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Monday, Wednesday and Saturday: Le Royal Meridien

Launching next Monday October 30 and taking place three times a week until the end of the year, The Cinema will be showing classic films in an open air setting at Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa Dubai, complete with a private bar and cinema snacks menu. It’s free entry to the 8pm movie screening, or you can dine beforehand at one of Le Royal Meridien’s restaurants; Maya, Geales, Zengo, Al Khaima or Rhodes Twenty10. There’s a pre-cinema menu of two courses and a cocktail for Dhs150 or three courses and a cocktail for Dhs120.

Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa Dubai, 8pm onwards, Mon, Weds and Sat from Oct 30 to Dec 26, free entry to film only, Dhs120 including two-course menu with one cocktail, Dhs150 including three-course menu with one cocktail. Tel (04) 399 5555.

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‘Unhackable’ electronic chip being developed in Abu Dhabi
New York University Abu Dhabi researcher says the chip, which could be used in phones, is the first prototype to have security features built into the hardware and he is inviting hackers to try to break the code

Cyber security experts in Abu Dhabi have found a way to create an “unhackable” electronic chip that could potentially be used in phones, cars and computers.

With the evolution of technology and manufacturing process giving way to less safety, researchers at New York University Abu Dhabi have just received a grant to deploy their work into a solution.

“This is the first prototype for a chip that has security features built in at the hardware level,” said Ozgur Sinanoglu, associate dean of engineering and associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at the university. “The purpose of this chip is a proof-of-concept to show that we can take any chip design, apply our software on the design to lock [it], and create trustworthy locked chips that are resilient to hardware-level threats such as counterfeiting, piracy, reverse-engineering and tampering.”

His research at the university’s Centre for Cyber Security on hardware security and trust is being funded by the US National Science Foundation, the US Department of Defence and the UAE-owned semiconductor manufacturing company Global Foundries, as well as Mubadala Technology.

“We take smart devices for granted but can we really trust them?” asked prof Sinanoglu, who is also the director for design at the excellence lab at the university. “When hackers break into certain devices, they want to share that with everyone so they come up with a set of instructions published on a website. It goes viral and it’s a huge revenue loss for the company.

“Up until a decade ago, this is mainly what hardware security was about – chips with secret assets for people to extract or manipulate this secret information.

Implications of breach are serious as such chips are found in phones, cars, computers, airplanes, nuclear power plants, medical devices and critical safety and security applications. “So once our trust is compromised on these chips, then it’s compromised on pretty much all applications that [almost] control our lives one way or another,” he said. “Everything used to be centralised in one controlled facility under the control of a few people but now, the process on a single chip spans across the globe, various teams and different companies.”

He spoke of Apple, which has headquarters in California but sources design facilities in Europe, China and India, fabricates in South Korea, tests in Taiwan and assembles its packaging in China.

“Because the flow is highly distributed today, people are concerned about a variety of things,” he said. “We’re talking about all sorts of piracy problems to be able to control chips remotely, or disable them, or leak information from them.”

The new chip ensures a secure platform from start to finish in terms of the hardware.

“If the hardware is compromised, you can have the strongest operation system but you can’t talk about a trustworthy system,” Mr Sinanoglu said. “The UAE is investing heavily in this research and we’re more confident that this will be unhackable because we have mathematical definitions and theorems backing [its] security. We were now offered a grant by the [Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency] as part of a four-university team to turn it into an actual solution that can be deployed and we are hoping to have our software solution adopted by chip design companies so they can produce trustworthy chips.”

He has also set up a platform allowing potential hackers to attempt to break in, because “crowd-sourcing is the best way to test your security”.

“Our locks are in there but they don’t know the secret key,” he added. “We give them virtual access to the chip too but the idea is to see whether someone with this information can break it. We expect no one to.”

Experts said hardware is an area sometimes overlooked in terms of cyber security.

“It’s an issue that is forgotten about,” said Dr Fadi Aloul, head of computer science and engineering at the American University of Sharjah. “Hardware also has bugs and today, with the Internet of Things, those are also being targeted, so it is needed with new smart chips.

“The closer the security measures are to the hardware, the harder it is for the hackers to really take advantage of this chip.”

However, Dr Aloul also said that “unhackable” is very hard to say as the general rule of security is that there is no perfectly secure system. “We can say it’s very hard to hack, but nothing is impossible,” he said. “Given the time and resources, a weakness, like a vulnerability, can be found and exploited.”

Matthew Cochran, chairman of the Defence Services Marketing Council, said security must be holistic as “you are only as strong as the weakest link”.

