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The Snake in Taylor Swift’s LWYMMD Video DOES NOT Mean what you Thought #celebs #celebrities #entertainment #taylorswift

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Kim Jong Un Calls Trump 'Mentally Deranged U.S. Dotard'

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Stay safe people...

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If you were ever teased as a kid for having a bigger head and defended it by saying it meant you were smarter, turns out, you were probably right. A new study has revealed a direct correlation between brain volume, head circumference, and levels of intelligence.

Note: To read full article click photo below.

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16 Good iPad Science Apps for High School Students

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Google Store's trade-in program is already live for the Pixel, and the offers aren't great

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China posts record high monthly box office figures in August #boxoffice #film #cinema

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They say this is the official face expression of men who cheat
 According to social media ,there is an official face for men who have cheated and openly apologized.They arrived at their conclusion using photos of Bill Clinton,Tiger Woods,Kobe Bryant and most recently,Kevin Harts. See the face below

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"Working with the National Sports Center for the Disabled is my favorite way to give back to the community. Their employees and athletes showed warmth & kindness to everyone they met!" -DBC Gabriela‬ #BeyondTheBoots #DBC2017

Read more on:

#Sports #NFL #Cheerleaders

(Credit: Denver Broncos Cheerleaders)

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Who will be the biggest difference maker on #TNF?

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#Sports #NFL

(Credit: NFL)

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In the WWE endorsed +UpUpDownDown, #XavierWoods play Smite which also supports Connor's Cure: Fighting Pediatric Cancer.

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Linares vs Campbell Headlines HBO This Saturday


#boxing #boxeo #linarescampbell

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"The Earth's history is written in its elements, but as the tectonic plates slip and slide over and under each other over time, they muddy that evidence—and with it the secrets of why Earth can sustain life.

A new study led by UChicago geochemists rearranges the picture of the early Earth by tracing the path of metallic element titanium through the Earth's crust across time. The research, published Sept. 22 in Science, suggests significant tectonic action was already taking place 3.5 billion years ago—about half a billion years earlier than currently thought.

The crust was once made of uniformly dark, magnesium- and iron-rich mafic minerals. But today the crust looks very different between land and ocean: The crust on land is now a lighter-colored felsic, rich in silicon and aluminum. The point at which these two diverged is important, since the composition of minerals affects the flow of nutrients available to the fledgling life struggling to survive on Earth.

"This question has been discussed since geologists first started thinking about rocks," said lead author Nicolas Dauphas, the Louis Block Professor and head of the Origins Laboratory in the Department of the Geophysical Sciences and the Enrico Fermi Institute. "This result is a surprise and certainly an upheaval in that discussion."

To reconstruct the crust changing over time, geologists often look at a particular kind of rockcalled shales, made up of tiny bits of other rocks and minerals that are carried by water into mud deposits and compressed into rock. The only problem is that scientists have to adjust the numbers to account for different rates of weathering and transport. "There are many things that can foul you up," Dauphas said.

To avoid this issue, Dauphas and his team looked at titanium in the shales over time. This element doesn't dissolve in water and isn't taken up by plants in nutrient cycles, so they thought the data would have fewer biases with which to contend.

They crushed samples of shale rocks of different ages from around the world and checked in what form its titanium appeared. The proportions of titanium isotopes present should shift as the rock changes from mafic to felsic. Instead, they saw little change over three and a half billion years, suggesting that the transition must have occurred before then".

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Amazing Mobile Features of Google Classroom -
See why you and your students need to be using the mobile app version of Google Classroom to take advantage of awesome features including digital handwriting, taking pictures, recording videos, sharing with other apps, notifications, and more!

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In winding up the interview on Morning Joe, Christie said something about allegations of Trump colluding with the Russians that most people just bypassed. He said "intent" is crucial to making a collusion allegation stick. "You can't collude if you don't know you're colluding."

The governor is a former federal prosecutor, so let's assume what he says is correct -- although I'm not sure it is.Don't we have irrefutable evidence the Trump campaign knew it was colluding when those guys took that meeting in Trump Tower hoping to get dirt on Hillary Clinton?

Even if you put the very best face on this meeting, there is an admission they didn't care the supposed "dirt on Hillary" was coming to them from Russian nationals. We've seen the emails, right? To paraphrase, "If you've got dirt on the bitch we want it."

