rocks forming the geological structure of sito.Questi salts are precipitated by vegetation, forming layers of travertine , a sedimentary rock recently. Over time, these deposits forming real natural dams that act as barriers to water, growing by about a centimeter per year. At one point the water pressure breaks these natural levees, opening new paths in the ground.
This mechanism, in fact common to all the calcareous water, in Plitvice has assumed a particular importance.
The beauty of the National Park Plitvice, Croatia, is increased in the second round of the New Seven Wonders of Nature.

#WaterfallPhotography   #WaterfallWednesday #gif #australia   #sidney      #naturephotos   #beautifulpictures   #autumn      #Otherworldly    #flower   #montain     #Reflection   #AutumnPhotography   #stunningnature      #oregoncoast   #oregonphotography   #multnomahfalls   #Multnomah     #naturegif #naturemonday #waterfalls     #PARADISE #FOREST   #WATERFALLS   #angelfalls #venezuela   #AFRICA #croatia    #MALETSUNYANEFALLS   #hawai #italy   #hawaiiphotography   #papalaua #papalauafalls #ecuador   #sanrafaelfals   #thailand   #kophiphidon #hrvatska     #thailandphotography   #sutherlandfalls   #newzeland #CHINA   #vietnam #hrvatska    #voctoriafalls   #bowlake   #canadaphotography #plitvicefalls      #honokahaufallas #indonesia #telagawarnalake    #vietnam     #plitvice    #croatia #plitvicelakes #landscapephotography  
#nature #lake    #MultnomahFalls   #naturephotography #oregon   #colors #stars #lake #ocean #alpine #montain #flower #trees #treesphotography #avalanche #avalanchelake #Reflection #moon   #lakeforest   #italy #lago
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Japan 4K

» ­General  - 
Gundam in DiverCity Tokyo Plaza
Odaiba お台場, Tokyo
This shopping, dining and entertainment complex opened in 2012. Its most unique attraction is the Gundam Front Tokyo with various attractions and a shop centered around the anime series' robots. A "life sized" Gundam statue stands in front of the building.
Shooting Date/Time 11/10/2015 18:15:52
Camera Model Canon EOS-1D X
Lens EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM
Tv( Shutter Speed ) 13
Av( Aperture Value ) 22.0
ISO Speed 100
Exposure Compensation +1
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nice robot
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Arts@CERN announces new artists in residence and three open calls for Accelerate@CERN and Collide@CERN Geneva

Image shows Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt, two British artists collaborating under the name “Semiconductor”. They are this year’s recipients of the Collide@CERN +Ars Electronica Award and begin their residency at CERN this week (Image: Matthias H. Risse)
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#QueensBath is a #unique natural #pool on #Kauai island of #Hawaii - #USA

Amazing‬ daily post & ‪follow us ---► +DirectRooms 
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I remember standing on the corner at midnight
Trying to get my courage up

There was this long lovely dancer in a little club downtown
Loved to watch her do her stuff

Through the long lonely nights she filled my sleep
Her body softly swaying to that smoky beat
A down on Mainstreet
Down on Mainstreet

In the pool halls, the hustlers and the losers
used to watch 'em through the glass

Well I'd stand outside at closing time
Just to watch her walk on past

Unlike all the other ladies, she looked so young and sweet
As she made her way alone down that empty street
A down on Mainstreet
A down on Mainstreet


Sometimes even now,
when I'm feeling lonely and beat
I drift back in time and I find my feet
A down on Mainstreet
A down on Mainstreet
A down on Mainstreet
A Down on Mainstreet
Down on Mainstreet

