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I started this podcast with a friend of mine a few weeks ago, and we (surprise!) have gotten very few views on them. Would you mind giving us some advice on what to fix so we don't sound stupid?


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Midoricast​: Un nouveau podcast a été ajouté sur le site (un projet de The Podcast Factory​ .Org & transforma bxl​).

L'épisode fait 19'25 min., l'interview est en Français:

Sujet: L'ASBL Let's Play Together - C’est l’histoire d’une ASBL qui titille votre envie de jouer mais qui a vite pris conscience qu’elle peut faire plus et surtout mieux pour l’environnement… aller plus loin, alors qu’elle voyage déjà autour du globe!

Le lien vers l'article:

Le site Internet:

#Midoricast #ThePodcastFactoryOrg #PodcastFR #LetsPlayTogether #SabrinaMessahel #Jeux #Upcycling #PrintempsDeLenvironnement

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Have some fun with Shawn & Sue!

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Lenny Dykstra was one of my favorite baseball players of the 80-90's. He was one of the hardest players in the game. Here is a podcast interview where he discusses missing his teammate Gary Carter and a eulogy for Darren Daulton. Lenny gets pretty "saucy" in this interview so NSFW.

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It's a brand new episode! With the unveiling of the brand new DuckTales series, your double main men review the debut episode and then hop in the DeLorean to revisit the old Disney Afternoon that we all loved and grew up with in the 90s. Also: some chatter about baseball, Summerslam and more! Find us on Podbean, Apple Podcasts and wherever you get your fave shows!

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Talkin About The Passion: Episode 32 - Hannah Mohan (And The Kids)

A weekly podcast where Thomas Erwin (Niagara Moon) interviews other independent musicians and showcases their songs.

Hannah talks with Thomas about dropping out with her drummer, recording in Montreal, and presumptuous music bloggers.

Hannah Mohan is the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist for indie-rock trio And The Kids. Originally forming in Northampton, Massachusetts, the band also consists of Rebecca Lasaponaro on drums, Megan Miller on synthesizers and percussion, and Taliana Katz on bass. Their free-wheeling and quirky alt-rock sound is inspired by such artists as Modest Mouse, Rilo Kiley, and The Doors.

And The Kid's second album "Friends Share Lovers" was released last year to critical acclaim. The band has also been featured on NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert and Stereogum.

Also available to listen at

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Podcast Awards Slate and State of Podcasting video is up

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Come check it out!!

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Who likes good news? Everyone? Well, good news, everyone! A brand new episode is upon you and we're talking about all of the things! New Oreo flavors! Funko Pop figures! The sports! And our favorite sequels! It's action-packed! You may own an entire seat, but you'll only need the edge of it!
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