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Harry Exes Show Up to His Wedding While Meghan’s Flees the Country

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36 local candidates have been assassinated in Mexico. And the election is still 2 months away.

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Well, friend, if you were a planet, which planet you would be? Let's find out...

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With 36 career wins on the World of Outlaws tour, 25-year-old David Gravel is looking for new opportunities

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How To Record Your Screen in Ubuntu With SimpleScreenRecorder

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365Scores - Sports Scores Live Beta

What’s New

The bug that effected the match lists, team selections and caused notification malfunction for some of you has been fixed and we are back to normal 😉.

We're sorry for the frequent updates in the last few days. Thanks to all the users who reported the issues. You rule!

2018 World Cup section is already alive & kicking with all Group Fixtures, Knockout Bracket and ongoing stories

Have fun!

#sport #sports #livesport #nba #nhl #football

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Johnny Canadian Football: Manziel says he has signed with CFL's Tiger-Cats

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10 days before reaching Pluto, a New Horizons glitch causes a computer reset. You now have to send the rendezvous instructions again and get it right. This is what the team had to do to do it. Excerpt from Alan Stern's book on New Horizons. "On the Saturday afternoon of July 4, 2015, NASA’s New Horizons Pluto mission leader Alan Stern was in his office near the project Mission Control Center, working, when his cell phone rang. He was aware of the Independence Day holiday but was much more focused on the fact that the date was “Pluto flyby minus 10 days.” New Horizons, the spacecraft mission that had been the central focus of his career for 14 years, was now just 10 days from its targeted encounter with the most distant planet ever explored.
Glancing at his ringing phone, Alan was surprised to see the caller was Glen Fountain, the longtime project manager of New Horizons. He felt a chill because he knew that Glen was taking time off for the holiday, at his nearby home, before the final, all-out intensity of the upcoming flyby. Why would Glen be calling now?

Alan picked up the phone. “Glen, what’s up?”
“We’ve lost contact with the spacecraft.”
Alan replied, “I’ll meet you in the MOC; see you in five minutes.” Alan hung up his phone and sat down at his desk for a few seconds, stunned, shaking his head in disbelief. Unintentional loss of contact with Earth should never happen to any spacecraft. It had never before happened to New Horizons over the entire nine-year flight from Earth to Pluto. How could this be happening now, just 10 days out from Pluto?
As more telemetry came back from the bird, they learned that all of the command files for the flyby that had been uploaded to the main computer had been erased when the spacecraft rebooted to the backup computer. This meant that the Core flyby sequence sent that morning would have to be reloaded. But worse, numerous supporting files needed to run the Core sequence, some of which had been loaded as far back as December, would also need to be sent again. Alice recalls, “We had never recovered from this kind of anomaly before. The question was, could we do it in time to start the flyby sequence, scheduled to begin on July 7?”
Excerpted from Chasing New Horizons: Inside the Epic First Mission to Pluto by Alan Stern and David Grinspoon. Published by Picador, May 1, 2018. Copyright © 2018 by Alan Stern and David Grinspoon. All rights reserved."

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What learning looks like in the brain

When we learn the connections between neurons strengthen. Addiction or other neurological diseases are linked to abnormally strong connections. But what does learning look like on the cellular and molecular level? How do our cells change when we learn? Using super-resolution live-cell microscopy, researchers at Thomas Jefferson University zoomed into the connections between neurons that strengthen to discover structural changes that had never been seen before. "Our observations give the field a new way of thinking about how normal learning and the maladaptive learning we see in disorders, such as addiction or autism, might occur," said Matthew Dalva Professor of Neuroscience at The Vickie and Jack Farber Institute for Neuroscience and Director of the Synaptic Biology Center at Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University). Rather than simply seeing bigger connections during learning, which has been observed before, Dr. Dalva and his colleagues found that the molecules involved in sending and receiving the signals between neurons appeared to be organized in clumps or "nanomodules" that both dance and multiply when stimulated by learning-like signals. The researchers made their observations using living neurons in real-time, zooming into synapses, the sites of neuronal connection where information is passed from one cell to another to enable learning and other behavior. Dr. Dalva's colleagues visualized the key molecules involved in the neurotransmission from neuron to neuron with two colors, green on sending side (the pre-synaptic side) and red on the receiving side (postsynaptic side).

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Sarah of White House Past Meets Sarah of White House Present on SNL, and They’re Both Miserable!