"Mainstreet" is the title of a song written and recorded by Bob Seger & The Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section. The eponymous street is in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Seger's childhood home. It was released in April 1977 as the fourth single from the album Night Moves.
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I'm from south Detroit (not suburbs) Bob Segar is one of my favorites.
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ESA #astronaut  +Tim Peake received a message from Dr Brian May this morning! #Principia
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OS Windows
Blink 537.36 (@167448)
JavaScript V8 3.24.35
Executable Path C:\Users\lotus\AppData\Roaming\mxnitro\MxNitro.exe
Profile Path C:\Users\lotus\AppData\Roaming\mxnitro\UserData
Maxthon Inc. Copyright 2015 Maxthon Inc. All rights reserved.शादी में नारी पहन कर साड़ी क्यों  लागे प्यारी  सबकी  बन  दुलारी
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Paul Richardson

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Neuschwanstein Castle, inside main tower .....
Neuschwanstein Castle is a nineteenth-century Romanesque Revival palace on a rugged hill above the village of Hohenschwangau near Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany. The palace was commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria as a retreat and as a homage to Richard Wagner. Ludwig has paid for the palace out of his personal fortune and by means of extensive borrowing, rather than Bavarian public funds. The palace was intended as a personal refuge for the reclusive king, but it was opened to the paying public immediately after his death in 1886. Since then more than 60 million people have visited Neuschwanstein Castle. More than 1.3 million people visit annually, with as many as 6,000 per day during the summer. The palace has appeared prominently in several movies and was the inspiration for Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle and later, similar structures. Füssen im Allgäu is an enchanting town in Bavaria, Germany known for the Hohes Schloss and its Basilica and former Benedictine monastery of St Mang. The world-famous Neuschwanstein Castle is situated for a few kilometres in the east. Some visitors come to tour the castles and leave immediately afterwards leaving the beautiful little town unexplored. This is a great pity as there is much to see in Füssen and the surrounding area if you know what you are looking for! There are magnificent lakes with beautiful views and the "Kalvarienberg" which has the "Stations of the Cross" on it.
#castle   #germany   #bavaria  
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Yes it is

Sent from my Sony Xperia™ smartphone
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☼☁ Yosemite National Park, California ☁☼

Tucked into the mountains of California, Yosemite National Park is renowned for its granite cliffs and waterfalls.  The valley is open year-round for camping, hiking, and climbing. Traffic is congested during peak season and park rangers encourage visitors to use the free shuttle system. For upscale visits, the Ahwahnee Hotel, built in 1927, is chic and luxurious. 

#Travel   #Destinations   #California   #Waterfall   #NationalPark   #USA   #Yosemite   #Mountains   #Nature  
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John Michael Garcia

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Autumn light festival
by Alexander

(1584 x 1440)

Copyright © 2015 – Alexander

#Autumn  #woods  #light  
#atmospheric  #foliage
#mist  #nature  #vibrant     
#fall-foliage  #colours      
#RogerJohnson  #leaves

Uploaded on: October 2015

Camera Data
Camera: NIKON D90
Aperture: ƒ/8.0
Exposure: 1/160 s
Focal Length: 38.0 mm
ISO Speed: 200
Flash: Off, did not fire

© Alexander's website:

Image: 1801

Autumn light festival by Alexander
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Luxurious Magazine

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Porsche 911 Carrera 4 and 911 Targa 4 with turbocharged  engines and new all-wheel drive - More efficient and with greater sprinting  power - the new all-wheel drive sports cars

A sports car with all-wheel drive is the first choice for more than one in three Porsche 911 buyers. With the new 911 Carrera 4 and 911 Targa 4, they now profit from an increase in sporting characteristics and comfort in the latest 911 generation: the innovative turbocharged engines are more powerful and consume less, with the improved all-wheel drive increasing dynamics and driving safety. In addition, the adaptive PASM chassis (Porsche Active Suspension Management) with its ten-millimetre lower ride height included as standard enables an even greater spread between sporty circuit and relaxed long-distance driving. Rear-axle steering that is available as an option for the Carrera 4S models further increases the dynamic spectrum considerably. Interior functionality is enhanced by the standard-feature Porsche Communication (PCM) connectivity and infotainment system with simplified operation and multi-touch display.

