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At 17th October of 1981, Christopher Cross started a three week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)', his second US No.1 hit. It was the main theme for the 1981 film "Arthur" starring Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli.

This song originated with a lyric that Peter Allen wrote for a song he was working on with Carole Bayer Sager: "When you get caught between the moon and New York City." In 1981, Bayer Sager started working with another top songwriter, Burt Bacharach, who produced and composed songs for her solo album 'Sometimes Late at Night'.

When Bacharach got the gig scoring music for the movie 'Arthur', starring Dudley Moore, he worked on the music for the theme song with Christopher Cross, and asked Bayer Sager (now his romantic partner) to compose the lyrics. This song won the 1982 Oscar for Best Song From A Film. It was a very successful theme song, capturing the charming side of Dudley Moore's character as he faces a drastic change to his lifestyle.

In the film, Moore must consider giving up his fortune for his new love, played by Liza Minnelli. The original script had him losing his money to be with the girl, but audiences in test screenings wanted an even happier ending, so the script was rewritten with Arthur keeping his fortune and the girl.

Christopher Cross, whose real name is Christopher Geppert, won five Grammy awards in 1981: Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s) for "Sailing," Album Of The Year for Christopher Cross, and Best New Artist. Christopher Cross was a major star in 1981, earning considerable cachet for his five Grammy wins at that year's ceremony.

Getting him to record the theme to 'Arthur' was a big coup for the movie's producers. Dudley Moore, who starred in Arthur, was also an accomplished pianist. He and Cross became good friends and performed the song together a few times with Moore on piano and Cross singing.

In 1988, a sequel to Arthur was released called 'Arthur 2: On the Rocks'. Like the first one, it also starred Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli, and Burt Bacharach did the music. The sequel was far less successful, earning about $15 million at the American box office. The Los Angeles group Fitz and The Tantrums recorded a new version of this song that was used in the 2011 remake of the movie 'Arthur' starring Russell Brand.

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At 16th October of 1998, "Bride of Chucky" premiered in US theaters. By far, the film was the most superior in the Child's Play Series. Unlike "Child's Play 3", we didn't repeat the boring process of Chucky "Goes after Andy for revenge and his body". We had a fresh array of characters, a brilliant cliffhanger and a new killer doll. "Bride of Chucky" was preceded by "Child's Play" (1988), "Child's Play 2" (1990) and "Child's Play 3" (1991), and since this is the fourth Child's Play movie it was followed by three more sequels "Seed of Chucky" (2004), "Curse of Chucky" (2013) and "Cult of Chucky" (2017).

After pretty definitely dying off in the early 90's due to audience apathy and a string of borderline-flops, the slasher-film genre was revitalized thanks to master director Wes Craven's wonderful and subversive self-aware 1996 horror-comedy "Scream."

Realizing that slasher horror could be "hip" and "cool" again with the postmodern twist that "Scream" added to spice-up its storyline, it quickly became in-vogue for studios and filmmakers to add a self-satirical meta angle to many new horror features released in its wake. And one of the most successful films to implement this new leaning towards comedy was certainly 1998's delightful and twisted "Bride of Chucky", the fourth film in the popular cult-series "Child's Play."

Directed by the Ronny Yu from a script by "Child's Play" series creator Don Mancini, "Bride of Chucky" might just be the best film of the entire franchise. After the somewhat disastrous third entry made seven years prior, the series sort-of imploded and there was a time where there was doubt we'd ever even see Chucky on the big screen again. Thankfully, the wait was worth it.

Jennifer Tilly stars as Tiffany, the former lover of the infamous "Lakeshore Strangler" Charles Lee Ray, who had transferred his soul into a children's doll known as Chucky (voiced by Brad Dourif). Longing to be reunited with her lost love, she manages to get her hands on the mangled corpse of Chucky and re-assembles him, bringing him back to life with a copy of "Voodoo for Dummies."

