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Drawing Tools for Electronic Schematics in Android

Here are some Circuit Diagram Drawing Tools for Android Tablets, they may be still under development. It may be Interesting to explore and try out.

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The growth of the #ethanolindustry has been tremendous in the last decade. However, given the current farm economy, the ethanol industry could be ripe for consolidation. According to a new report from CoBank, slim-to-negative profit margins could push the industry toward consolidation.

Domestic demand for gasoline blended with #ethanol has been strong over the last 18 months, as low fuel prices resulted in consumers driving more. In addition, blend rates continue to increase. CoBank says the longer-term picture for ethanol in gasoline is less optimistic. In 2017, export weakness and lower distillers grains (DDGS) prices have hurt margins. The report says exports of ethanol, particularly to Brazil and China, have been strong over the last year, but that picture has changed significantly and the outlook for future ethanol exports suggests a continued decrease over the foreseeable future.

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Is The #Ethanol Industry Ripe For Consolidation?

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RK3288 motherboard from Haitianxong Electronic
CPU: RK3288 Cortex-A17 Quad-core processor
Memory: 2GB DDR3
Storage: 8GB eMMC
Resolution : 3840*2160
OS: Android 7.1
For more, please contact my skype:

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How Can A #Rocket Turn In #Space When There Is No Atmosphere? : #science

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ICL7135 Intersil Device Information

The Intersil ICL7135 precision A/D converter, with its multiplexed BCD output and digit drivers, combines dual-slope conversion reliability with ±1 in 20,000 count accuracy and is ideally suited for the visual display DVM/DPM market.

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Searching for hidden spy planes with #MachineLearning
#Cybernetics #MachineLearning #AI #CEOs #CIOs #CTOs #Technology #TechLeaders

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The best news in the solar industry! (

Are you interested in joining the sustainability movement in Denton, Texas?

We wanted to make sure that you always have the best sustainable news easily accessible, so we're going to start a monthly content round up, based on which posts you liked the best!

Here's what will happen to solar power during the eclipse
Basically, backup power will have to kick in, but it will cause a big strain on the grid.

Austin Energy seeks to boost value
Austin Energy is working toward 55 percent renewable energy by 2025. To do this, they're trying to come up with better energy storage options.

Redefining your power (
Solar saves you money, and it's sustainable. Move forward with the times!

Solar: the IKEA way
Would you buy solar panels from IKEA?

The culture of energy efficiency starts at school
Sustainable schools have saved 200,000 dollars in annual energy costs by using cost-saving methods.

Scotland overproduces wind energy
Scotland's wind turbines produced 1,039,001 MWh (megawatt-hours) of electricity, which was enough energy for 118% of Scottish households.

Are You Ready To Go #Solar? We are the largest supplier and installer of Professional Grade Solar Power in the State of #Texas and #Oklahoma. Click here to sign up for your free solar site evaluation! (

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