“Chip security and hardening is fundamental to this as everything else above it in the stack is dependent on the chip not being compromised,” he said. “There is no point in having a secure operating system and encryption if the chip control of all these functions is accessible by [criminals].”

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What's Up UAE: Abu Dhabi Dash, RAK Golf Challenge, Dubai Fitness Challenge, Dubai City Swim
Welcome to our weekly guide to sports events in the Emirates: What's Up UAE.

There is no shortage of top sporting events in the Emirates and here’s our one-stop diary of everything that’s going on — welcome to our weekly feature, What’s Up UAE.

Are you attending or participating in one of the following events?


Monday, October 23 – Friday, October 27

Pakistan will look to whitewash Sri Lanka with victory in the fifth and final ODI in Sharjah on Monday.

With the T20s kicking off in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, it’s sure to be a thrilling few days of action for cricket fans in the UAE.

VENUE: Sharjah Cricket Stadium and Sheikh Zayed Stadium
START TIME: Monday 2pm, Thursday 8


Tuesday, October 24

Here’s your chance to swap the office for the race track as the Abu Dhabi Dash returns for its second edition.

Zayed Sports City will again be the venue for the event, that will see you put your team-building and communication skills to the test to reign supreme in a friendly competition.

Whether you’re someone who regularly exercises or not, the race provides something for everyone.

Racing as a team of no more than 10, each member will run 1.5km around the 15km team distance.

VENUE: Zayed Sports City
START TIME: 6.30pm, Friday 8pm
TICKETS: On sale at the venue


Wednesday, October 25 – Saturday, October 28

The European Challenge Tour tees off at Al Hamra Golf Club in Ras Al Khaimah this week and it promises to be memorable both on and off the course with the launch of the Al Hamra Fan Village.

A field of 105 players, comprising of international talent, European Tour professionals, MENA Tour winners and some of the UAE’s best amateur and pros, will battle it out for the coveted title.

Wherever you live in the UAE, there are plenty of reasons to make your way down to RAK for what should be a spectacular tournament.

VENUE: Al Hamra Golf Club, Ras Al Khaimah
MORE INFO: Ras Al Khaimah Golf Challenge


Thursday, October 26 – Saturday, October 28

The Arabian Gulf League continues with GW6 as top of the table Al Ain entertain Sharjah at Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium on Thursday (20:00).

The Boss will be looking to maintain their unbeaten start to the season and build on their 2-0 away win against Emirates Club last weekend.

In the other fixtures, second place Al Wahda are away to Shabab Al Ahli Dubai Club and third place Al Wasl take on Dibba Al Fujairah.



Friday, October 27

Looking for a challenge to test your running ability? The Time Trial Run will return for a second edition at the picturesque Hamdan Sports Complex this Friday.

Sponsored by Saucony, the Time Trial Run will give participants the opportunity to run a 5km, 10km race or a 2.5km relay at one of the world’s largest multi-purpose facilities.

This is the perfect event to help you track your progress or simply enjoy a run at one of Dubai’s top venues.

VENUE: Hamdan Sports Complex
START TIME: 5:30am
MORE INFO: Saucony Time Trial Run

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TECNO Phantom 8 to be unveiled Sunday Oct 22 in Dubai

The yet to be launched Phantom 8 can probably wear the crown as one of the most talked about smartphones of 2017, possibly even surpassing the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 in Nigeria with the amount of gossip, rumours, leaks, and general feverish anticipation around the smartphone.

Bearing the theme “Capture Your Legend”, the Phantom 8 is expected to hold its own as the best TECNO Phantom yet -surpassing the sales feat recorded by the Phantom 6 and 6 plus.


For every device launched, TECNO loves to make a bold statement. It’s quite obvious the Phantom 8 launch event will match the standard set by the Phantom 6 and even surpass it.

And since they have done a launch at the tallest building in the world, where will it be this time? Could it be the biggest arena? However, from the information available on TECNO’s official Facebook page, we already know the launch will take place in Dubai on October 22, 2017.

It’s interesting to see how TECNO Mobile is stepping up to the big stage, having made giant strides with the global launch of the Phantom 6 and 6 Plus in 2016, which also doubled as its 10 Years anniversary.

The Perception of TECNO has also greatly improved in the last few years, completely moving away from the low-level brand image it used to be associated only a while back.

This can be clearly attributed to the brand’s bullish approach and continuous quest in reinventing itself, delivering products that level up with the biggest mobile brands, while standing the test of time. Well done TECNO Mobile.