The all-wheel drive models not only include the numerous optical refinements of the new 911 Carrera generation but also have their own individual distinguishing characteristics. For instance, the light strip between the rear lights now produces an especially distinctive effect thanks to its consciously three-dimensional design. When switched on, the light reinforces the impression of depth. The light strip also underlines the typical format of the all-wheel drive 911, with rear wings that arch further outwards by 44 millimetres in total, as in previous models. Additional distinguishing features of the new 911 generation range from the headlights with four-point daytime running lights, via door handles without recess covers, to the redesigned rear lid with vertical louvres and new rear lights – including the characteristic four-point brake lights.

New developments in the visual appearance also underline the sophisticated elegance of the 911 Targa. With its individual design, the new 911 Targa continues to stand out clearly from the coupé and cabriolet. It spectacularly combines the classic Targa idea with advanced roof convenience. Like the legendary original Targa, it has the characteristic wide bar in place of B pillars, a removable roof section over the front seats and a wrap-around rear window without C pillars. The roof segment can be opened and closed at the push of a button, with the soft top being accommodated behind the rear seats as it opens. 

Faster sprinting with up to twelve per cent less fuel consumption
Behind the re-engineered flat engines are more than four decades of Porsche experience with turbocharged engines from motor racing and production sports car. The result is that all new 911 Carrera models impress with top values in terms of performance, driving fun and efficiency. Thanks to bi-turbocharging, the three-litre, six-cylinder engines in the 911 Carrera 4 and 911 Targa 4 achieve an output of 370 hp (272 kW) and a torque of 450 Nm, while output in the S models increases to 420 hp (309 kW) and torque to 500 Nm. This gives the driver an added bonus of 20 hp (15 kW) of dynamic performance to convert into driving fun. The greater power of the Carrera S models comes from turbochargers with modified compressors, a specific exhaust system and tuned engine management.

In combination with the now electro-hydraulically controlled all-wheel drive, the 911 Carrera 4 for the first time even achieves better acceleration values than its rear-wheel-drive counterparts. Equipped with the options of PDK and Sport Chrono package, the 911 Carrera 4 sprints from zero to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds (0.4 seconds less than its predecessor model), with the S model registering 3.8 seconds (0.3 seconds less). The cabriolet S and the 911 Targa 4 with comparable equipment need just 0.2 seconds longer – the time it takes to blink. Top speeds vary according to model and equipment between 287 km/h and 305 km/h.

Traditionally, every new generation of engines from Porsche combines more output with less consumption. Consequently, fuel consumption in the 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet with PDK drops by 0.8 litres to 7.9 l/100 km. The models with the most significant improvements are the 911 Carrera S Cabriolet and 911 Targa 4S, each with PDK, in which average consumption falls by 1.2 litres to 8.0 l/100km.
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Porsche has always been my dream car! It's not just about it being luxurious but it has a jive of "manly" aura in it! Any man would want one! Porsche 911 Carrera 4, definitely on my wish list, hopefully, next year or two. Need to save up!!
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World Luxury News

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Mercedes-AMG & Kempinski Hotels Settle Down Into A Luxurious Partnership
Mercedes-AMG is looking to make travelers even happier by providing them with AMG GT S test drives as well as exclusive shuttle services provided they're staying at a Kempinski hotel.

Even though it's unclear just how far this partnership extends, it's certainly available for you at the Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden in the Bavarian Alps. In total, Kempinski Hotels currently operates 75 five-star hotels in 30 countries, so getting AMG cars and other Mercedes models over there might be a bit easier said than done.

For now, we'll stick to the Berschtesgaden location (one of 10 in Germany) and the fact that you can test drive the 510 PS Mercedes-AMG GT S for up to two days - which is a pretty big incentive for a guest that also happens to be a petrol head or a potential Mercedes customer.

The addition of the S-Class and G-Wagen as shuttle vehicles is also a nice touch, since some locations can be a bit more "outdoorsy" than others.

We don't know if the cost of the test drive or shuttle service is included in your hotel bill or if you have to purchase it separately. Odds are you probably have to pay some type of premium for it or choose to book in certain rooms, which automatically include the service.