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Data Ownership / Decision Making

The 'Selfish Ledger' by Google, aims to sequence data for epigenetic inheritance – detecting and correcting potential errors in user behavior.

"Profiles (called 'ledgers' by Foster) could be used, not just for tracking and recording individual behavior, but also for nudging us toward a preset goal."


This thought-experiment by the Design team uses a technique known as ‘speculative design’ to explore uncomfortable ideas and concepts in order to provoke debate. It’s not related to any products, but it is a patented idea.


[ Total Data Collection ]

Total and absolute data collection could be used to shape the decisions you make. Algorithm-based AI tap into this repository of human knowledge and behavior patterns, and ultimately shape human behavior itself.

[ Behavioral Modification ]

Google can modify the behavior of a human being (and all human beings) to fit a set of goals, all aimed at a better future. The overarching goal is the betterment of our human society. Google would compare past ledgers to “emerging” ones from new users to better guide future goals. The end result is enough data “to make increasingly accurate predictions about decisions and future behaviors."

[ Mass Multigenerational ]

The mass multigenerational examination of actions and results could introduce a model of behavioral sequencing. He talks of a species propelling itself toward “desirable goals” by cataloging, data mining, and analyzing the past behavior of peers and ancestors—and then using that data to improve the experience of each users future and perhaps even their future generations.

[ Global Cloud Inheritance ]

A conceptual cloud processing node that is analyzing user information and determining the absence of a relevant data point; in this case, user weight.

Foster’s vision of the ledger goes beyond a tool for self-improvement. The system would be able to “plug gaps in its knowledge and refine its model of human behavior” — not just your particular behavior or mine, but that of the entire human species. “By thinking of user data as multigenerational, it becomes possible for emerging users to benefit from the preceding generation’s behaviors and decisions.”

Foster imagines mining the database of human behavior for patterns, “sequencing” it like the human genome, and making “increasingly accurate predictions about decisions and future behaviours.”

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Cowslip (Primula veris)

Svartskog, Norway

Once upon a time one or more of this species were planted to brighten a flowerbed.

Now, several decades later, it has spread and naturalized, perhaps not to my preferred locations. Nonetheless they have become a distinct member of the local flora which I treasure as they are such a lovely visual addition and provides nectar for the spring pollinators that are continuing to decline in numbers. They smell good too.

Many of the primula species originate from the Himalayas, and on my travels there I must say that nothing beats the alpine meadows dotted with purple primulas. If you are lucky you might spot one being eaten by a pika!

Image Copyright © 2018 +Morten Ross
Image Capture Date: 15 May 2018 19:17
Altitude: 15 meters

#spring #flowers #svartskog #norway

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In The Age of Purple
Yolo County, CA, US

[Another (very small) flower from my grandfather's garden.] But if you may lend your philosophical ear for a moment, let's consider an interesting aspect of flowers together. We (humans) go through life thinking about our appearance, beauty and age on a day by day basis, year by year and decade by decade. We have better days and decades, and worse days and decades. Flowers (and plants in general) bloom rapidly but typically do so from one end to another (or one flower to another on a larger plant) and expose their entire aging process at once. The smallest pods on the bottom of this flower are older than the ones at the top; they stand tall and show their entire aging process at once as if they exist in all their ages at once.

This image on my site:
More of my photography:
Photography Tips, Stories:

#hqspflowers for +HQSP Flowers
#hqspmacro for +HQSP Macro
#LandscapePhotography +Landscape Photography curated by +Margaret Tompkins +Eric Drumm +Chandler L. Walker +Krzysztof Felczak +Jeff Beddow +H Peter Ji +Dorma Wiggin

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dry wall

#spectrumsunday by +Laura Ockel +Spectrum Sunday

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And Afternoon by the Beach

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Mark Martin and Jimmy Fennig created cars with trick suspensions and trick bodies to outsmart the officials and the competition

Tags: #nascar #markmartin #jimmyfinnig

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David J Linden, the book is called Think Tank: Forty Neuroscientists Explore the Biological Roots of Human Experience.

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NBA playoffs 2018: LeBron James wows with Game 3 passing: The Cavaliers were grateful to LeBron James for a key win against the Celtics, with their star man in scintillating form.

