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Pokémon Go Fest's big flop shows Niantic needs to think bigger

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Niantic tries to explain the Pokémon Go Fest problems

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Niantic blames the Pokemon Go Fest disaster on a surplus of players using cellular data.

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Sadly, Pokemon GO Fest’s positive moments ended up being overshadowed by the event’s technical problems. In fact, it has overshadowed it so much that the Pokemon GO Fest update that Niantic made on their official blog dedicated multiple paragraphs to…

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After Niantic’s Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago turned into something of a disaster – with many attendees unable to use the game at all, and others unable to login or suffering crashes – the company has laid most of the blame at the feet of carriers …

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Not me, it's you! Verizon blames Niantic for the Pokémon Go Fest trainwreck

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Had a bad time at Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago? Here's how Niantic plans to make it up to you.

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I wonder if the Star of India's portal used to change locations when it births in a similar manner as +November Lima​ doe when it finds a place to park?

This is the second item that Misty helped uncover in San Diego yesterday... A sixth Tycho poster.

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#OpClearField Weekend Update 7:
Last week, agents in Philly, Oakland, Sacramento, Berkeley and Wilmington completed tasks around their neighborhoods to improve their communities and had a ton of fun while doing it. This weekend, we're headed to Georgia, Illinois, and California including Mission Day in Chicago to continue the adventure.

7/21/2017 - Marietta, Georgia - 6:00 PM -

7/21/2017 - Chicago, Illinois - 6:00 PM -

7/21/2017 - Fremont, California - 6:00 PM -

7/22/2017 - Atlanta, Georgia - 10:00 AM -

7/22/2017 - Chicago, Illinois - 10:00 AM -

7/22/2017 - San Jose, California 10:00 AM -

7/23/2017 - Atlanta, Georgia - 10:00 AM -

7/23/2017 - Chicago, Illinois - 11:00 AM -

7/23/2017 - Santa Cruz, California - 10:00 AM -

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