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Google now cares about the last modification date in the XML Sitemap file? ...

Hi Experts,
I am really new to this and any reply provided will be much appreciated.

Question: I have created a google+ community (which is private) for one of the learning trip that my company organized and we have many posts, likes, comments, etc. in this private community. Now, I would like to run some analytics there so that I can present it to my team in terms of how have we been doing in creating this social learning platform. Are there any built-in Google Analytics platform that I can use that integrate with Google+ communities. I hope I don't sound stupid here. Appreciate all answers. Good day!

Hi all I have seen a big company create microsites on a different domian to their main site but use the same header and footer. Making the microsite feel like part of the main site. I can't see this being good for SEO any thoughts?

I am looking for some case studies or a research paper or something on how rare HTML tags (e.g. <abbr> <dfn> <cite>) impact SEO.

I have done some digging but I can't find anything. Does anybody know about this?

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Google's John Mueller calls the algorithm monitoring tools from Moz, SEMRush, SERP Metrics and others "blackhat scrapers." Ouch.

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Google prefers you use on-page code markup over the data highlighter tool - but both do work...

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OMG - the ability to write local reviews in Google yesterday broke for about 4 hours.
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