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10 Biggest Impact Craters on Earth | #Geology #GeologyPage #Crater

Read More:

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Royal Newlyweds Snub The Obamas At Wedding
By Hannah Bishop On May 19, 2018
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Cameras are flashing as Oprah, George Clooney and Elton John are all dressed to the nines for the Royal Wedding, but where’s Harry’s good friend Barack Obama?

Barack and Michelle were among the first to congratulate Prince Harry for his engagement to the American actress Meghan Markle, but their names were quietly bumped from the expected guest list.

And while Donald and Melania weren’t invited either, they’ve still announced that they would be sending their own gift:

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“President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will be making a contribution to one of the seven charities the royal couple has designated in lieu of gifts.”

The charities chosen by the couple go from sports, to women, to HIV and veterans. The Trumps did not specify which charities should receive their particular gift, and the cash amount of the gift is unknown.

In the past, it was tradition for Americans to send a specific kind of fancy glass bowl as a gift, which seems like an odd choice until you remember the whole thing in 1776 with King George. Moving on, America has enjoyed a cordial relationship with her own ex, the British empire.

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

Kensington Palace

Prince Harry & Ms. Meghan Markle are incredibly grateful for the goodwill they have received since their engagement, & have asked that anyone who might wish to mark the occasion of their wedding considers giving to charity, instead of sending a gift.

4:41 AM - Apr 9, 2018
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Barack and Harry

In the last few years, Barack Obama and Harry have developed a good relationship. In fact, Barack’s first official interview with media after leaving the Oval Office was not with an American group, but rather with the BBC. In an effort to make the interview more exciting, Prince Harry took the microphone and was the first man to perform the exit interview.

Meghan’s first public appearance with Harry took place at the Invictus Games in September of last year. The Invictus Games is patronized by Prince Harry to honor wounded service men and women. Barack and Michelle first began to interact with Harry through the games. And as mentioned before, they were among the first out of the gate to congratulate Meghan and Harry on their engagement and upcoming wedding.

Barack Obama

Michelle and I are delighted to congratulate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their engagement. We wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness together.

2:13 PM - Nov 27, 2017
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Nothing sinister there, just some representatives being pleasant with each other.

At the lead-up to the 2016 Invictus Games, Michelle said this about Harry and the children of Prince William and Kate Middleton:

“The most precious thing, if you haven’t already fallen in love with him, is to see him with his nephew. He’s got a pretty good uncle, over there.

But the fact that Barack gave his first post-office interview to Harry should mean that they’re more than friends, right? Especially because Markle has been vocal against the current President and supportive of Hillary.

The Obamas with the Royals
Meghan Markle Doesn’t Care For Trump
At the age of 36, Meghan, the brand new Duchess of Sussex was born in Los Angeles and is best known from her 2011-2017 role on Suits, a television show that was filmed in Canada. She was previously married to a man named Trevor Engelson from 2011 to 2013. She met Harry in 2016, was engaged by November 2017. Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex is sixth in line for the throne after his father Prince Charles, his brother William, and William’s three children.

In January of this year, Meghan deleted all of her social media accounts. In online terms, it’s called “sliding” to want to push a bit of bad news to page two of the Google search results.

In this short video from a 2016 interview, Meghan Markle called Trump “divisive” and implied that he’s bad news for women. The comment section calls her a “gold digging air head” and a “dimwit,” recalling accusations from her family that she’s a “social climber.”

The interview is being “slid” off of social media by news agencies that don’t want to bring it up.

“You’re not just voting for Hilary because she’s a woman, but because Trump has made it obvious that you don’t want to live in that sort of world.”

And still, Trump sent her a wedding gift from his own wallet on the same day that he donated his salary to the VA.

Celebrity Guests
While Michelle and Barack were absent from the guest list, there were many other high-profile celebrities on the ground to fill out the slate and up the security costs.

Among them was:

Oprah Winfrey
George and Amal Clooney
Elton John, writer of Candle in the Wind
Tennis Player Serena Williams and her husband, the founder of Reddit Alexis Ohanian
Actor Idris Elba
Singer James Blunt
Actress Gina Torres, the wife of Laurence Fishburne
David Beckham and wife Victoria “Posh Spice”
And of course, numerous members of the royal family.

Good luck to the two of them. It’s hard to live a private life under such a glass bowl of media coverage.

Sources: Us Magazine, Vanity Fair, Elite Daily, People

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Exercise and the right diet aren't the only things that help prevent heart disease. Know the 5 top drinks that come with heart-healthy benefits.
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