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How An #InnovativePropulsion Technology Will Send You To Mars In 3 Days? : #science

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Trump's methods of rage-tweeting his opinions on "obstructive Republicans" will inevitably cause some push-back from them against him.

The GOP Congressional Reps and Senators who are staying silent can't all be happy with Trump's methods.
Those refusing to repeal before a viable replacement for the ACA is presented to them, definitely are not.

I think it's more likely that Republicans would support something like the bill below, strengthening the 25th amendment, and giving former presidents the "trigger button" to remove Trump, than instigate impeachment proceedings themselves.

It would give them a "hands off" safety mechanism for effecting Trump's removal while they could avoid the the political fallout of "pushing the impeachment button" personally.

This would give them some hope of campaigning for the vote of people who supported Trump.
Voters who the GOP are still terrified of alienating in their desperation for control.

Write and email your Federal Reps and Senators (Dem or GOP) and tell them they should support this bill, and why!
Email your state reps to give them a nudge too. Email your mayors and city councillors. Multiply your voice through them..

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Five Earth-Sized Planets found Orbiting Nearby Star / Oldest known system Ever Seen in Milky Way

Astronomers using data from NASA's Kepler mission have discovered a planetary system of five small planets dating back to when the Milky Way galaxy was a youthful two billion years old.

The tightly packed system, named Kepler-444, is home to five planets that range in size, the smallest comparable to the size of Mercury and the largest to Venus. All five planets orbit their sun-like star in less than ten days, which makes their orbits much closer than Mercury's sweltering 88-day orbit around the sun.

Kepler-444 formed 11.2 billion years ago, when the universe was less than 20 percent its current age. This makes Kepler-444 the oldest known system of terrestrial-size planets, two and a half times older than the Earth.

The Kepler-444 system is approximately 117 light-years away toward the constellation Lyra. A paper reporting this discovery is published in The Astrophysical Journal.

'Astro-archaeological' discovery of replica solar system with Earth-sized planets from the dawn of Time

For more information on the discovery, see the University of Birmingham press release.

Clip Credit: Tiago Campante/Peter Devine. NASA's Kepler Space Telescope, ESA/HUBBLE & ESO

Music credit: YouTube Audio Library

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The No Media file - Android

The use of NOMEDIA files helps boost performance by excluding folders that do not need to be scanned. For example, a folder that has thousands of songs or images can be excluded. NOMEDIA files can also be used to hide ads featured in free apps when placed in the same directory of the ad. Many Android audio and video players as well as image browsers (Gallery, MP3 Player, Video Player, etc.) recognize NOMEDIA files.

NOTE: NOMEDIA files can be managed by utilities such as StudioKUMA .nomedia Manager or Nomedia

Handy to know.

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+Tim Brown 😀

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Healthy eating is not about strict dietary limitations, staying unrealistically thin or depriving yourself of the foods you love. Eat properly and you can increase metabolism, energy, mood and your brain power.

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NBA wrap: Cavaliers, Warriors, Thunder all lose on wild Saturday: The Cavaliers lost to the Magic; the Warriors had two stars ejected; and the Thunder scored just 87 points.

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Researchers from Cornell University may have discovered how UV rays trigger skin cancer and found a potential way to prevent melanomas from occurring.

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Heat Hold Off The Pacers To Clinch Home Opener 112 - 108

With star center Hassan Whiteside sitting out tonight's game with a bruised knee, Goran Dragic scored 23 Points to led the Miami Heat to their first win of the season in their game at home. after being defeat by the Magic in Orlando in the Heat's season opener. Dion Waiters also added 19 Points as the Miami backcourt combined to score a total of 42 Points on the night. With 14 Points from James Johnson and 13 off the bench from Kelly Olynyk. The Heat in the 2nd quarter would go on a 13-0 run which have Miami all the moment they needed to help win tonight's game vs the Pacers by only 4 Points in a 112-108 victory.

Victor Oladipo scored a game- high 28 Points and had 5 Assists with 4 Steals on the night to lead the Pacers. With 18 from Domantas Sabonis as the two trade pieces in the Paul George trade combined for a total of 46 Points tonight. While both Thaddeus Young and Al Jefferson scored 14 Points as the Pacers despite taking the game down to the weir would fall to a 1-2 record tonight.

Heat Record: 1-1
Pacers Record: 1-2


#NBA #Heat #Pacers #Miami #Indiana

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World Series: May the Dodgers and Astros make us party like it's 1962-2012: The Astros and Dodgers were in the same league for five decades, and in the same division for more than 40 years. So, yeah, they've already got some history.

