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A good deal on the Acer R11 at Costco - 4gb/32gb $199

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+Bryan Lunduke came up with several projects that will insult you when you make an error in Linux. These are going on my personal server.

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Such an excellent and comprehensive article!

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This is a fair write up..

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Apps on Sale Starting Wednesday

Tomb Raider 2013 – Original $14.99, Sale $3.75
Cluster Truck – Original $14.99 , Sale $3.75
Contrast – Original $9.99, Sale $4.99
Doom 3: BFG Edition – Original $9.99, Sale $2.49
GoNNer – Original $9.99, Sale $2.99
Q*bert Rebooted Original $5.99, Sale $1.49
Q.U.B.E. – Original $5.99, Sale $1.49
Parallax – Original $4.99, Sale $1.25
Pavilion – Original $9.99, Sale $2.49
Pix the Cat – Original $4.99, Sale $1.25
Stikbold! – Original $9.99, Sale $2.49
Super Meat Boy – Original $14.99 , Sale $3.75
Super Slam Dunk Touchdown – Original $15.00, Sale $5.15
The Final Station – Original $14.99, Sale $3.75
Ultimate Chicken Horse – Original $11.99, Sale $5.99

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More Chromebook deals!

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My Work Desktop (Dell Optiplex 3040) received an update to Neverware's CloudReady (Chromium OS v60.2) this morning. I simply restarted the machine but clicking on the restart icon. In a few seconds, the update was installed and I was back at the login screen.

I had received an update to v60.0 earlier this month.

Seamless updates is one reason why I love using Chromium OS (and Chrome OS)!
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