While we are yet to get the official specs of the device as at the time of writing this post, in just few hours from now, the new Phantom will be unveiled

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Dubai's first space event takes off, highlights Mars mission

The Science Event saw over 1,600 participants and played host to nearly 36 local and international researchers and experts
The inaugural Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre Science (MBRSC) Event kicked off in Dubai on Saturday. The event is specifically targeted at the education, science and technology sectors within the UAE.

The event was held at the Etihad Museum under the theme 'Through space we flourish', and was attended by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the MBRSC; and Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Chairman of the Education and Human Resources Council.

In his keynote speech titled 'Where am I in all this?', Sheikh Abdullah said both the Arab and Islamic civilisations had "supported the progress of the human development for 10 centuries".

"The past is very important as a source from which wisdom and noble values are inspired, and we must maintain the spirit of our present era.

"The successful, great, and influential people are those who understand the spirit of their era and interact with it, depending on the exigencies of their civilisation."

The Science Event saw a variety of scientific and technological workshops intended to nurture the culture of research and exploration. It saw over 1,600 participants and played host to nearly 36 local and international researchers and experts in space, science and technology.

"In the coming decades, the UAE will become the cradle of scientific discoveries and inventions in a number of areas. The UAE will be taking its place in history for its efforts to achieve a modern Arab renaissance in science and knowledge. Through space, we can eliminate limits and boundaries; increasing our scientific knowledge and achieving the highest levels of scientific research in space and advanced technology.

UAE's Mars city will promote exploration

The Science Event boasted a large-scale three-dimensional model of the recently announced Mars Science City. The city was announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, as part of the Mars 2117 Programme.

Once complete, the Mars Science City will be the largest space city to be built on Earth and will provide a viable model for future application on Mars.

Saeed Al Gergawi, Program Director, Mars 2117 Programme - which is being undertaken by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre - said: "The Mars Science City will promote the spirit of exploration. The labs will host scientific studies addressing the challenges of food, water and energy security, with the goal of achieving self-sufficiency, as well as testing human adaptability by simulating the extreme conditions of life on Mars."

The Mars probe

Sarah Al Amiri, Minister of State for Advanced Sciences and deputy project manager, Science lead of Emirates Mars Mission, gave an overview of the scientific objectives of the UAE's Mars probe. She explained how the Hope Probe will study the Mars' atmosphere, and how it will determine the components of the atmosphere and its composition despite the inability to see it with the naked eye.

Amiri also stated that the Hope Probe mission will investigate why Mars atmosphere is losing hydrogen and oxygen gases, and what the connection is between the lower and upper atmosphere of Mars.

Amiri shared information with the audience on how the probe will manoeuvre into Mars' wide elliptic orbit, between 22,000 and 44,000km away from the Martian surface, "enabling us to provide the first global picture of how the Martian atmosphere changes throughout the day, and between seasons".

In a session, Omran Sharaf, Project Manager of Emirates Mars Mission - Hope Probe, highlighted the experiences of developed countries in science and technology development. He explained how their economies transformed from agricultural or other natural resources based, to those based purely upon knowledge.

Sharaf said: "The science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields, have played a vital role in this transformation, as they contribute to raising the quality of life."

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Ready For Halloween? 7 Things You Could Do in Dubai this Halloween

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Space suit therapy helps paralysed toddler walk

Raphael Heer, 3, was a stillborn when delivered by Caesarian section. The doctors were successful in resuscitating him, but Raphael was left paralysed.

What followed for Raphael's parents - Daniela and Benjamin - was "a year of horror with treatments, doctors, despair and hope". The initial diagnosis by the doctors was "severe mental and physical disability with epilepsy", remembers Daniela Heer.

The family searched for suitable alternative treatments. A year later, the osteopaths managed to release the cramps in his arms but Raphael could not stand, walk or sit. Finally, the Heers were bought to a Dubai Health Authority (DHA) approved international clinic for intensive neurorehabilitation called Adeli Medical Centre, in Piestany, Slovakia

In autumn 2015, Raphael, who was two by then, started his first course of treatment. At the time, he could not stand, walk or sit. The initial breakthrough came as Raphael began sitting on his own. This was a huge breakthrough.

During his second stay at the medical centre, he was able to hold objects and stand up. "Raphael wasn't the same boy after the treatment. He started walking by himself by hanging onto the furniture," his mother recalls. To encourage further progress, botulinumtoxin was administered to Raphael three weeks before his third stay. This enabled him to extend his leg and stand with his foot flat on the ground

The most recent development came when Raphael took his first steps in the medical centre's space suit. His parents said: "This progress confirms we were right to bring him here. In Germany, the intensive support was missing because of the lack of time and vision on the system's part; there are no comparable treatments.

