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Snapchat stock takes a battering as Rihanna blasts company for making light of domestic violence- Technology News, Firstpost

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Putting a Name to a Face

Everyone has experienced the awkward situation of meeting someone and then forgetting their name shortly after. Among older adults, this happens more often than not.

The research is in Psychology and Aging. (full access paywall)

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This week, they still haven't talked about the contact but Dillon thinks they'll get it sorted out before they play in their basketball league, on the same team

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Number of Known Stroke Risk Genes Tripled

Around a third of the newly-discovered genetic variants - different versions of a gene - are thought to increase stroke risk by increasing a person’s blood pressure, while the remainder appear to increase the risk of a stroke in completely new ways.

The research is in Nature Genetics. (full access paywall)

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Researchers explore the voids between superclusters - View larger. | The nearest superclusters to Earth, within 500 million light-years. These superclusters are not isolated in space but together with many other smaller concentrations of galaxies they form parts of extensive walls of galaxies surrounding large voids. Three of the biggest walls near us are marked on the map as well as several of the largest voids. Image via According to what astronomers know now, the ...

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On the This Week in Virology podcast, sequence analysis reveals a few fish viruses (Iridoviruses, large viruses: think smallpox virus) encode in their genomes insulin-like peptides. These can bind human receptors and initiate downstream signaling. Their function in fish viral genomes, and relevance to humans, remains a mystery. Also, insect RNA-based antiviral immunity. Small interfering RNAs are not only made from incoming RNA virus genomes, and template the destruction of new viral genomes, but they viral RNAs are used to produce circular and linear DNA copies. These in turn are transcribed to produce more siRNAs, amplifying the response. The synthesis of these DNAs are produced by reverse transcriptase encoded in retrotransposons; their synthesis requires dicer-2, and they are preferentially derived from defective viral genomes.

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Researchers identify pre-verbal logic in infants, suggesting that human logic is not entirely dependent upon our cavity for language.

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Five years later, most of our staff remains insanely jealous that Lee Hutchinson got to see NASA's famous pool

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Tri-County Speedway co-owner, Isaiah Day: "Dirt is on the rise!"

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Vero - True Social Beta

What's New

• Edit name and bio directly from the dashboard

• Bug fixes and improvements

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tire with a past

#spectrumsunday by +Laura Ockel +Spectrum Sunday

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Kasey Kahne: "As a kid, all I ever dreamed of was racing cars and being able to race for a living."

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Moon, Mercury, Venus March 18 to 20 - Watch for the returning young moon, and the planets Mercury and Venus, beginning on the evening of March 18, 2018. The planets will still be there – and the moon will become much easier to see – on the nights of March 19 and 20. On March 18, if you’re far enough west with respect to the International Date Line, and especially if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, you’ve got a good shot at seeing a whisker-thin very young moon. The moon will be only one ...

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James Kallstrom: Sigh of relief at FBI after McCabe fired @FBI @SundayFutures @FoxNews

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Exposure to Low Levels of BPA During Pregnancy Can Lead to Altered Brain Development

New research in mice provides an explanation for how exposure to the widely used chemical bisphenol A (BPA) during pregnancy, even at levels lower than the regulated “safe” human exposure level, can lead to altered brain development and behavior later in life.

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It takes a worried man to sing a worried song

“Spent very little time with Andrew McCabe,” Trump tweeted, “but he never took notes when he was with me. I don’t believe he made memos except to help his own agenda, probably at a later date. Same with lying James Comey. Can we call them Fake Memos?”

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Lil Wayne Is Back In Court: He Reportedly Accuses Birdman Of Refusing To Turn Over Nicki Minaj & Drake Contracts
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March Equinox 2018

The March or vernal equinox signals the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. This equinox does provide a hallmark for the sun’s motion in our sky, marking the passage of the sun across the celestial equator, going from south to north.

The equinox is when the Sun's rays are directly over the equator. That happens twice a year when day and night are equal lengths.

The March 2018 equinox happens on March 20 at 16:15 UTC.

In the Northern Hemisphere now, we’re enjoying earlier sunrises, later sunsets, softer winds, sprouting plants. Meanwhile, you’ll find the opposite season – later sunrises, earlier sunset, chillier winds, dry and falling leaves – south of the equator.

For all of us on this March 2018 equinox, the moon will be in a waxing crescent phase, in your western sky after sunset, with its illuminated portion pointing downward toward the planets Venus and Mercury.
Read more here:

Clips, images credit: Timeanddate, ESA/HUBBLE, NASA/JPL, NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio & NOAA

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Kelly returned safely, but something about his gene expression had changed.

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Parasitologist, Reprogrammed: A Profile of David Roos

After discovering a novel organelle found in protozoan parasites, the University of Pennsylvania’s Roos created a widely used eukaryotic pathogen database.

"I want to create tools that allow other users to ask their own questions, rather than my being the ‘big computer scientist’ who does the analysis and then tells others an answer."

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Amplify Unreleased
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