So, don't tell me they didn't know they were colluding. And don't tell me there was no collusion because they didn't come away with any dirt. The lack of dirt on Hillary is irrelevant. As Christie himself said, it's the "intent' that counts.

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Intelligence and Rationality

Neuroscientist Tali Sharot on the paradoxical nature of intelligence – blurring the line between logic and belief.

"Smart people are just as illogical, and what's more, they are even more skilled at skewing data to align with their beliefs."


If you want someone to see an issue rationally, you just show them the facts, right? No one can refute a fact. Well, brain imaging and psychological studies are showing that, society wide, we may be on the wrong path by holding evidence up as an Ace card. When something doesn’t conform to what I already believe, what people tend to do is either disregard it or rationalize it away.


Neuroscientist Tali Sharot and her colleagues have proven that reading the same set of facts polarizes groups of people even further, because of our in-built confirmation biases—something we all fall prey to, equally.

The research disproves the idea that the social divisions we are experiencing right now—over climate change, gun control, or vaccines—are somehow the result of an intelligence gap: smart people are just as illogical, and what's more, they are even more skilled at skewing data to align with their beliefs.


[ Confirmation Bias ]

In an experiment we gave people information and as a result it caused polarization, it didn’t cause people to come together.

For people who did not believe in climate change, when they heard that the scientists are saying, “Actually it’s not that bad,” they changed their beliefs even more in that direction, so they became more extremist in that direction, but when they heard that the scientists think it’s much worse they didn’t nudge.

And the people who already believe that climate change is man-made, when they heard that scientists are saying things are much worse than they said before, they moved more in that direction, so they became more polarized, but when they heard scientists are saying it’s not that bad they didn’t nudge much.

[ Integration Inflation ]

So the question is, what’s happening inside our brain that causes this? In one study we scanned brain activity of two people who were interacting, and what we found was when those two people agreed on a question that we gave them, the brain was really encoding what the other person was saying, the details that they gave; but when the two people disagreed it looked metaphorically as if the brain was switching off and not encoding what the other person was saying. When they agreed they became even more confident, but when they disagreed there wasn’t as much of a change in their confidence in their own view.

[ Intelligent Conformity ]

What has been shown by Kahan and colleagues from Yale University is that the more intelligent you are the more likely you are to change data at will. So what they did is they first gave participants in their experiment analytical and math questions to solve, and then they gave them data about gun control: is gun control actually reducing violence?

And they found that more “intelligent” people actually were more likely to twist data at will to make it conform to what they already believed. So it seems that people are using their intelligence not necessarily to find the truth, but to take in the information and change it to conform to what they already believe.


[ The Backfire Effect ]

So that suggests that just giving people information without considering first where they’re coming from may backfire at us, but we don’t always need to go against someone’s conviction in order to change their behavior, and let me give you an example.

[ Scientific Denial ]

So this is a study that was conducted at UCLA where what they wanted to do is convince parents to vaccinate their kids. And some of the parents didn’t want to vaccinate their kids because they were afraid of the link with autism. So they had two approaches, first they said, “Well the link with autism is actually not real, here’s all the data suggesting there isn’t a link between vaccines and autism.” And it didn’t really work that well.

[ Bias Reframing ]

So instead of going that way they used another approach, which was: let’s not talk about autism, we don’t necessarily need to talk about autism to convince you to vaccinate your kids. Instead they said, “Well look, these vaccines protect kids from deadly diseases, from the measles,” and they showed them pictures of what the measles are. Because in this argument about vaccines people actually forgot what the vaccines are for, what are they protecting us from. And they highlighted that and didn’t necessarily go on to discuss autism. That had a much better outcome. The parents were much more likely to say, “Yes we are going to vaccinate our kids.”


So if facts aren't the way forward, what is? There is one thing that may help us swap the moral high ground for actual progress: finding common motives. Here, Sharot explains why identifying a shared goal is better than winning a fight.

So the lesson here is that we need to find the common motive. The common motive in the example above was the health of the children, not necessarily going back to the thing that they were arguing about, that they disagreed about.

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The new scheme could save you big bucks on a Google Pixel, but the prices may come as a disappointment overall. #News #Google #GooglePixel

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You can get an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus delivered from the Apple Store in 1-3 business days right now, which is technically a good thing, and the "crowds" gathered for the two's physical releases across Asia have looked far from impressive:

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Two Stars, Three Dimensions, and Oodles of Energy

For decades, astronomers have known about irregular outbursts from the double star system V745 Sco, which is located about 25,000 light years from Earth. Astronomers were caught by surprise when previous outbursts from this system were seen in 1937 and 1989. When the system erupted on February 6, 2014, however, scientists were ready to observe the event with a suite of telescopes including NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory.