While their reunion goes well at first, Tiffany finds herself crestfallen when she learns that Chucky never intended to marry her, and she betrays him by locking him in a playpen. Escaping, Chucky murders his former flame and transfers her soul into a female doll in a twisted bid for vengeance.

Now, the angry couple must figure out a way to get their souls into new human hosts once and for all... and they have their eyes set on Tiffany's trailer-park neighbor Jesse (Nick Stabile) and his girlfriend Jade (a pre-fame Katherine Heigl).

The fun of the film really lays in the shockingly sweet (in a twisted way) romance of Chucky and Tiffany. It's almost a demented parody of romantic comedies, and they have absolutely remarkable chemistry together. Dourif as always is a blast as Chucky, and it's a ton of fun seeing him saddled with a romantic interest in Tilly's Tiffany, as they repeatedly get on each-other's nerves, but also do have some genuinely cute moments together.

It adds a lot of flavor and character to the proceedings seeing them bonding over butchering innocent victims. Stabile and Heigl are also a lot of fun as our somewhat hapless protagonists (who find themselves blamed for the murders committed by the demonic dolls), and there's also a really fun supporting performance by the late and great John Ritter as Jade's strict police-chief uncle who raised her in an oppressive environment. The cast is just a blast.

With the animatronic effects improved and the use of Tiffany Chuck's sidekick, this film puts in something to this film that was never there in previous sequels: personality. Still being succeeded in the best department by the first two, its hard not to call "Bride of Chucky" a fun Horror film and the best of it's kind.

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At 14th October of 1994, the writer-director Quentin Tarantino’s "Pulp Fiction", a crime drama featuring multiple storylines and a large ensemble cast including John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis and Harvey Keitel, opens in theaters. Made for less than $10 million, "Pulp Fiction" earned more than $100 million at the box office and was also a huge critical hit, winning the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival and earning seven Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture.

In a decade of films increasingly dominated by formula Hollywood offerings, "Pulp Fiction" appeared refreshingly different. Since its 1994 release, it has inspired many imitators but even today, it's still strikingly bold and remains to be eclipsed, even by its creator Quentin Tarantino.

As with any landmark movie, more has been written about it than would surely seem healthy. The type of wild and hysterical ranting that has surrounded this picture can be a little off-putting. But it's hard to over sell a movie that is so supremely confident in writing and direction. Despite an almost audience-annihilating run time of nearly two and a half-hours, it is consistently absorbing.

Director and co-writer Quentin Tarantino is courteous enough to credit the viewer with some intelligence. As in his previous "Reservoir Dogs", he and writer Roger Avary create a web of events and characters that ultimately all play parts of a larger story. This time the tale is far more sprawling and complex, but it also rewards and satisfies.

Events kick off in a café with Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer holding up the staff and customers. They're hardly as scary though as hitmen John Travolta and the bible-quoting Samuel L Jackson whom appear in the next scene.

They form the thread of the movie that allows for a delicious selection of related stories to unravel, with Christopher Walken, Uma Thurman and a measured Bruce Willis putting in fine performances. The entire cast exudes the confidence of the script and sell their often brutally witty dialogue well.

The film is also shot wonderfully with no shortage of bright colors, amazing camcorder shots and fantastic camera angles, the soundtrack is also amazing with a great mix of classic songs ranging from Dusty Springfield's "Son of a Preacher Man", Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" to Neil Diamond's "Girl, You'll be a Woman Soon" which help to make it a truly unique movie but also makes it more fun to watch.

Considered a classic almost immediately after its 1994 release, "Pulp Fiction" hasn't aged a day in almost 25 years. The film's razor-sharp wit, sporadic bursts of violence and flawless soundtrack are a perfect match for its cast of misfits, while the complex narrative remains as fresh and energetic as ever. It's easy to see why Tarantino's film spawned a legion of imitators: "Pulp Fiction" is accessible, dynamic and thoroughly entertaining from start to finish.

