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おはようございます。(Good morning.)
This is my new crochet work, semi-formal cardigan.
This reminds me of my childhood, parents day.
My mother was not good at crochet, but good at knitting.
Sometimes she made her formal tops by herself.
●Semi-formal cardigan●
おはようございます。(Good morning.)
This cardigan reminds me of my childhood..
Parents day.
Every mother wore such kind of graceful tops and pants or skirts...
sometimes one-piece.

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How to Make Crocheted Beads Free Pattern

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PAD diagnosis: Take off socks & talk w/doc about symptoms. #KnowPAD

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Cute girl! Pollover clasico a dos agujas con aplicación. 

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THE FREAK SCENE-Rose Of Smiling Faces - 1967

I had to do a bit of dreaded clothes shopping this morning. I had literally three criteria when I started:
* available in my size (I'm not exactly thin, although I now do fit in the higher sizes of the regular lines)
* cotton or linen-based (because I hate viscose, polyester, and all these things that make me feel like I stink after two hours of wearing it)
* covering my shoulders (preferably with short sleeves).
I went to five shops. I found exactly two candidates, the first one adding a new criteria of "oh, I also want to cover my back more than that". The second one I'm not entirely sure it's not supposed to be a nightdress-type-thingy ;) (I think not. I'm not entirely sure.)

Even when I'm not feeling particularly picky (I SAID NOTHING ABOUT POCKETS), I feel like I'm tremendously failing at shopping. It probably didn't help that it's apparently the end of the sales period around here, which means: 1/ there's nothing 2/ everything's messy.

Although maybe it's my expectations that are skewed. I mean. I did find something in these criteria, so technically... not failing?

Shopping is hard, let's do math.

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Another thing added to my Zibbet store!
I wish I had the time and energy to move all my stuff to this store, but it is just SO much work =(

#crossstitching #crossstitch #embroidery #handmade #crafting

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Yearly Dyeing Event

Once a year - usually in July - our spinning group meets for an afternoon of dyeing instead of spinning.

We are doing kettle dyeing, which basically consists of big pots of hot water, usually canning pots. Then a layer of fiber is put in, color pigments are strewn over and pushed in a bit, then the next layer is added, more color ... until the pot seems reasonably full and set to simmer vor about 20 minutes.

It's not a very scientific process, you'll never quite know, what you'll get, but it's always great fun.

I wouldn't put anything in there, that is precious to me, because - you'll never know what will come out.

From left to right:
- a bag of mixed wool fibers from a leftover bag, dyed in pink, purple and blue; for my daugher
- a ball of 200 g wool, not quite sure, what breed, dyed in a variety of reds; for me
- 5 skeins of fingering weight yarn in a sock yarn blend with lurex, dyed in two shades of tael and emerald with a tiny bit of aztec gold (a burnt orange) mixed in. 3 of those are for me, 2 for my daughter, the plan is to make two matching shrugs, those oversized rectangles that are closed along the sleeves for a bit, but go from neck to bottom.

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20 Awesome Shark Crochet Patterns

Perfect crochet patterns for Shark Week!

#crochet #DIY #crafts

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Coat of Roses

I have no idea what the text says, auto translate didn't work.

But it's a piece of art, switch through the pictures to see more details. The last one gives a full view.
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