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Google+ v9.23 adds app shortcuts for quickly starting new posts on Android 7.1 Nougat or above

Three new actions have been added: Create a Poll, Photos/videos, and Create new post. Each of the shortcuts opens a dialog to create the appropriate type of post. If you have more than one account signed into Google+, you'll also be prompted to choose which one should be active each time one of the shortcuts is used. It is a little bit of a speedbump, but that will definitely prevent you from accidentally posting something under the wrong account.

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How do I remove multiple gmail emails on my iPad / iPhone such as delete after 1 year, delete selected or delete all.

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Originally shared by Android Police
Great news though I've read there are issues for heavy users like myself.

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#Google is back again with its second generation #Pixel2 family. Although the Pixel 2 is no doubt improved over its predecessor, all eyes are on the #Pixel2XL with its gorgeous #OLED display and thin bezels -- and we can't forget that camera! Read our review to see how these new Pixels stack up to the #Android competition. #teampixel

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Originally shared by Tim Capper
Are you a Local Business owner having trouble getting on Google+?

You aren't alone.

+Tim Capper rounds up current issues with Google My Business and Google+.

* Business owners with recently verified Google My Business listings are missing the option to add a Google+ Page

* The option to "Edit Account Information" from the Google Brand Account dashboard doesn't work - that should open the "About Me" page for the Google My Business-created Brand Account, but instead you get a "Whoops! You're using an account that can't go here." error.

These issues have been reported to Google, but there isn't any ETA for a fix.

Hellow to all my friend I am now using gmail

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It's like Google is unable to stop itself from creating antitrust violations.
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