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Team finds training exercise that boosts brain power

One of the two brain-training methods most scientists use in research is significantly better in improving memory and attention, Johns Hopkins University researchers found. It also results in more significant changes in brain activity. Though this exercise didn't make anyone smarter, it greatly improved skills people need to excel at school and at work. These results, published this week by the Journal of Cognitive Enhancement, suggest it's possible to train the brain like other body parts—with targeted workouts....First, the team assembled three groups of participants, all young adults. Everyone took an initial battery of cognitive tests to determine baseline working memory, attention and intelligence. Everyone also got an electroencephalogram (EEG) to measure brain activity. Then, everyone was sent home to practice a computer task for a month. One group used one leading brain exercise while the second group used the other. The third group practiced on a control task. The training programs Johns Hopkins compared are not the commercial products available sold to consumers, but tools scientists rely on to test the brain's working memory. Everyone trained five days a week for 30 minutes, then returned to the lab for another round of tests to see if anything about their brain or cognitive abilities had changed. The researchers found that the group that practiced what's known as a "dual n-back" exercise showed a 30 percent improvement in their working memory. That was nearly double the gains made by the group working with the other common task, known as "complex span." The dual n-back group also showed significant changes in brain activity in the prefrontal cortex, the critical region responsible for higher learning.

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Critics call Marvel Studios' "Thor: Ragnarok" “a triumph.” In theaters everywhere November 3. Get your tickets now:

Watch video:

#Movie #TV

(Credit: Thor)

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Various Video Game Developers Share Their Thoughts On The Nintendo Switch #repost

Games Radar have produced a rather interesting feature which has seen them assemble a variety of video game makers and ask them to share their thoughts on Nintendo’s latest platform, the Nintendo Switch. There’s a number of developers interviewed so if…

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Evolution and Social Anxiety

Why predators are responsible for one of our greatest fears.

"We fear ostracism still so much today it seems, fearing it more than death, because not so long ago getting kicked out of the group probably really was a death sentence."


[ Tribal Species ]

Humans evolved over the last few million years in a world filled with risks like large predators and starvation. Based on the fossil evidence of predator attacks on our human ancestors (as described in the book Man the Hunted written by Robert Sussman and Donna Hart), and on predation rates on large primates today, early humans were probably commonly hunted by a wealth of large predators. One common defense to predation displayed by primates and other animals is to live in groups. In a group, other group members can alert each other to predators and help to fight them off. The advantages of living in a group probably are the reason why early humans and other large primates evolved to be social, and why we are still social today.

[ Group Cooperation ]

Humans were not the largest, fastest, or fiercest animal — early humans survived by their wits and their ability to collaborate. Those that worked together well, helping others in their group, probably survived and passed on traits that contributed to social behavior. Failure to be a part of the social group, getting kicked out, probably spelled doom for early humans. Anything that threatens our status in our social group, like the threat of ostracism, feels like a very great risk to us.

[ Group Ostracism ]

Ostracism appears to occur in all social animals that have been observed in nature. In the animal kingdom, ostracism is not only a form of social death, it also results in death. The animal is unable to protect itself against predators, cannot garner enough food, etc., and usually dies within a short period of time.


[ Performance Anxiety ]

The fear is not just about public speaking, but is also faced my many others who are faced with getting in front of a crowd and performing like athletes, actors, and musicians. As a social psychologist, teacher, and a sufferer of social anxiety, Dr. Signe Dayhoff suffered through intense fear of public speaking every time he got up to teach a class. “My tongue stuck to the roof of my dry mouth and I couldn’t swallow, I blushed, sweated and trembled,” he said.

[ Cognitive Therapy ]

Eventually it got so bad that it interfered in his ability to do his job. Getting help, he found he could deal with the situation better. “As I recovered 12 years ago, using cognitive-behavior therapy, patience, persistence, and practice, I found that nearly 20 million individuals at any one time suffer from some form of social anxiety. They fear being negatively evaluated in anything they do; fear being rejected; fear being abandoned.”

[ Death Anxiety ]

When faced with standing up in front of a group, we break into a sweat because we are afraid of rejection. And at a primal level, the fear is so great because we are not merely afraid of being embarrassed, or judged.

We are afraid of being rejected from the social group, ostracized and left to defend ourselves all on our own. We fear ostracism still so much today it seems, fearing it more than death, because not so long ago getting kicked out of the group probably really was a death sentence.

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The phone looks pretty good...

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How to Generate a Sitemap for Large Sites
#sitemap #webdevelopment

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“Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, I’m seeing a haze of green in the middle of the gothic “T”, which then blooms into a red that eventually transitions into the white that the icon is supposed to be. But the fun isn’t over; when you get up real close, you’ll see the edges of the icon are all fringed by a sort of purply-red and, again, green.”

Maybe +The Verge has a more defective Pixel XL 2 screen than other reviewers, but if that’s how a white icon looks like I would honestly feel like puking every time I would interact with the phone.