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At 13th October of 1992, rock band 4 Non Blondes released their only studio album "Bigger, Better, Faster, More!". They hit the charts in 1993 with "What's Up ?", their only major hit single.

4 Non Blondes howled their way onto the charts in 1993 with "What's Up ?" and then vanished without a whisper. Formed in 1989 with Linda Perry (vocals), Shaunna Hall (guitar), Christa Hillhouse (bass), and Wanda Day (drums), 4 Non Blondes had no problems attracting major labels based on live shows and local radio support from KUSF, but the labels didn't know how to market them.

After Day was replaced by Dawn Richardson, the group was eventually signed to Interscope Records and released 'Bigger, Better, Faster, More!' in 1992. Although Hall contributed guitar tracks and some songs, she left before the album was released (replaced by Roger Rocha for the tour). Still, they were destined to join the roster of the music scene's One-hit Wonders; but anyone who listens to this album isn't going to forget it any time soon.

The band produced an alternative rock/coffee house blues sound with a penetrating presentation that would give your coffee the jitters, and it's that sound that is captured on their debut. From the opening bars of "Train," to the final refrain of "No Place Like Home," the Non Blondes come at you with a vengeance, and they give no quarter.

Without question, Linda Perry is the driving force behind the band. She has a strong, distinctive voice and she knows how to use it. And the term "subtle" is not in her vocabulary. She gives you everything she's got on every song, and she has quite a bit to give. Think Taylor Dane meets Tina Turner and you'll have an idea. Perry is definitely not a gentle breeze blowing across the landscape; she's a gale force wind reducing everything in her path to rubble. And she does it so well.

Dominated by Perry's high-pitched singing, "What's Up ?" was slowly added to modern rock stations and then crossed over into the mainstream, peaking at number 11 on the Billboard Top 200. The video for "What's Up ?" became a smash on MTV, propelling sales of the album to over six million copies worldwide.

"What's Up ?" was selected as Best Song by the Bay Area Music Awards; moreover, Perry was chosen as Best Female Vocalist and 'Bigger, Better, Faster, More!' won for Best Album. The group toured with Neil Young, Pearl Jam, and Bob Dylan. The band recorded tunes for the soundtracks to 'Wayne's World 2' and 'Airheads.'

However, Perry felt that the group had become too pop; consequently, she left 4 Non Blondes. She released her solo debut, 'In Flight', in 1995. Perry departed from Interscope Records in 1998 and recorded her second full-length, 'After Hours', for her own label, Rockstar Records.

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At 10th October of 1995, No Doubt released their landmark album "Tragic Kingdom". The album received mostly positive reviews from music critics. At the 39th Annual Grammy Awards, No Doubt earned nominations for Best New Artist and Best Rock Album. It has sold over 16 million copies worldwide. "Tragic Kingdom" helped to initiate the ska revival of the 1990s, persuading record labels to sign more ska bands and helping them to attract more mainstream attention.

The year 1995 was a truly great one for music with PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins and Elliott Smith doing some of their most enduring work. But as amazing as 'Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness' or 'To Bring You My Love' are, they don't scream 1995 like 'Tragic Kingdom' does.

Think back and No Doubt's mega selling record along with 'Jagged Little Pill' were the unavoidable, year-defining records of the time. You couldn't go anywhere without hearing them on some station or another, and hell, even if nobody was playing it, you probably still heard it.

This third overall studio album by the California-based rock band found tremendous commercial and chart success and sustained seven singles over the period between late 1995 and early 1998. Led by the dynamic vocals of Gwen Stefani, the group composed songs blending a diverse array of musical genres including blues, rock, ska, reggae, grunge, new wave and punk.

The obvious highlights on Tragic Kingdom are of course the punky, rebellious and 'bitter candy' 'I'm Just A Girl', which has a marvellously sarcastic feel to it. The other, the bands greatest success to date is 'Don’t Speak' which ironically enough was interpreted to be the beginning of the end for the group. Mind you the music video went a long way to suggest Gwen has somewhat removed herself from the rest of the band.

