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Best #VR Video Converter to Convert 360° 3D SBS 4K Virtual Reality Videos

Testing the demo scenes of Unity Google VR SDK 1.7 on a LG Q7 and cant rotate around. Also when trying to download the Cardboard app, says the device is not compatible with this version.

So this means ONLY newer android phones work with Cardboard?

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Sensory Guru's Magic Carpet and Magic Mirror projection systems use interactive and augmented reality technology to engage users of all ages and abilities in inclusive learning experiences delivered through gesture-based sensory play.

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Amazon has filed an AR patent for shopping.
The technology would create a "cloud" of data points for real-life objects such as your wrist so that shoppers can see what a wristwatch or bracelet would look like. The app would track the movement of the wrist and impose the image of the watch in the proper orientation. Amazon Web Services recently set up a mixed-reality team and has explored other AR patents. — +GeekWire

I'm working on a small Google Cardboard VR project.
I need a autowalk function when the user clicks the google cardboard button.
But all the scripts I have found and tried to adapt don't work after the new Unity/GoogleVR update.

Hope you can help :)

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Check out some of the coolest demos, tutorials and news about vr and ar!

I've been trying to use GVR 1.60 on Unity, but for some reason, I'm not able to move around while using the GvrEditorEmulator. In the older versions, the arrow keys used to work, while here the Google documentation says to move the mouse around, which doesn't seem to work either. Anyone know a fix to this?

Also, if anyone could give me links to a good GazeInput tutorial for GVR 1.6, it would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai made the announcement in a recent Alphabet earnings call. The post Google says 11 Daydream-compatible phones will be on sale by end of 2017 appeared first on VR Source. #GoogleDaydream #News #Google
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