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Reporting is very important in any business especially when you want to know what’s right or wrong with your operation. Nothing can beat the function of reports and this applies to any phases on an e-commerce business, including payment.

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Payment can be the area in e-commerce with the most frictions and if you’re operating globally, the experience will not be a pleasant one. Even the smallest problem or delay, will trigger the customers to abandon their cart and leave your website. 😢

If you are wondering how to eliminate this friction and speed up check-out process, find the answer here:

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Jonathan Lemieux is an Account Activations Coordinator at Pivotal Payments. He’s also the owner of Lemieux Training Bootcamps. Read all about it in "Talents of Pivotal Payments"! #IamPivotal

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Keep your budgeting running smoothly and remember to let us know if any of your Direct Debits have changed. You can keep your regular payments updated online – find out more here:

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Do you have an executive summary for your small business? Get tips on how to create one →

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Professional Tax Rates For Financial Year 2018-19
Please find the Professional Tax Rates applicable in the respective States for the Current Financial Year. The details relating to the same is available in the link shared below. Do subscribe to the Blog for latest update on Personal Finance, HR and Tech.

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WealthTech Speaks: Nominated For Indian Blogger Awards 2017
My Blog has been nominated in the Personal Finance Category. In case you enjoy reading the content on my blog, Please do visit the link below to vote/write testimonial supporting the "WealthTech Speaks" Blog. You may also share among your network as it would really help the Blog.

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Got cash or cheques to pay into your thinkmoney account? Here’s how:

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Three Stats About Modern Payments that May Surprise You (

There's no denying that the #payments space has evolved and advanced just as much as any other. If you took somebody from as recent as the 1980s and took them to a retail outlet, their mind would be blown at the ways in which we pay.

Chip-based credit cards, or even swiping cards would be a big enough advance as the person from the 80s was still used to seeing those big, clunky, manual swipe machines that used carbon copy paper. We would love to see their reaction when they learned about Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo, and other NFC payments.

However, as much as things have changed, many stay the same. Our most recent blog article looks at three stats about payments that are surprising, such as this one:

"Many people think that the days of cash are long gone, and that modern consumers never use paper currency. Many analysts are constantly informing us that we're headed toward a 'cashless society.' And while maybe one day that cashless society will arrive, the fact of the matter is that we aren't yet close."

"Yes, credit cards and other payment methods have taken a huge share of transactions from cash over the past decade, but people are still using good old-fashioned cash in huge numbers. 451 Research recently conducted a survey of consumer spending habits, and found that cash is still in widespread use."

Click here for the details of that survey, as well as read the other two surprising stats:

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3 Ways to Expand Your Payment Possibilities (

It's been said that if you're not innovating and staying still, you're not just not moving forward - you're falling behind. This is so painfully true in the business and #retail world. With tougher and more competition than ever before, it's important that you find as many ways as possible to grow and innovate - and that most certainly includes your payments systems.

+Cayan is dedicated to providing technological innovations and advancements that not only help drive the payments industry forward, but also help retail small business owners stay competitive. This recent blog article of ours lays out three ways you can improve and expand upon your current payments system...such as increasing your speed:

"There's no doubt about it--customers hate waiting, whether it's for a product or for a payment. When customers walk into a retailer and see a line, they may walk out right away. Even if they wait, there's a huge impact on customer satisfaction. There's a reason major retailers encourage backup register employees to rush up front even at the sight of a small line."

"Luckily, there are ways that payments can help you get faster. The place to start, of course, is obviously with the transaction. EMV had its growing pains, but if you're still having trouble with EMV, customers are no longer willing to tolerate the issues. And beyond that, you should be ready to accept any payment method a customer pulls out--you don't want to have people waiting just because a customer asked"

Click here to read the other two methods for expanding your payments possibilities:

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