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Call for Entries: Photographic Center Northwest “City Panorama” DEADLINE: October 29, 2017 For more info:

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"It took me 3 months to capture this video and it’s dedicated to my mom, dad and great himalaya’s.

Many sleepless nights and restless days, more than 600gb data and more than 25000 photos. Hours of photo and video editing. Searching for perfect music. It was not easy, believe me only me and some of my close friends know how much hard work I put in to make this video. I uploaded first ever Astro and Daytime timelapse from SPITI 2 years ago on my youtube which I clicked in 2013. So this time I want to make it more refine. I made my list of places where I wanted to capture and what time and for how much time. Then visiting to those places and spent hours or sometime even nights there. Shooting in Himalaya’s are not easy coz of high altitude and unexpected drop in temperature at night. But sometimes you need to come out of your comfort zone to get something extraordinary. Still many timelapse couldn’t make to the final cuts."

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"I’ve been shooting Street Photography since I started photography. I always believed in Street Photography as a powerful tool for growth which concealed many secrets in a simple walk. To me, Street photography is not only a genre but delicate visual poetry. It is a combination of shadows, movements, looks, and connections hinted by the geometry of framing.

I Love to hunt the moment of mystery, surprise, and humor in my street photography. These fragments of fictional stories are drawn from the real world through the facsimile or aesthetic composition that hints at a larger story. It’s something interesting in the ordinary places. Above all, I photograph to reproduce the feeling of the moment.

Kolkata, the City of Joy, is one of my favorite place to shoot. Here frame is being created and changed in every moment. If you go for a walk on the street with a camera, I promise, you just can’t stop clicking. Here, I wanted to show some different frames of Kolkata. I emphasize on light and shadow, in different tone, where I caught the frames in exaggerated way with a moment of mystery. Through these visual presentation I wanted to hint at a large story of life for these people captured in my frame."

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#SelfPortraitSunday This Weekend - October 15th!
expand post for details

Everyone is invited to share an image - join us in capturing a current self portrait!

Theme: "Night"
If you would like to share an image that doesn't match the theme, that is fine, too. As long as it was captured within the qualifying timeframe.

Please read this post for the guidelines and FAQ for Self Portrait Sunday:

We have a Self Portrait Sunday Category in the ASP Community - all posts and entries for #selfportraitsunday go to that category, which can be found here: (If you are not a member of the Community, please request to join so that you can participate - it’s easy to join and we are happy to have you!)

You can post your #SPS image to the Self Portrait Sunday Category whenever it is Sunday where you live, during this weekend’s “event” (October 15th).

Please only post one photo to the event. That photo should be taken during the event weekend, or the week prior to the event. Please no dipping into the archives. Your photo can be taken from Monday, October 9th up until the event weekend.

As always, have some fun!
Everyone is looking forward to some great self portraits. :-)

Any questions? We have moderators and members in the Art of Self Portraiture Community who can help you along the way. Drop in and ask questions:

If you'd like to, you can also share your image on the FB SPS Event. Check the FB ASP page for details: FB ASP Page: 


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Call for Entries: Warsaw Photo Days 2017 “Post Sovieticus” DEADLINE: October 30, 2017 For more info:

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One of my Photographs in Slovakian Magazine

#photographer #photography

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Happy bday @Usher. (got you this photo 😉 📸🎤🎧🎵😂)

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