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Animated Photo
Check out this app that uses our APIs to deter teens from speeding or using their phones while driving:

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Avocado Toast or New Home?

Avocado toast or new home? It really is that simple. Millennials need to stop complaining and start saving.

This interactive map provides handy saving tips for millennials looking to buy a home in London.

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Donald's 'Beautiful Statues'

Here's a map of Donald Trump's favorite statues.

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The Best Views in London

What do you get if you ask a computer to find the most scenic places in London?

The answer is this interactive map of London's Most Scenic Views.

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Dancing Maps

I've just spent the last ten minutes singing to a map. The map responded by dancing for my pleasure.

I wonder if it will dance for you ...

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Help Partition India

Seventy years British India was divided into two countries. In the chaos that followed around a million people died.

Now its your turn. Al Jazeera want you to draw a border on this map to create the new Pakistan & India.

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Originally shared by Google Developers
Transport Tracker can track and manage moving assets while capturing the locations and storing them in a Firebase Realtime Database

Learn more here:

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Food Insecurity in America

Food Insecurity in the United States is an interactive map which shows the number of people who need food assistance in every county in the country.

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+Airbnb's Google Maps API recipe:
-JavaScript API
-Android API
-Geocoding API
-Places API

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Bat Detectives

There were 5117 bat calls made in my local park last night. I'm following them all on the Bats Live interactive map.
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