V745 Sco is a binary star system that consists of a red giant star and a white dwarf locked together by gravity. These two stellar objects orbit so closely around one another that the outer layers of the red giant are pulled away by the intense gravitational force of the white dwarf. This material gradually falls onto the surface of the white dwarf. Over time, enough material may accumulate on the white dwarf to trigger a colossal thermonuclear explosion, causing a dramatic brightening of the binary called a nova. Astronomers saw V745 Sco fade by a factor of a thousand in optical light over the course of about 9 days.

Astronomers observed V745 Sco with Chandra a little over two weeks after the 2014 outburst. Their key finding was it appeared that most of the material ejected by the explosion was moving towards us. To explain this, a team of scientists from the INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo, the University of Palermo, and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics constructed a three-dimensional (3D) computer model of the explosion, and adjusted the model until it explained the observations. In this model they included a large disk of cool gas around the equator of the binary caused by the white dwarf pulling on a wind of gas streaming away from the red giant.

The computer calculations showed that the nova explosion’s blast wave and ejected material were likely concentrated along the north and south poles of the binary system. This shape was caused by the blast wave slamming into the disk of cool gas around the binary. This interaction caused the blast wave and ejected material to slow down along the direction of this disk and produce an expanding ring of hot, X-ray emitting gas. X-rays from the material moving away from us were mostly absorbed and blocked by the material moving towards Earth, explaining why it appeared that most of the material was moving towards us.

In the figure showing the new 3D model of the explosion, the blast wave is yellow, the mass ejected by the explosion is purple, and the disk of cooler material, which is mostly untouched by the effects of the blast wave, is blue. The cavity visible on the left side of the ejected material (see the labeled version) is the result of the debris from the white dwarf’s surface being slowed down as it strikes the red giant. An inset shows an optical image from the Siding Springs Observatory in Australia with V745 Sco in the center.

An extraordinary amount of energy was released during the explosion, equivalent to about 10 million trillion hydrogen bombs. The authors estimate that material weighing about one tenth of the Earth’s mass was ejected.

While this stellar-sized belch was impressive, the amount of mass ejected was still far smaller than the amount what scientists calculate is needed to trigger the explosion. This means that despite the recurrent explosions, a substantial amount of material is accumulating on the surface of the white dwarf. If enough material accumulates, the white dwarf could undergo a thermonuclear explosion and be completely destroyed. Astronomers use these so-called Type Ia supernovas as cosmic distance markers to measure the expansion of the Universe.

The scientists were also able to determine the chemical composition of the material expelled by the nova. Their analysis of this data implies that the white dwarf is mainly composed of carbon and oxygen.

A paper describing these results was published in the February 1st, 2017 issue of the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society and is available online. The authors are Salvatore Orlando from the INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo in Italy, Jeremy Drake from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, MA and Marco Miceli from the University of Palermo.

NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, manages the Chandra program for NASA's Science Mission Directorate in Washington. The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Massachusetts, controls Chandra's science and flight operations.

Image credit: Illustrated model: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss

Read More from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory.

For more Chandra images, multimedia and related materials, visit:

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Looks like this merger may happen pretty soon. Do you think it'll get approved?

#android #news #tmobile #sprint

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Clapper sidestepping the fact that Manafort and Trump conversations were picked up in wiretaps supposedly on Manafort...but if Manafort was wiretapped and he spoke with Trump you can bet the conversations got special attention during the campaign for president...

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An Interconnection Between the Nervous and Immune System

From the article: "A newly-discovered reflex arc mediates a process which leads to a disruption in the hormones secreted by the adrenal glands which, in turn, results in an increased susceptibility to bacterial infections."

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After a few seasons when defences dominated raiders, and empty raids were considered successful, the raiders are back in the ascendancy. #PKL2017

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Gary Cornish: ‘All that’s on my mind is on becoming British champion’

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Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft.

Hmm, it might just work, if you still care about Tomb Raider that is (I don't).

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New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Photos Show Rey and Luke Skywalker Having a Stare-Down

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A Guide to the Liam Hemsworth References in Miley's New Song "Week Without You"

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True Love - The Real Cinderella’s Story

Here is the dream of my true love story. This dream isn’t from the night when I spoke with my Lady Angel, it happened some time later.