Another sure fire highlight is 'Sunday Morning' which speeds along with some classic Stefani vocals despite having a reggae style feel to it. Aside from these obvious hits, the title track to the album is a fairly dramatic and energetic number which is rather underrated in itself. The rest of the album noticeably lacks the 'polish' on later efforts and some songs are slightly wayward but despite this the launch pad was laid and No Doubt would go onto greater things.

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At 17th October of 1987, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam reached the No.1 position on the Billboard Hot 100 with "Lost in Emotion". It is included on their 1987 album "Spanish Fly". The song was their second number-one single (having scored this first earlier in the year with "Head to Toe").

Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam were one of the most musically diverse and successful recording acts of the '80s. With hits produced and written by Full Force, the six-man performing/songwriting/production team from East Flatbush/Brooklyn, NY, they scored million-selling hits with dance-based tracks ("I Wonder if I Take You Home"), beautiful ballads ("All Cried Out"), and unabashed pop tunes ("Head to Toe," "Lost in Emotion").

They were one of the early exponents of what later became hip-hop R&B. With five gold singles, two number one singles on both the R&B and the pop charts, two platinum albums, and inclusions on various compilations and movie soundtracks, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam were the most successful act of Full Force's "One Big Family" roster of acts.

Cult Jam consisted of Lisa Lisa (born Lisa Velez), guitarist/bassist Alex "Spanador" Moseley, and drummer and keyboardist Mike Hughes. They were assembled and produced by Full Force. They were one of the early exponents of what later became hip-hop R&B.

With five gold singles, two number one singles on both the R&B and the pop charts, two platinum albums, and inclusions on various compilations and movie soundtracks, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam were the most successful act of Full Force's "One Big Family" roster of acts.

The group disbanded in 1991. Velez pursued both solo and acting careers, and Moseley and Hughes went on to do other projects. On June 24, 2008, Lisa Lisa presented an award at the BET Awards sparking interest that she may be plotting a comeback.

In 2009, Lisa Lisa released Life 'n Love, a full length album of new material on Mass Appeal Entertainment featuring the single "Can't Wait" with guest rapper Pitbull. The album also features a cover version of the song "Stand" which was originally performed by Taylor Dayne on her 1998 album "Naked Without You". The song "Que Locura" was also released as an iTunes single.

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At 16th October of 1984, Pat Benatar released "We Belong", the lead single from her sixth studio album, "Tropico". It matched the success of "Love Is a Battlefield" on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in the United States, peaking at #5. It reached #3 on Billboard's Top Rock Tracks chart and #34 on the Adult Contemporary.

Pat Benatar burst onto the rock scene in 1979 with the scathing single "Heartbreaker." Her shag haircut, dark eye makeup, spike heels, and skin-tight pants combined with an angry, opera-trained voice to make her a unique rock commodity. In fact, Benatar's looks and voice were imitated by female rockers for years as she dominated the charts with hard-driving hit after hit.

She sang oldies and standards at a club called Catch a Rising Star until 1978, when she was discovered there by Chrysalis Records executives. In just a year's time, Benatar had released her first album, 'In the Heat of the Night'. 1980's 'Crimes of Passion' zoomed to Billboard's Top Twenty within three weeks of its release.

Benatar ascended to Billboard' s No.1 spot with the release of her 1981 album, 'Precious Time'. By 1983, Benatar had established a reputation for singing about "tough" subject matters, best exemplified by one of the biggest hits of her career, "Love Is a Battlefield".

By then, her sound had mellowed from hard rock to more atmospheric pop and the story-based video clip for "Love Is a Battlefield" was aimed squarely at MTV, even featuring Benatar in a Michael Jackson-inspired group dance number.

