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Hei Helsinki!

"Helsinki was always one of those places that I assigned to the “one day” pile.

You know – I’ll get around to it one day – when time and money and the sun rising in the seventh house all align. Or something like that..."

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Inside Finland’s Quirky Artist Haven: Fiskars Village

"Fiskars, Finland — an hour west of Helsinki — was a manufacturing village on the decline. Then a group of artists moved in and made it a captivating creative hub..."

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Looking for an exciting winter break? Take a look at our top 3 destinations for families! ©A Pietikainen

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The big lesson from the world's best school system? Trust your teachers

Finnish #education is rarely out of the news, whether it’s outstanding Pisa results, those same results slipping, the dropping of traditional subjects, not dropping subjects, or what makes #Finnish teachers special.

I worked in England for two years as a teacher before moving to Finland eight years ago. My colleagues in the UK were supportive and the headteacher gave me subject leadership in my second year. I didn’t want to leave but the pull of home for my Finnish wife was too strong, so we upped sticks.

#Finland’s education policies have been highly praised and the country has started to export its model around the world. Much of what has been written about this has, understandably, focused on policy, but it’s somewhat reductive to think in such narrow terms. The ethos of the schools and the society in which the policies are implemented are equally important.

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Starting to think about your winter holiday? Think Saariselka for a fantastic break in an Aurora Cabin! ©M Inkila

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Aerial Film Shows The Picture Perfect Landscapes of Finland

"Michael Matti comes from Finnish heritage, so it has long been on the young photographer and filmmaker’s bucket list to visit Finland.

This year, Matti got the chance to visit the land he had always dreamed of seeing with his own eyes.
I asked Matti when the experience of a lifetime really hit him..."

See the beautiful photos and watch a video: - Resource Travel

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Get away this Christmas to the beautiful setting of Brandon Lodge in Swedish Lapland ⛄

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Don't spend the time between Christmas & New Year at home - spend it in Lapland! ©E Murphy

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Originally shared by Kati Lust
I have had several pairs for decades...
Different sizes. 🇫🇮

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Winter hiking for beginners

"Riisitunturi national park is very well known among locals and other Finns for its spruce forested fells and the bare fell top, from which you can admire wilderness like scenery towards Kitkajärvi lake in the southeast and beautiful fell landscapes together with the Riisi marshlands in the west.

Riisitunturi is located reasonably close to Syöte national park and the Syöte ski center, as well as Oulanka national park in Kuusamo. All are amazing places to visit, but even though distances are fairly short in a northern sense (50-100km in one or the other direction is not very far), it would be wise to focus one’s hiking adventures into one area at the time, to get the most out of that particular national park visit.

All have very unique and quite different experiences to offer..."

Read on and see photos:

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