In the dream I found myself on the beach, my true love man was in the water already, up to his knees. He called me over to join him, having his hands wide open like he is going to give me big hug. I hesitated a little bit and joined him soon after. He gave me firm hug and we started walking in the water.

We made only 4 steps and found ourselves on edge of the biggest whirlpool I have ever seen. He said to me “Let’s jump in, it is going to be fun”. I hesitated again, I knew if I jump in, no one can save us, water is going to swallow us in. Anyway, holding each other very tightly we jumped. Water started spinning us so quickly in the circles. We made 4 circles and found ourselves at the bottom of the ocean.

All of a sudden whirlpool disappeared. At the bottom of the ocean, water was so calm and crystal clear. My man and I started walking our path together and after some time I was sitting on the chair, somebody was dressing me up for my wedding. And that was it, we never managed to pull ourselves out.

That is the true love “Being swallowed by deep emotions for ever” I concluded!

Thanks for following and thanks for reading! God Bless!

You can read my original true love story here:

#love #truelove #truestory #lovestory #RealCinderellaStory #dreams #dreammeaning #lifestory #flowers #redroses #roses #photographers #australianphotographers #fineartphotography #fatimasuljagic #melbourne #australia

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Google's $1.1 billion deal with HTC is about something much bigger than making a better smartphone (GOOG, GOOGL)

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An article published in the journal “GSA Bulletin” describes a research on the region of the planet Mars called Aeolis Dorsa. Benjamin T. Cardenas and other colleagues from the Jackson School of Geosciences at the University of Texas at Austin used images captured by space probes to determine the presence of traces of rivers that existed about 3.5 billion years ago. That region contains some of the most spectacular and dense river deposits on Mars.

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Good job Cassini. We look forward to your last images and data.

#sayonara #spacerocks

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For this week's Saturday Scene, it's a visit to the doctor... Doctor Chlamydia Addams, Starfleet's Chief Medical Officer aboard the Starbase known as Vanguard.

Doctor Chlamydia Addams took a seat behind her desk, and her companion, the Zeta Reticulan spider known as Thing, sprang from her shoulder to disappear behind her. "Have a seat, Lieutenant," the Doctor said, indicating those on the other side of her desk. She tapped the surface of her desk, linking to the files generated by the scan she'd performed on the young woman a few minutes prior. She considered the results again, and looked across the desk at the woman. "You believe your arm is defective in some way?"

Lieutenant Gray shook her head. "I don't know how to describe it, Doctor. It's... it's not real. It's not mine.."

"You can touch it with the other hand?" Addams inquired. "You feel what it feels? In what way is it not real, or not yours?"

Lieutenant Gray held up the hand in question, flexing it, turning it. "It exists, yes," she said, quietly. "But... I left my arm, almost to the elbow, on board a burning freighter. This one...." she trailed off.

Addams made a thoughtful sound. "It's been three years since the incident aboard Sato Maru. In that time, the engineered tissues have undergone apoptosis at a natural rate, and been replaced with your autologous tissue. The muscle and bone are assimilating nicely, and the neurons have completely linked with your own nervous system."

"I know all that," the Lieutenant said with a sigh, lowering the arm again. "But I still can't shake this feeling."

Addams nodded. "What you're experiencing is not physical," she observed. "Which does not mean that you are not experiencing it, or that it is not real. It does mean that I am not the right person to help you. I am therefore writing you a referral to my colleague, Dr. Graves."

"A psychiatrist?" Gray asked, sounding unenthusiastic.

"A shrinker of heads," Addams said. She was tapping away on her desk, presumably writing the referral she'd mentioned. She glanced up, at the top shelf of the glass cabinet secured to the bulkhead, at a curio, apparently a ball of leather with some fiber sticking out the top.

Gray followed her gaze, and realized that the thing was a shrunken head. She paled.

"Usually not so literally," Addams said with a ghoulish smile. She tapped the desktop once more, and Lieutenant Gray's PADD vibrated in her pocket. "I'm sure you will find him quite personable, actually. And if not...." She glanced once more at the top shelf.

"Yes, ma'am," the Lieutenant said, getting to her feet and exiting the office quickly.

Addams sat in silence for a minute after the young woman's departure, regarding the shrunken head. "Ah, Thing," she said at last. "What trouble brains cause us."

Thing, for its part, declined to comment.
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