Probably a better idea to get the regular Pixel, hold out another year with your current Pixel or maybe wait for potential fixes?


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Gasol's 34 Points Leads The Grizzlies To Stun The Warriors 111-101 As Both Curry, Durant Foul Out

Marc Gasol put up a monster 34 Points, 14 Rebounds which helped the Grizzlies walk away with a 10 point victory 111-101. The Grizzlies once had a 19 Point led in the 3rd ans Golden State struggled shooting 6-22 during that quarter, and despite only losing by 10 points the Warriors were never really in the game. James Ennis III added 13 points, and Tyreke Evans scored 12 as Memphis shot 47% as team. As the Grizzlies take an easy 111-101 victory.

Stephen Curry led the Warriors with 37 points and Kevin Durant scored 29 Points while grabbing 13 Rebounds. But both were ejected with 43.6 seconds left after arguing with officials -- Curry first after throwing his mouthpiece, and then Durant as he followed Curry's argument.

Grizzlies Record: 2-0
Warriors Record: 1-2


#NBA #Warriors #Grizzlies #Oakland #Memphis

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It's a mouthful, but this anxiety treatment works: Mindfulness-based stress reduction combines mindfulness with other management techniques to help those suffering from anxiety.

For more info, read 'Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for Anxiety Treatment' at
#MBSR #MindfulnessBasedStressReduction #mindfulness #yoga #anxiety #gad #ptsd #ocd #anxietytreatment #bipolar #depression #mentalhealth #mentalillness

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silent morning © Holger Nimtz
Lake Müggelsee | Berlin | 2017

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Meet Jordan W. and London at The Cornerstone Grill & Loft in College Park, MD this Monday to watch #WASvsPHI! ❤️💛

Read more on:

#Sports #NFL #Cheerleaders

(Credit: Washington Redskins Cheerleaders)

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We're looking for a device reviewer and news writer! Apply here:

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YouTube has now a new mode for Pixel 2 XL!
#Android   #YouTube   #Google  

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MLB playoffs: Astros duo of Morton & McCullers dominate, deliver for city of Houston: Charlie Morton and Lance McCullers know exactly what a Game 7 win — and a World Series appearance — means for the city of Houston.

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Discover the official App of the SSaurel's Channel to learn to make Android Apps

SSaurel's YouTube Channel is the official application of the SSaurel's Channel available on YouTube :

With this application, you will find all the tutorials and videos available on the SSaurel's Channel. You will receive notifications when a new tutorial is available and you will find all the links you need to get the complete source code of these tutorials on GitHub. The GitHub repository associated to the SSaurel's Channel is available just here :

If you want to learn to make Apps for Android, this application is made for you. Don't hesitate to send me your feedback and ideas to improve the SSaurel's Channel App via email :

#Channel #SSaurel #ChannelApp #YouTube #Android #AndroidDev #AndroidOreo #IndieDev #Tutorial #GitHub

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#F1 32 OFFICIAL Images by Haas F1 Team - Formula 1 UNITED STATES GP - Sunday, 22nd October 2017-08:58 am © Copyrights Apply

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In his 2011 book, The Information (, James Gleick ( makes the point that the brain’s smarts are not a function of knowledge but the result of its ability to interconnect and contextualize knowledge. In the connections that the brain can forge amongst its different centers, we see the emergence of intelligence.

There is a universal application to this. Whether we look at a single neuron in the brain, an individual in a city, a city in a country or a country on a planet (and we can pretty much keep on expanding our point of view) we still end up with a single point, a node, and have to wonder what its value is in relation to other nodes.

Connectivity and the network effect is something I have been thinking about for a very long time ( The connection between two points, always, subtly, changes both: and when it comes to ourselves, looking inwards may not be a bad place to start with as far as connections are concerned:

Because social networking is an activity as old as the hills it should come as no surprise that influence relies on connection too: It should be no surprise either that connections don’t just help us become smarter, they also keep our brain healthier: The power of connection is something psychologist Hedy Schleifer talks about in her powerful TED Talk:

There are two facets to this argument. As people we are hardwired to connect and we crave meaning in our connections: But, sometimes, in true people fashion, as we blindly rely on our tech to fill the gap that we should be filling with our very human attention and consciously directed effort, we fall short:

Despite that, we are all still affected: and, as you might have guessed, social media is the root cause. The digital realm is now part of the environment we all live in and, as such, it exerts its own inescapable pressures: Because the brain doesn’t have different emotional pathways for new media channels the feelings we feel are the feelings we have always felt, reported by the brain in the same way:

The more we understand about how our connection with others affects us: the more likely, I suppose, we are to try and manipulate it for commercial gain: But that, one might argue, is life itself. Nothing happens without a reason and we need a good reason to do everything. In the digital realm, of all places, where everything is intentional, it is perhaps time to put in the effort to understand our own intentions first and then, as we connect with others, benefit from alignment; as it occurs.