'Tropico', Benatar's next release, was a decided departure from her established hard-edged, confrontational tone. Songs about romance and motherhood were featured. Benatar was pregnant while she developed much of the release, and her band had matured and changed. On 'Tropico', Pat Benatar began refashioning her sound, moving toward a more middle-of-the-road sound as evidenced by the hit single "We Belong."

'Tropico' is a solid, enjoyable pop-rock collection, which unfortunately started the commercial decline which would be completed by 1991's 'True Love'. Ms. Benatar's vocal chops are absolutely undeniable, and it's nice to hear her vocals in a softer, more restrained environment.

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At 14th October of 1995, "MADtv" premiered on FOX. A similar show to "Saturday Night Live" and "In Living Color", sketch comedy series "MADtv" mines the world of popular culture for subjects ripe for parody. Based on the comic stylings of MAD magazine, the series satirizes celebrities, music videos, television shows, and more through outrageous sketches, a unique assembly of recurring characters, and the uninhibited zaniness of cast members. The series finale aired on May 16, 2009. On April 11, 2016, The CW announced that it was reviving the show for an 8-episode season to air in primetime. The season premiered on July 26, 2016 and concluded on September 27, 2016. The series is currently on hiatus, as The CW has not renewed/cancelled the series for another season.

"MADtv" aired on FOX for 14 seasons, from October 1995 through May 2009, and also enjoyed syndication on Comedy Central, local TV stations and TNN (now Spike TV). The show was taped in front of a live studio audience and featured comedy sketches, musical performances and cartoon shorts. The comedy usually served to parody popular TV shows, music acts and movies, but also delved into political, topical and pop culture humor.

While "MadTV" is often seen as an also-ran when compared with its only competition during its run, "Saturday Night Live", the series wouldn’t have lasted for as long as it did had it not impacted the audience to a real degree. The show was also popular with others in the television industry; across 11 straight seasons, from 1999 through 2009, it was nominated for 38 Emmys, winning six of the awards. "MADtv" was nominated for a total of 72 awards during its run.

The stars of "MADtv" were always new voices in comedy who impersonated public figures and came up with characters that were featured in several, frequently long-running, sketches. And, while it’s true that the former cast members aren’t as instantly recognizable as those from "Saturday Night Live", many of them have gone on to carve out solid careers for themselves. So, you may not know their names, but there are dozens of former "MADtv" actors that you probably recognize.

Performers like Andrew Daly (Eastbound & Down, Reno 911!), Mo Collins (Arrested Development, Parks & Recreation), Bryan Callen (How I Met Your Mother, The Goldbergs), Frank Caliendo (ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown), Orlando Jones (Sleepy Hollow) and Arden Myrin (Psych, Orange Is the New Black) have had appearances large and small on several TV shows and in many movies since leaving the cast.

Others like Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele (Key and Peele), Taran Killam (SNL) and Simon Helberg (The Big Bang Theory) have gone on to have a lot of name recognition on their own. The show's legacy lives on, however: in 2016, an eight-episode revival was ordered by the CW network, with a list of returning original cast members that included Will Sasso, Ike Barinholtz, Nicole Sullivan, and Bobby Lee.

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At 12th October of 1984, Chaka Khan released the single "I Feel for You". "I Feel for You" is a song written by Prince that originally appeared on his 1979 self-titled album. The most successful and best-known version was recorded by R&B singer Chaka Khan, appearing on her 1984 album, "I Feel for You". This version of the song became a million-selling smash in the US and UK, and it helped to relaunch Khan's career.

Best known in the mainstream for her superb 1984 cover of Prince's "I Feel for You," R&B singer Chaka Khan enjoyed solo success as well as popularity as a member of the group Rufus. In her career, which has spanned more than five decades, she has won a total of ten Grammys. She has also been named the 65th most successful dance artist of all time by Billboard magazine.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, she was introduced to jazz by her grandmother at an early age. Early in her career, she performed with various bands. Later she joined a group named Rufus. At the age of twenty, she released her first album along with the group. The group won their first Grammy award a year later. A few years later she made her debut as a solo artist, and released her first self-titled album in 1978, after signing a contract with Warner Bros.