What happens at this centre

The "cosmonaut syndrome", akin to the well-known "bed rest syndrome", results in motor disorders, muscle loss, osteoporosis, and neurological deficits. It occurs in astronauts from exposure to zero gravity and lack of movement in space stations. This phenomenon arises in people with spastic disorders and other physical disabilities because their musculo-skeletal system is hardly used.

In a therapeutic context, the training at Adeli in simulated hyper- and hypo-gravity activates the so-called anti-gravitation system. In healthy people, this regulates the movement process under normal gravitational force. Patients learn to sit, stand and walk independently f the stimulation of the proprioceptive system.

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A Dubai villa totally powered by sun during winter
Owner of this house in Arabian Ranches saves 80 per cent in utility bills and consumption

Imagine having zero electric bills in winter and paying the equivalent of just 20 per cent of your neighbour’s utility bills the rest of the year.
Yes, this is in Dubai.

As the second Dubai Solar Show begins on Monday, Gulf News will look at this smart home of Ivano Ianelli’s in Arabian Ranches to see the benefits he’s been reaping over the years.

The Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence CEO converted his home into a smart home in 2011 — one where all its electronic devices are connected in a special structured wiring to allow occupants to remotely monitor, control or program them by entering a single command.

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Abu Dhabi women donate hair to make wigs for cancer patients

Empathizing with the sufferings of the cancer patients who had lost their hair to chemotherapy, 15 women from Abu Dhabi donated their hair to help make wigs for cancer patients in a show of solidarity.

Members of the Mortho Mariyam Samajam, the women's wing of the St George Jacobite Syrian Simhasana Cathedral Al Ain, organised this initiative on Friday, which saw many do away with their locks.

"This is an annual event. We also held a blood donation camp and health awareness class. However, this is for the first time that we have joined the 'Hair for Hope' campaign. It was Mercy Varghese, a member, who thought about this and we all supported the idea. We decided to donate 17 inches of hair. Sadly, I couldn't be part of it as my hair isn't long enough," group secretary Joyce John said.

The organisers said there was an enthusiastic response from church members.

Trustee Sheela Jacob said: "It is a sad and disheartening sight to see cancer patients losing hair. It is a nightmarish experience for them and we wanted to do our bit. With this initiative, we are observing both the breast cancer awareness month and the 'Year of Giving' drive," Sheela said.

"There were many who couldn't be part of the drive as they didn't have long hair," she added.

Standing out among the donors was Surumi Surum, a Muslim participant from Abu Dhabi, who is the only person to completely shave her hair.

Surumi came to know about the event through social media and joined the church's campaign.

"I am a normal housewife but felt there's much I can contribute to the society. I came to know about this initiative and got had support from my family. This is all I can do so I donated all my hair," said Surumi, an inspired member of Facebook page 'Malayali Mums Middle East'.

She had full support from her husband, Shihab, and daughter. "This is for a very noble cause," the husband added while clicking photos as the beautician chopped Surumi's hair.

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Take advantage of a free offer and find a fairway to play at Abu Dhabi City Golf Club
Abu Dhabi City is opening its doors to make golf inclusive for all ages and abilities

Act now to grab your chance of learning to play golf without having to part with a single dirham at Abu Dhabi City Golf Club (ADCGC) this week.

Starting from today and running daily right through until Saturday, October 28, you can take your first steps of getting into the swing of things as part of ADCGC’s vision in promoting the game to newcomers.

Open to all ages, you will learn different techniques and methods under the supervision of the club’s qualified PGA professionals.

The venue has regularly hosted free taster sessions to kids to much success and David Taylor, head teaching professional at ADCGC, says the club wants to replicate that again this week.

“The aim of the week is to showcase what we do at Abu Dhabi City Golf Academy and introduce as many new golfers to the game as possible,” he said.

“We aim to continue to be the leading academy in Abu Dhabi for developing golf, and providing an unparalleled experience and opportunity to play this great game.

“The lessons will be taken on our two-tiered driving range and will focus on the fundamentals of the swing. New golfers will learn the basic set-up, hold and swing movements, whilst golfers who have played before will be able to take advantage of our expert PGA qualified pros who will be on hand to get the best out of their game.

“We have had great success with a free golf week for juniors in the past so we thought we would extend this opportunity to learn golf in a fun and relaxed atmosphere to everyone in the UAE.
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