#luxury   #cars   #sports   #hotel   #travel   #art   #women   #photography   #kempinski   #redcarpet   #kim   #auto   #mercedes   #mercedesbenz   #lamborghini   #lamborghiniaventador  
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Cathy Carter

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This looks like a home in Gilbert, Arizona!

Why You Should Live in Gilbert, AZ

When you start to look at Gilbert homes for sale AZ living at its finest will be revealed to you. You will understand why CNN/Money Magazine not only named Gilbert its top place to live in Arizona, but also called it one of the best small cities to live in the entire United States.

The magazine praised Gilbert's sunny climate -- as well as the brightness of its future. Gilbert attracts young, affluent, highly educated residents, who know it is a great place to put down roots and raise a family. With the influx of new residents, Gilbert is one of the fastest-growing communities in Arizona.
Many of the new residents are drawn to Gilbert's natural beauty. The nearby Superstition Wilderness Area contains miles of trails for hikers and walkers with exhilarating views of the incomparable Arizona mountain and desert landscapes.

Gilbert is not only beautiful, it is an exceptionally safe place to live -- one of the top five safest places to live in the U.S., according to FBI statistics.

New residents appreciate Gilbert's proximity to excellent schools and universities and to the cultural offerings of nearby Phoenix. Being so close to both the city and the wilderness means that Gilbert residents have the best of both worlds right at their fingertips.

Now is the perfect time to buy a Gilbert home. You might think that homes in such a desirable community, where home values are increasing, might be prohibitively expensive, but right now Gilbert AZ properties are still affordable.

If you would like to learn more about this thriving, award-winning, safe, and beautiful community, Cathy Carter would be pleased to have the chance to talk with you and give you more information. You can also start looking at homes for sale on Cathy's website, where you can access the same listings that Realtors use.

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Diamond Lotus aimed at beautifying Ho Chi Minh City
Vietnam's Vo Trong Nghia Architects is on a mission to add some greenery to its country's inner city areas. Following its green-roofed kindergarten and House for Trees projects, the firm recently proposed a trio of condominiums for Ho Chi Minh City which are clad in greenery and boast a roof-based "sky park."
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J Saha
Amon sabuj prithibi chai amra
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#F1 Japanese Ski Jump : Truck Tyre v/s F1 Tyre v/s Other Tyres...

Which tire will roll down the ski jump fastest and jump the farthest? A Formula One tire? An enormous bulldozer tire? The smallest tire? See this.

#F1   #Formula1   #F1Humour  
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A PERFECT RELATIONSHIP isn't actually perfect at all, it consists of TWO PEOPLE who never give up on each other despite any HURT or PAIN .

❤●•๋•·. COUPLES who fight often are most likely stronger than the COUPLES who DO NOT .

BUT it's NOT the fighting make them STRONGER , IT'S what takes PLACE after the FIGHTING ;

THE MAKING UP , it's coming to the realisation that YOUR Relationship that your relationship is MORE important than your DIFFERENCES .

IT involves acts of Forgiveness and acceptance of ONE'S's MISTAKES .

YOU'RE FIGHT and You learn something new about the person . That's how it works .


#love #relationships #couples #husband #wife #marriage #home #quotes #quote
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A relationship or a couples compose with 2 persons..what ever happens or trials comes.don't give up.just keep on holding.coz trials is not reason to give up',,nor is a reason to move on.not to finish your relationship or what experiences and moment you've done.
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Henry's Note

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Leading Lines, by Quỳnh Anh Nguyen

Bound for home at the end of the working day, Hmong farmers cross a terraced rice field in the Tu Le Valley in Yen Bai Province, Vietnam. The culturally rich province is home to 13 ethnic groups, historic sites, and a distinctive landscape of terraced fields, caves, and waterfalls.

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"Purple Sky"

Camera:PENTAX K-3
Lens:smc PENTAX-DA 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 ED AL[IF] DC WR
Focal Length:18mm
F Number:f/5.6
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