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It’s over to you Australia!

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With so many options we've done the research so you don't have to - here is how you can get the best account to match your savings needs ➡️

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Doctor, what's my credit diagnosis? 🤒🤷‍♀️

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Parents rely on credit to treat their kids to a 'dream' holiday

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You can avoid — or, at least, minimize — interest fees with the right credit card. You may even earn rewards while you do so.

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$SVSA .04 down 35%! 52 WK HIGH 18 CENTS UNKNOWN. INSIDERS OWN 76% OF THE SHARES!! Why do they own 79.5 of the 104.7 outstanding shares? LUXURY HOTEL BUILDERS.

SVSA when project finished will trade in the dollars imo. 25 MIL FLOAT!

$SVSA $240,000,000 project $4MIL cash $83,776,440 assets @ 04?!

SVSA WILL BE TRADING IN THE DOLLARS IN 2020 when the project is complete.

People should look up Max Roessler. This is a very famous investor from Switzerland who finances the project, he holds 11m shares and is a director.

He is the largest shareholder of this company, trades at $80 pps, $1,3b market cap!

"Parmino Holding SA / Max Roessler with 3,002,000 registered shares = 16.3 percent of the share capital"

He is also one of the largest investors of Starrag, trades at $80 pps, $200m market cap he is in the top 5 investors list:

There are many articles about Max Roessler:

The shares he holds in these two companies alone are $280m worth, he must be a billionaire and he invests in this project. To have him on board and as an investor and large shareholder is very rare.

The 5-star plus all-inclusive resort is being built on a peninsula between Playa Hermosa and Playa Panama in the province of Guanacaste. The location is unique! The resort is within a 20-minute drive from Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport. The exceptional topography of the property means that guests from all rooms can enjoy a clear view of the sea.

On a plot of around 218'000m2, 362 suites and rooms as well as 20 luxury villas will be built. Various restaurants, bars and lounges offer plenty of culinary experiences. The YHI Spa and the 172-meter infinity pool invite our guests to relax. A Kids Club, an extraordinary wedding pavilion and in particular a unique multi-purpose conference room with 360 ° projection for around 600 people complete the offer. Built on a hill, the resort consists of two areas: from sea level to 135 meters above sea level, the Vista Mar occupies 2/3 of the resort. This area is designed for families. The Vista Mar also offers suites with butler service in addition to junior suites. The Vista Bahia is located on the crete at about 160 meters above sea level. This area is only accessible to adult guests. The Vista Bahia also offers suites with and junior suites without butler service.

The overall planning of the project has been completed and all permits have been granted. The civil engineering works - as preparation for the building construction - are largely completed. At present, the infrastructure works for the supply and disposal work in progress. #stocktrading #trading #trader #daytrading #daytrader #forex #millionaire #bitcoin #startup #billionaire #luxury #money #charts #education #eth #stockcharts #newyork #finance #Blockchain #wallstreet #market #Crypto #futures #blockchain #startup #mmj #fintech #photooftheday #Rolex #bmw #btc #ltc #fintech #ICO #investing #realestate #investor #hotel #coastarica

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Here's how to have a thinner waist, fatter wallet.

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It's not easy, but it's possible.

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What Criteria Determines Whether you Buy an Item?

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