Make no mistake. This is a new age. Those of us who aren’t seventeen are straddling both worlds and are trying to become comfortable in both. This is what we are seeing: The past served us badly. It compartmentalized us, forced us to rely on gatekeepers who have proved unworthy and strove to keep us “in our place”. The future is uncertain. We face too many variables and too many challenges to confidently predict anything. Plus. While we’re trying to prepare for what we guess lies ahead, we’re struggling with the remnants of the past, relics who are doing everything they can to turn back the clock.

The present is our battleground. Nothing is easy. Everything appears fraught with risk. Yet here we are. We connect each day, meet people we haven’t physically met and share knowledge, ideas, suggestions and trust in a global network of minds and hearts unlike anything the world has seen before. Heady stuff, certainly. Scary. You bet! Where we go next will depend on how we decide to live our lives and lead our minds, now.

I hope you’ve done what’s needed and seeing how due to an incredibly aggressive bug I was out for the count last Sunday, you must have a surplus of coffee at least (a good thing!) and now are looking at mountains of donuts, cookies, croissants and chocolate cake. Have an awesome Sunday, wherever you are.

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Who's spending their Saturday lounging out like Cersten?! #DCCSwim

Read more on:

#Sports #NFL #Cheerleaders

(Credit: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders)

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active will be Sammy's first phone to support T-Mobile's new 600MHz Band?

Back in April, T-Mobile spent nearly $8 billion to win 31MHz of 600MHz low-frequency spectrum that was part of an FCC auction. Also known as Band 71, the low frequency airwaves travel farther and penetrate buildings better than higher frequency spectrum. Only one handset, the LG V30, currently is available with support for Band 71. Now, FCC documents reveal which handset will be the first from Samsung to work with the 600MHz spectrum.

A new version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active (SM-G892U) has been certified by the FCC. This is the rugged version of the Samsung Galaxy S8, better able to withstand "the active" lifestyle. Traditionally, the Active has been an AT&T exclusive, although this year it was announced that the device would be available from other carriers.

T-Mobile has yet to announce that the Galaxy S8 Active is on the way, but considering that the FCC certification shows that the new version of the Galaxy S8 Active is compatible with Bands 66 and 71 (the latter being a T-Mobile exclusive in the states), it seems a sure thing to say that the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active will be the first Samsung branded handset offered by T-Mobile, compatible with the 600MHz spectrum that the carrier spent so much money for.

Besides the T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S8 Active, which was first rumored last month, an unlocked model could eventually hit the U.S. The Wi-Fi Alliance certified such a version of the phone last month.

#samsung #S8 #S8Active #Active #TMobile #WiFi #USA #Android #AndroidOreo #S8+ #GalaxyS8Active

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Hi there.. I want to share my latest drawing. #TaylorSwift #Reputation I'm so excited for her new album!

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Juno is presenting us with an interesting profile of Jupiter. "NASA’s Juno spacecraft has plumbed the depths of Jupiter, revealing that the planet’s famous bands of swirling winds extend thousands of kilometres down. The work is the sharpest glimpse yet into Jupiter’s interior.
Juno arrived at Jupiter in July 2016 and has been looping around it once every 53 days. The mission has already revealed several mysterious phenomena, such as Jupiter's patchy magnetic field and sets of cyclones that whirl around the planet's north and south poles like dancers around a maypole.

By studying Jupiter's gravitational field, researchers can probe thousands of kilometres into the planet. On each close fly-by, Juno measures the planet’s complex gravitational tug. These observations have already revealed that Jupiter has a small, ‘fuzzy’, poorly defined core.

The latest results show that Jupiter’s gravitational field is askew, with different patterns in its northern and southern hemispheres, said Tristan Guillot, a planetary scientist at the Observatory of the Côte d’Azur in Nice, France. That suggests that its hydrogen-rich gas is flowing asymmetrically deep in the planet. “This is something that was not expected,” Guillot said at the meeting. “We were not sure at all whether we would be able to see that.”"

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Morning drops, and strong sun.

I'm interested in what people see in my pictures.
That's why I also describe my pictures a little, it help me understand what others think and see.
I take pictures of everything, because everything has something that is memorable.
Soon I'll post a new photos. I use here my Sony NEX-5T and Sony Lens 55-210 mm.

#drops #sun #morning #good #life #story #blog #wow #like #look #try #photo #photography #photos #cool #gallery #art #artgallery #image #images #color #colorphoto #colors #colorphotography #steem #steemit #steemithelp #sony #nex #lens

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A security personnel sits inside the Great Hall of the People before the opening of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China October 18, 2017. REUTERS/Jason Lee

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Hulu embraces the ’90s with November additions
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