The song ‘I'm Every Woman’ from the album was a huge hit. It stood at number 21 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The success of the single helped the album sell over a million copies. The song also earned her a Grammy nomination. She collaborated with Rufus again the following year, on the album ‘Masterjam.’

Her popularity grew over the next few years with successful albums such as ‘Echoes of An Era’ (1982), ‘I Feel for You’ (1984) and ‘Destiny’ (1986). Some of her most successful hits include ‘What Cha’ Gonna Do For Me’, ‘Got to Be There’, ‘It is My Party’, ‘Love You All My Lifetime’, ‘You Can Make my Story Right’ and ‘I Feel for You’.

Chaka's label, Warner Bros. Records, was pressuring her for a hit, since her previous solo albums did not sell well. She and her producer, Arif Mardin, decided to appease the label and give them their hit; they were afraid that if they did not deliver, the label would make Chaka record with another producer.

According to Arif Mardin, he selected this song after a representative at Prince's publishing company sent it to him on cassette. Chaka says she was a big Prince fan and had been thinking about recording it for a while, and when they were ordered to make a hit, she remembered it. The distinctive rap made the song stand out. Melle Mel, who was a rapper with Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, did the rap.

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At 4th October of 1997, the animated series "The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police" premiered on FOX Kids. "The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police" is an American/Canadian animated television series starring Sam & Max, a duo of private investigators composed of Sam, an anthropomorphic dog, and Max, a lagomorph or "hyperkinetic rabbity-thing." The show was created by Steve Purcell, also creator of the original comic book series.

Sam and Max are cops, but they don't work for the Police Department, like even the ones who freelanced as law enforcers in their off hours, like Manhunter or The Woman in Red, did. Nor are they private eyes, like Sam Hill or Johnny Dynamite. No, they're full-time police officers, even tho they do it on a freelance basis.

They get their orders from The Commissioner, with whom they have an ongoing contract for their freelance police work, but there's no way of knowing exactly what he's commissioner of. As often happens with freelancers and the sometimes-distant people they work for, they've never met face-to-face.

Sam is a dog the size of a normal man, who wears ill-fitting, rumpled suits like a detective in a 1940s movie or a modern TV show. Max is a lagomorph, or "hyperkinetic rabbity-thing", as he's sometimes described, cartoonishly short, and walks around butt naked. (From Donald Duck, who's naked from the waist down, to Ruff & Reddy, adorned only with neckwear, this is a mode of dress frequently employed by funny animals; and of the two, Max is by far the more cartoony.)

Sam and Max were created by cartoonist Steve Purcell, who also did minor work at Marvel on Woverine and The New Mutants, and at smaller publishers on Hellboy, Scary Godmother and more. He also did some work on Fish Police, and it was their Fishwrap Productions that originally published the freelance cops in comic book form in 1987. Two years later, their initial comic book special was taken over by Comico (Grendel, The Elementals).

Sam and Max weren't traditional funny animals, in that they were brutally violent (but in a funny, not horrifying way, like Lobo or Daffy), as regular police can get away with only by adopting the stratagem of The Blue Beetle and The Guardian, and operating outside the law to enforce the law.

They were also too violent for TV when organizations like Action for Children's Television held critical power over children's programming. But shows like 'Beetlejuice' and 'Ren & Stimpy' paved the way for programmers to break free of their influence; and by the next decade, the airwaves were ready for an animated version of 'The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police'.

That show debuted in October, 1997 on FOX Kids' Network. It was produced by Nelvana Ltd, the Canadian producer that named itself after an early Canadian superhero. Sam's voice was done by Harvey Atkin and Max's by Robert Tinkler. In neither form were the freelance police break-away hits. The show was on the air for only six months. In comic books, they turned up once in Munden's Bar, where Grimjack hangs out, but haven't been seen in 20 years.

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